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New Lothrop is an amazing school for its size, easily punching above its weight class in both academics and athletics. In my 6 years at New Lothrop, I have never had a poor experience with a teacher, and it is safe to say that everybody at the school wants success out of each student. In sports, New Lothrop has some of the best teams in the area, and many options are available. The community is very close-knit yet approachable, and issues such as fights are extremely rare.
The only complaints I have personally are based around the old and sometimes lacking technology infrastructure, science labs, and physical activity areas. However, the school administration plans on upgrading much of the school, fixing many of the issues. The food at the school is slightly above average in comparison to most high schools, though nothing to write home about. In regards to diversity, the school is primarily white, but with both exchange students and diverse students, there are never any issues.
I like New Lothrop for a number of reasons. New Lothrop is a small-town school. Therefore, everybody knows everybody. It is a tight-nit community and I really like being able to know most everybody in the school.
New Lothrop Area Public Schools is a great district to go to. The administration at the school will help students in any way that they can. The teachers always say that they teach only for the students and they really show that through their lesson plans and through their teaching methods. Most of the students here are very nice and will also help in all ways possible. If you need to talk to someone, the counselor, the teachers, and the students will all listen and help out if they can.
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New Lothrop High School is overall an excellent school to go to. The teachers are very helpful and the sports are great!
New Lothrop High School is one of the best high schools around. The teachers are great, and the facilities are up to par. Nothing better around!
New Lothrop High school is a very prestigious academic school that prepared me well for college. The teachers are very friendly and most o the students. The sports and clubs are very successful. One thing that could improve is the cafeteria food. No one likes the food here that why most of us bring lunches from home. I highly recommend attending new Lothrop high school if you are looking for a good education.
The small town atmosphere that allows one to get very close to fellow students and faculty. The one area of improvement would be the availability to have more personalized preparedness for test like the ACT/PSAT.
I like how the teachers , staff, and coaches always tend to put education first above everything else. I don't like how some clubs and activities get pushed aside or receive little funding while the more popular sports get way more funding, time, and resources.
My overall experience at New Lothrop High School was a positive one. I felt prepared when I arrived at college, but I did go to a smaller university which made me feel more at home. New Lothrop did not offer a lot of AP courses to obtain college credit in high school which made me slightly behind the rest of my college peers. However, the college-prep classes were helpful, and I am doing fine at school. The school is in a very rural area with little diversity, and everyone knows each other. If you want a small town feel and a tight-knit community, I would definitely recommend attending New Lothrop Public Schools!
I have attended New Lothrop all my life and my opinion may be biased but I feel this is a wonderful school. The teachers are willing to help, it's possible to make friends from many different groups, and they offer relatively high level classes if you're willing to put the effort in.
Overall, I love that it's a small school and that I know everybody. All of the teachers are really helpful whenever a student is struggling. All the teachers have their own way of teaching, but they all educate us very well. The environment is nice. Of course we have a few cliques, but for the most part everybody is friends and there isn't any type of violence or bullying to worry about. For being such a small school, we have a lot of after school activities to choose from where you can be friends with people you normally don't talk to. Overall, it's a pretty great school.
Overall it is a very nice school. For the most part everyone knows each other and gets along. There is pretty much zero bullying and a welcoming atmosphere. All of the teachers really care about their students as well as take time to explain the criteria of the assignments. However the facilities could be nicer. The school is outdated and there is a lot of broken appliances and things in general throughout the school. Many of these things are easy fixes but the object sits there, useless. My experience has been positive but there are some things that could better.
The school is amazing, I have been to a few different schools and this one is the best so far. Then school is dedicated to the students and work very hard to make sure that they can achieve their goals
The extracurricular opportunities at New Lothrop are awesome! However myself and some others have always wanted to try something new. Some of the new things we have been interested in were new sports!
My overall experience at New Lothrop High School has been great! Something that makes my school unique is how close everyone is. Our town is very small, and to have what we know as the homegrown kids welcome the transfer students with open arms is awesome!
The teachers at New Lothrop High School are outstanding! There is a lot of personal involvement from the teachers to the students in our success as high school attendees.
We don't have a "school nurse," but the office will do what they can to help you. The school seems pretty safe, especially considering we live in the middle of corn fields.
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While we are great at what we do have in athletics, there isn't much variety. If you don't make one of the teams, you're not going to play. And there aren't many other things to do.
It is a small school with a welcoming community.
They really do care about the students, however this school, like many others, teaches the test. With that being said, I did not feel very well prepared for college in any ways.
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