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New Albany High School is a great place that makes me feel safe and comfortable in my school work. There are so many opportunities in academics, sports, clubs, and many more. I loved the teachers at New Albany because they really focus on your success in your classes. The New Albany community around the school is so beautiful and there are so many things to do. One thing I would change about New Albany is I wished it was a little easier to get around the inside of the school, for example, finding my classrooms. Overall, I had a great experience at New Albany High School.
Good school and environment! The school is kept very clean as well. The teachers are for the most part all great too.
Overall, I had a pretty good experience at New Albany. I like the people I have met and a lot of the teachers I have had. I am also happy to have been on the basketball team for the past 4 years and have met great people from there. Something that needs to be changed is the administration needs to pay more attention to racial injustices in the school. There have been many cases where people have reported these experiences to the administration, and no action has been taken. That is something I think needs to be changed in order for everyone to feel safe, appreciated, and cared for.
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I loved the high school. It prepared me for college very well, I had good connections with the teachers, I loved the curriculum and I made life-long friends.
I loved attending New Albany High School. As someone who moved to the United States from a different country, New Albany HS was always so supportive and helpful, whether with the college application process or just in general. The students are so welcoming and the teachers are just great. One thing that I would love to see is more diversity in staffing as we only have OPC teacher that I know of.
New Albany is an amazing school. The staff and administration always want the best for you. They will reach out and help you whenever you need it.
The majority of the teachers will take the time to help you if you need it. Every teacher shows genuine care and concern for their students. The administrators are kind, again they care about their students. The school provides incredible opportunities and academics. The school itself is amazing, but the students are another story. It is very clique-y and can be hard to make friends and stay out of drama. But the school itself is awesome.
They have great teachers and great classes. Furthermore, we do peace games every year where we get to play games at the end of the year. It is a good time to be able to build friendships and participate in friendly competitions.
This school was the second school I transferred to and I have to say it was a lot better than my last school which I didn’t realize until after I left and had the experience of this one. I was learning a lot more and expanding my mind to different things I didn’t know I had a passion for. It advances students to more higher levels if their ready and prepared to move on. Which liked, not everyone is moving at the same pace. Some classes either move faster or are at more challenging level. This school brung out a different side of myself that hadn’t learned yet. I didn’t know I had a passion for writing and I didn’t know I loved math so much that I could enjoy a 53 minute class period without having to wonder if the class is almost over. It gave me a view of what I want to do in life.
I just graduated in 2019 and am now in college. New Albany high school helped set me up for success. The school made education its top priority and offers many classes at different levels to help students find their place. I have no complaints!
I absolutely loved my time at New Albany school! It has left me with countless memories and real world experience. Thanks to New Albany I have never felt more ready to go to college!
New Albany High School has prepared for the world outside of high school. I moved from a pre-dominantly black school to New Albany, a pre-dominantly white school. Due to this drastic culture change in schools, I am able to thrive in whatever community I am in. I was accepted into the community immediately. The teachers are great at what they do and care about you in and outside of class.
Teachers are so good
Almost all of the students are racist
You can hear F word when you’re in the bus
I saw that 10th graders were bullying 9th student
New Albany is very sophisticated and great preparation for life beyond high school. The school itself is beautiful with a campus that resembles a university.
New Albany High School offers the best education that can be obtained in a public school system. I highly recommend this to school to future students
The school itself looks very nice from the outside but the administration doesn't seem to listen to or understand the student's concerns. Most of the teachers are very caring and good people, however, some of them can't teach. The biology department especially (they're all amazing people however they aren't amazing teachers).
Some teachers were not very good in my opinion. In addition, some of the school policies, such as the lanyards and the schedule changes made no sense and seemed ridiculous.
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Personally, my high school experience was average. I think that my school has provided many opportunities for gifted students to thrive, however having a brother in the special education department, I cannot say the same. My brother's education level has regressed significantly and our family does not feel he has been given the same opportunity as I have been given. If you are advanced, you will thrive at New Albany. But if you have any learning difficulties whatsoever, you will struggle and adequate help will most likely be very difficult to find.
New Albany has a great staff that care about their students education. The overall environment for students is not healthy because of the lack of diversity.
Amazing teachers who put in a lot of effort for the students. Nice students and faculty. Classes challenge you and show you how much you are improving in everything you. The school is also preparing me for challenges in and outside the classroom.
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