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Since the class sizes are small I gained a wonderful family out of it. I bonded with my class and made friends in ways I never knew were possible! The teachers help us in academic and personal problems. One teacher would go out of their way to bring me aside and ask me how I was doing when they sensed that I was feeling down. She became a motherly figure to me. Another teacher turned out to be one of the most patient person. There were always students who asked the same question multiple times but one teacher would gladly reteach us however times we needed. The teachers are top quality teachers who want the best for us. This school cares about its students and makes sure that we don't over stress and take time to let off some steam through different event throughout the school year. Im in college now but I cant help but reminisce the good memories I made there.
My two children have graduated from NCA and moved on to college. They tell me that they were fully prepared thanks to NCA's rigorous education. Not to drop names, but my children got into schools like Cornell, Berkeley, USC, NYU, etc. I like the teachers and admins because they truly care for the students and their development. It's a small school, but that has lots of advantages, too, like participation in sports and personal attention. It's a safe campus in the middle of LA, a blessing to parents concerned with larger public and charter schools. School performance is quite literally as high as it can be. And, the tuition is affordable. School is diversifying.
We absolutely love this school it is the best in the Los Angeles area. Our daughter has been attending here for two years now. She has come a long way with her social and critical thinking skills thank to NCA. I would highly recommend this school and they service kids K-12.
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Nothing but great things to say about this school. I didn’t think I could afford a private school that was Christian faith based and placed such a strong emphasis on academics. Boy, was I wrong. My kid was shown so much love and attention and we (his parents) thought he had ADHD when he first started. However, the staff went above and beyond to make sure he could reach his potential. We stopped his therapy because his behavior and learning improved so much after attending this wonderful school. Don’t hesitate to send your kids in full confidence that they’ll be in good hands. And 3 stars?! Bruh, you tripping.
I love the faculty and staff. They are passionate about teaching and being involved in the lives of their students
We researched a bunch of schools in our neighborhood and decided to send our child to NCA and couldn't be more pleased. The teachers are amazing and our daughter loves going to school each day. It is great academically and the school arranges social events throughout the year. Highly recommend the school.
I was really impressed with this school, overall. The children smile and enjoy one another's friendship and fellowship. You can tell these children know who Christ is and He has put true joy in their hearts. This is a very disciplined school as well, with a rigorous academic repertoire that challenges students every step of their K-12 school lives. The staff here have warm and inviting Christian character, which is what you'd expect from a traditional Christian school. The staff also try to make learning fun and modern in and out of the classroom. Students of New Covenant Academy have many opportunities to go on trips throughout the school year and learn a plethora of interpersonal and relational skills that public schools severely lack. I would recommend this school most assuredly!
Best part of NCA would be the teaching faculty, hands down. They are some of the most caring and committed educators that I've ever seen. Love the Class Advisory program here, where one teacher is assigned to be the academic and personal advisor for each grade, and he or she tracks with the students every year so that relationships are forged and deepened over time.
Overall, New Covenant Academy is great! The staff and teachers here are amazing here. They really do care for the students and will do all means to support the students. The education here is quite incredible. The grades, ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade, are both provided with standard subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc). Since this is also a Christian Private School, they provide Chapels as well as Faith Integration. Though, I've heard many students complain about the quality of the food and the small campus.
I really love NCA because all teachers include principal (Dr. Song) are very passionate and dedicated to students. My son is attending 1st grade now and he loves to go school. It feels like family.. As a Christian, this school is best Christian school.
This is the first time I have been to a private school and I would say that my experience is great. I really like the small classroom size and it felt like I was part of a large family and everybody knew each from first grade to 12th grade. The teacher were friendly and always willing to help me when needed.
We always have the teacher's attention because of the small classroom size. In addition, the teacher's are available during non-class hours for any help or tutoring that I need.
The teachers genuinely care about teaching and the students.
There are definitely resources available. But I would say that there can be more resources in regards to technology. This school specializes in college preparation and works with each student to prepare him or her for college.
New Covenant Academy, because of its genuine care for students, also focuses on making sure the school environment is safe, comfortable, and inviting. NCA does tolerate bullying, drinking, smoking, etc. These acts are usually addressed by the school with a serious manner and severe consequences are taken, such as suspension and expulsion.
New Covenant Academy is Christian private school where the school staff genuinely care the students and their needs. The teachers focus on students, making sure that students are learning and that students are getting best out of the school. The school is strict compared to other schools because it desires the best for its students. Things such as bullying are not accepted at this school. As a Christian school, New Covenant Academy emphasizes strong character-building and values.
New Covenant Academy doesn't offer much club and organizations. There are definitely clubs, sports, organizations such as the NCA Yearbook Club and the NCA Key Club. but overall the options for clubs and organizations are limited compared to other schools.
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There seems to be no barriers for students interested in attending New Covenant Academy as this K-12 private. Christian school that has no official restriction or requirement.
It is an IB school.
The school has a set uniform for the students.