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As a senior, my school has changed a lot since Freshmen year. Especially winning games and getting into social media fundraisers and raising a decent amount of money for our school. Our school used to be known as the “bad” school but we proved to everyone that we aren’t. Our school is the most hardworking and hearted school. Our students may not have a perfect background but we do strive on what we want.
My experience in high school is great I know many people very well academic level what I liked about my school is that there are many Latinos I think 80% are Latino so I listen to Spanish with different accents I would not like it to change I like how it is.
Overall, the school was great. I made a lot of friends and ended on the honor roll. This school has a lot of classes to pick from.
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New Brunswick High School gets a bad name for a couple of events in the past. However, that has changed in the past couple of years in high school there are a lot of different clubs and sports, people that can help a student out with school and non-school events. I was surprised as a student I thought I knew most of the clubs but no their so many to help the student grow as a person.
I really liked the clubs and teachers in the arts. They really pushed their students to learn new things and helped students discover their potential. College readiness in the school is very poor unless you're in a program. The facilities and lunch in the school needs major improvement also.
I loved the teachers, they really care for their students and wish for them all to succeed and go to college. The AP and Honor classes were very challenging and prepared me for college. There were many clubs and sports offered. I was in the school's robotics, stem, and gardening club! There are a lot of opportunities in New Brunswick high school with faculty that care but you have to take initiative, don't be afraid to ask teachers about programs being offered, scholarships, and internship experiences. Basically, like everything your education is a reflection of how much work you put into it so take control of your future and have fun !
the teachers and counselors are very nice and helpful they will take their time to help you with anything
I love how everyone treats everyone else like a family. Everyone knows one another and is so close, I was on the soccer team and track team and honestly It doesn’t feel like a team, it feels like family. One thing I do dislike is the food. If there’s muffins for breakfast you’re only allowed to get one, how is that supposed to fill you up until lunch time?
My name is catherine and I’m a former student at New Brunswick high! Ive been attending that school for four years now, this being my last. New Brunswick high has been an amazing experience, it dors have some cons to it but overall my experience is well. My class of 2020 are and did make changes to the school that make it a better environment. The teachers are overall good, trying to help and reach out to students and being active with them. Our students are hard working, we treat each other with respect and we’re trying to make our mark on this school.
I do like that you all get treated the same no matter what color of skin you are. I do sometimes like how the teachers teach the students. Thye does have after school programs to help the students that are in need of help.
This school has a lot of opportunities and activities that students can do after school. It has a piano class, which most public schools don't have and the teachers are always willng to stay after school and help out students.
My experience at New Brunswick High has had its ups and downs. It's a very diverse school with ample opportunities in community involvement, clubs, sports, and any interest that you have. The teachers and counselors really push you academically and try their very best to get you that diploma. The only problem would be the administration. If teachers quit, we don't get a new one until after a few months, and parents aren't really integrated in the high school experience, you're really on your own
The teachers have a great relationship with the students and help them with their work from school as well as problems that may occur outside of school.
It is a pretty average high school, which could improve with better preparation for college. The teachers are pretty good people but not the best academically. Everything can be seem in the average sat score that exists in new brunswick, which is about 200 points below average.
New Brunswick High School is overall a decent high school, but I would not recommend it to people. The school has staff and faculty who care about students to a certain extent, but not enough to motivate them. Teachers in particular have a tendency of giving up on students once they begin to slack off. Instead of asking the students if they need help, or if anything is wrong with them emotionally, the students are punished and reflect a poor academic performance. Other than school work, the clubs are frequently promoted and students feel compelled to join because of that.
I like how the school isn't that big and that I can navigate around the school easily. The teachers try their hardest to keep everyone on the same level so that no one is left wondering what they are learning. The school overall is good and I would recommend many students to come here.
I liked being a part of the community at the high school because of all the hard work the staff and students put into making a healthy environment. Also being a part of the fine visual performing arts is amazing because of all the opportunities I was given and also the different people that I was able to meet.
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What I tend to enjoy about New Brunswick High School is the community that is well presented as NBHS, my alumni’s tend to show their passion into school and tend to show how much of being a student at New Brunswick High School means. Without the people there would be fewer opportunities. However the change that needs to be offered is for the school to offer Spanish AP classes to those students who are very intrigued into their education and seek to want to advance their learning but in their fluent language, so overall y it is a good school with great protection but furthermore it’s surely a place you can get along with the people and advance your learning.
I love how diverse New Brunswick High School is, you never feel like an outsider. I love how much the teachers care about you and push you to be your best self and help unlock your greatest potential. My experience there was a great one and I hope to visit in the near future!
Very diverse school with a lot of opportunities. A lot of classes offered to get students prepared for life and their future career.
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