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This school is definitely not for everyone, it’s for the people that don’t really care about education. Their curriculums need serious updating. For instance, all math classes and math work are done on laptops, no paper and pencil for a MATH class. In my math class I have learned nothing it’s like we are learning stuff 3rd graders are learning and yet half of my class still doesn’t know what’s going on and it’s an honors class. The school does very little to satisfy their students that want to go to school. They have AP classes; this is probably the only good thing about NBHS. I haven’t touched a pencil this year in class fully digital learning is not the answer. This schools test scores are absurd. The N word is the most popular word the student body wishes to use. Teaches care less to non about students behavior. If you are considering NBHS or Voc please go to Voc don’t make the mistake I made; this school has very good advertising but doesn’t live up to it.
New Bedford High School is great for college preparation and the courses they provide will help you learn how to manage your work and remain disciplined. Also, they have many clubs for people with different passions to participate in. However, this school could do better in funding other departments within the school that are not sports.
I had graduated from nbhs in 2019 and I am currently enrolled in dean university. Nbhs helped me realized what kind of person I wanted to be life after high school
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Despite the stigma, it really is what you make of it. I had a great experience because I surrounded myself with the right people and got involved.
This school is go to Winnacunnet opportunities and helping you go to college however if you’re not in the advanced placement classes or the honors classes it is a little harder to focus because you have a lot of students and teachers who just don’t care about being there and make the environment very hard for you to be successful
As a student in the AP and Academy of Honors track, I'm not dissatisfied with how I've been treated. However, my peers in college-prep tracks are often dissatisfied, disrespected, and dismissed by teachers. There needs tp be reform in those areas. It typically goes unnoticed because these students are considered "at-risk" and therefore worth less. I want to see respect for ALL students, regardless of race, financial status, or course level.
new bedford high school is a diverse high school where basically everyone accepts each other for who they are, teachers can be helpful at times when the student really needs it, the athletic teams are really close and coaches always makes sure that their athletes are putting school first and they never get mad when a student comes late to practice when needing extra help, they also help to make sports enjoyable and make sure everyone strives in their own way
New Bedford High School is one big family, everyone is there to support each other and we all have respect for one another. No one is ever alone, and there is always someone there to talk to.
New Bedford HS is a multiracial school where everyone feels welcome. The staff here makes everything for your welfare.
My daughter received a lot of encouragement and support from her teachers. She had many AP classes to choose from and guidance throughout the way. I would like to see more discipline in the school however I see a huge improvement from when she started 4 years ago.
The staff and and students are exceptionally helpful and friendly especially considering the fact that I only moved to this school the year.
I really enjoyed the JROTC program. The army instructors helped me grow as a person and enhance my emotional intelligence. They also help me a lot with my college process. The teachers were also great. Most of them are always there to help, not only with their class but they're there when you need someone to talk to.
I have loved my time here at NBHS! A community of people students from different backgrounds! They have something for everyone! The only problem I find is the way that gang activity or negative activity is handled.
I’m proud to be a New Bedford alumni.My experience with the school was great.While I attend the school had my ups and downs.New Bedford high offers one of the best athletics programs around.The staff truly teaches you on how to become a student athlete.New Bedford is a a culture city and the students as well.The teachers and the administrators truly try to help you mentally emotionally and academically.
The most I like about New Bedford High School is diversity. When you gradually get to know this school, you realize that you are not alone. In this school they help you prepare well for college. They help you learn English for those students who don't know how to speak. They prepare many for the exams. It helps you know what career you want to study. In my opinion, it is an excellent school but like any other school it always has something bad.
I like the teachers of ESL and how teacher teach to students that don't know english. many teacher are so enthusiasts. The only thing that i would like change is the lunch food, it is not good.
I liked the diversity and how friendly people are here. I also like that the teachers and counselors are always there to help with college help and scholarships. They have many things to help you getting college ready and prepare you for your future.
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A lot of opportunities for everyone to prosper and start a future for themselves if they take it. There are a lot of student who will slack off and most likely not graduate, but for the students who want to make something out of their lives, they are able to.
Great School, Especially if you plan on going to college they are very thorough with getting preparation plans for students and making sure they stay on track
Overall, the social experience was very good. However, like every school, the teachers vary. I found that I had an especially difficult time finding a teacher whose class I was able to thrive in, and a teacher who I was able to connect to. I also found that this was a shared experience with many of my classmates. The performing arts department is amazing, with dedicated students and teachers alike.
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