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This school has helped me prepare for college environment and showed me that no matter what happens, just keep looking straight. The teachers get involved to help make students understand what they did wrong and how they can fix it. When it was my first time going to this school, I got totally lost and frustrated because I didn't know what to do or how to understand. It was then I decided that this is an education that will help me expand my knowledge and understand what it would be like out in the world going to college and everything. Students in this school are interesting and as I looked back in the past. I was very introverted until now in my senior year, I found two friends who took care of me and was always there no matter what happens. This school has taught me to cherish people and not to be afraid of others even though they think they can do better when they don't.
There are many good things about New Dimensions High. The security there is amazing; the SRO is always around the school, and entering the buildings is made to protect us. I also like the fact that they are a college prep school. By being a college prep school, this helps us easily transition into our college life.
Out of all the schools in out county I chose to enroll into New Dimensions High school because of the smaller class sizes and the main focus they have to prepare you for college and adult life. I have loved my high school experience so far and plan on it only getting better. There aren't many things I would change about the campus, staff, and peers. I believe the school has a perfect amount of everything a high school is supposed to have.
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Is a public school that works like a private, everything in it is pro-students.And there is help when yo need it
My experience at new dimensions is good, I have been at this school for 3 years now. The school is good because the teachers and staff want you to do good in life and get you ready for the future. I like how we can wear what we want but there is a dress code, which I am fine with. The school has sports, but I wish there was more you can join. The classes are challenging for me. I think it's a good way for us to learn. Some schools don't have the learning that we do so I think that's what makes new dimensions.
New Dimensions High school, is a great school for academics. I enrolled to NDHS my sophomore year and ever since, it has always been a well known school. An A school to be exact!
What I liked about New Dimensions High School was how well the academic courses are. You can take courses in class or take courses online. The classes are not that difficult but if you do have trouble the teachers will help you out whenever you need them. The school also offers after school programs for those who are interested. They offer art, choir, band, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, and even after school study sessions. New Dimensions is partnered up with Valencia, so any students who are interested in attending Dual Enrollment classes can do so, either taking some dual classes or attending full time at Valencia. My overall experience New Dimensions High School would be the most exciting I've ever had in my four years of attending the school.
This is the best high school I could have ever attended, I noticed it right away I got accepted, because I went to Poinciana High school at the beginning of my freshmen year, and there is a very drastic difference. New Dimensions HS put all its efforts in the academics and this fully help you improve and make an impact in your life.
New Dimensions is an amazing school. It focuses on academics and gives you many opportunities at different things like good programs. We have been an A school 10 years in a row and have great test scores.
It allowed me to enter the dual enrollment program to begin experiencing college atmosphere. And the small setting made sure I get teachers help whenever needed
I like how the school work ethics challenges students students academically. I like that the school is small and each class is an hour and 45 minutes. Students are able to have more time to learn in each of their classes. I don't like how late this school ends which is at 4 pm. I don't like how this school lacks opportunities like certain extracurricular activities or after school clubs that will really help benefit students overall.
New Dimensions High School is a school that is highly concerned about a student's academics and encourage students to push themselves in order to achieve goals. Maintaining the 'A' school average, it focuses on academics rather than sports and clubs, however, there are these activities available to students, just not a wide variety. If you are a parent concerned about your child's academics, this is the place to send your child! they are Academic based and will do their best to ensure your child stays on the right track.
I am graduating 2020 and I will say that with all its problems NDHS is still one of the best secondary schools in Osceola county and allows for relatively high amount of independence and an environment where students do not have to deal with the usual secondary school pressures such as popularity and peer pressure the teachers generally show respect towards students just as students respect their teachers which is rare the only problem I would find is the schools inability to retain good teachers and the administrations general coldness
I liked the diversity; the students really make up the school. I would like to change the administration and add more sports and activities for students.
I have been in New Dimensions High School since my freshman year and its pretty much been no difference. A few teachers left, but that is usual, and a new building was built for the expansion of kids. Academic wise the school is excellent, sports wise the school is below average to average. EOC preparation is great and tremendously helps kids pass the state test. New Dimensions High School is small school that pushes kids to do great in life. It is one of the best, if not the best high school in Osceola County. Great school for academic purposes.
New Dimensions High School is not your ideal high school experience. For those who are looking to live their normal high school life with school spirit. The teaching staff is very poor due to the fact that great teachers get fired and poor teachers stay. Their math department only has one good teacher and the rest do not teach or are not suitable to be a teacher. Although, New Dimensions lacks some things, the college readiness is impeccable due to the fact that you experience teachers who do not care for your success and the school itself is solely focused on education and that is it.
New Dimension's main focus is preparing students for college and it does this in a plethora of ways. One of such ways is having double block period classes. The only downfall of the school is that since it is small, it lacks in some of the more interesting electives and clubs that other schools have.
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My experience at NDHS was overall pleasant. It is a small school which was my intention, but unfortunately the spirit of the school seems to be lacking. There are not many activities the school puts on for the students, like ones you would usually see at bigger high schools. The sports are decent, they lack football, baseball, and softball, but the other sports they have can be fun to attend. It's a decent place if you don't expect much from your high school career.
My time at New Dimensions, although lackluster, is something I would never change. Very underwhelming environment, bu it was home for 4 years.
Overall it was a great experience compared to other schools in the area. It was definitely put me ahead in terms of college readiness!
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