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Its a great magnet school, and it prepares me for college better than a normal high school would've and they have different "strands" such as the biomedical , computer science, and engineering strand where you can take courses in high school that has to do with one of those strands.
I love how involved in STEM NCTHS is, and how well the teachers teach their material (and how they make it fun to learn).
New Century has a great magnet program to explore either biomedical science, engineering, or computer science. I have enjoyed my time there and most of the teachers are good.
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New Century Technology High School is a wonderful school, that pushes for the education of high school students and is interested in helping them achieve their career goals
The teachers are very well educated in what they teach and try to help as much as possible but the curriculum is quite intense compared to other non-magnet schools in the area.
New Century Technology is a magnet school for high school students that love STEM and want a career in the field. There are three main STEM focuses: engineering, computer science, and biomedical. I am able to take classes that will improve my engineering skills. I've learned the design process, technical drawing, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and so much more. Since there are only 500 students attending the school, teachers are personal with each student. The principal knows just about everyone's name and the vice principal makes a point to fist bump every student on the way into school. The courses are rigorous but fair. Every student at New Century wants to learn, so class-time is spent more on learning rather than calming the distracting students. We have an alternating block schedule which allows for an entire hour for lunch and clubs. I wouldn't change anything about school. I don't even miss the lack sports because our school pride thrives on academic achievements.
Stress is really prominent here, especially when you're very grade-oriented, but overall, it's fantastic. I couldn't imagine going any where else around me and being happy. I had to make all new friends when I started as a freshmen, and it didn't take long for me to find a circle I'm still a part of today. People of all grade levels are approachable and friendly, and I've had to say goodbye to seniors every year. Most teachers are incredible and so friendly and caring that they're better therapists than the one we have. I wouldn't trade a single experience or class I've had at New Century for anything else in the country.
Academics are incredibly important when it comes to New Century Technology High School, the classes are incredibly advanced and the atmosphere of students that attend the school is similar to a family. A large majority of the teachers are absolutely fantastic and are experts in what they teach. The staff is highly supportive and while we share the building with another school, it never feels cramped or like the other school diminishes your time there.
My experience at New Century has been amazing. I have had many STEM related opportunities that I never would have had at another school. It is a competitive school and we focus very hard on our academics. The teachers and staff are amazing and they're so supportive of their students. Due to our small size, we have much closer relationships with our teachers than students at other schools.
The school is heavily focus on academics. This school school is a true meaning of family. You will make close friends and experience diversity no other school can offer.
Great teachers that encourage creativity. Teachers treat you with respect and encourage students. Great ROTC program
This school is great for education. Students are friendly, most teachers are willing to work with the students. Very hard, but recommend.
I researched a lot of schools for my High School education. New Century seemed like the perfect fit and I have not been disappointed. They focus on hard work and study, but also at the same time feel like a big family. It is a place where like minded people can excel.
New Century teaches on a very rigorous level and prepares us for college. What I liked about my school the most was the diversity everyone was unique and their own person and I loved it!
New Century Technology High School is a awesome school! Lots of dual enrollment opportunities, and lots of students resources. I am currently enrolled in New Century as a freshman. In this school, I am involved in JROTC and Cyber Security. The JROTC goal is to motivate young students into better citizens. The Cyber Security goal is to protect computers and servers.
In my opinion, I believe New Century is one of the best high schools in the country. It's a school that focuses heavily on STEM fields and college readiness. The teachers at NC are completely adept at what they do and are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their students understand the material. As a freshman, I knew I had an interest in computer science but I didn't know how to expand on that interest. New Century helped me do that and solidify my career goals. Furthermore, the students at NC come from many different backgrounds and countries so there's always an opportunity to learn about a different country and its culture. Lastly, although NC has many great properties, I would like to see it focus a little more on arts and athletics.
The work and tests can be challenging, but it is pushing us to succeed. We are preparing for college, and our teachers are supporting us.
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I would rate my school five stars because you get a variety of learning styles in the different strands the teachers strive to make your day awesome and productive the environment is just so peacefully I am glad I choose new century technology high school as my school
I liked that New Century gave you pathways to help figure out what your career field will be. Teachers were very knowledgeable. I would recommend to anybody looking into the technology field.
This is my child's first year at New Century. So far, we are having a good experience. He is wanting to play sports and is going to have to travel to his zoned school to do that. I'm not sure if he will get to play because both of us parents work full time.
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