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Average, but in a good way. Not bad education with some scandals here and there, but none are too bad.
It’s cool I guess, I have enjoyed my self at this school but I guess it’s just an average high school to be honest and there’s not much special about it
Neshaminy High School is overall pretty average, especially when it comes to academics. Only a handful of students from each graduating class is competitive and serious about their studies. If you check the Pennsylvania school rankings, it is neither among the best nor among the worst. However, the one primary aspect which differentiates NHS from other schools is the school pride/culture. Gym Night is the biggest event at the school and there is nothing else like it in the country. If you ask any NHS alum, they'd most likely tell you that Gym Night was their favorite high school memory. Although it is an average high school, I am proud to say that I graduated from NHS.
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Gained a great education and amazing friends. Teachers were and are always helpful even after years at school.
Neshaminy High School does a very good job at preparing kids for the college search and helping them find out what they want to become. There are little things that could be fixed though, as in having soap in the bathrooms at all times and also making sure that all students are felt like they are equals of each other. We also have fun extracurriculars that everyone can take a chance and be a part of.
Neshaminy High School has provided me with tremendous support and opportunity from students, teachers, and administrators. Attending Neshaminy High School has made me a better person and a better learner.
Good teachers who care about their students and a wide range of classes for students to choose. Though some classes/clubs could be more funded for rather than sports and there should be more reasonable punished for students in trouble.
Neshaminy High School is a very inclusive school that provides several opportunities for academic and extracurricular excellence. Most teachers are very friendly and understanding. NHS school events are typically very exciting and for everyone.
Graduated in 2012 and may I say, I did not want to leave. Granted the teachers went on strike twice during my senior year, it was still difficult to grasp the idea of not attending Neshaminy anymore. Between participating in gym night all three years (Go Red!) and having fantastic teachers who genuinely cared for their students (Mr. Greenberg, Mrs. Warlow, Ms. Pfaff, Mrs. Marchunsky), I felt safe.
Teachers were great, the course work really set you up well for Uni. I just wish there was more hands on experience in different science fields.
Neshaminy High School offers a wide variety of classes to help students prepare for college and the future. They have an outstanding music and arts program. Neshaminy students have the chance to participate in several clubs and activities. Neshaminy Gym Night is one of the biggest events held at the high school. It helps bring the Neshaminy community closer together.
Neshaminy High School has great teachers who were more than willing to help you out at any step. There was after school help available to assist with school work that was troubling you or to help someone study for a big test that was coming up. Neshaminy also has a selection of extracurricular activities, my personal favorite being Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). FBLA was one of the highlights of my high school career because the teachers/advisors made the experience fantastic. However, Neshaminy did have some downfalls like the food was not as diverse or it wasn't the best quality.
Neshaminy was a decent high school. There was a large stress on education, which benefited many highly driven students, especially in the STEM classes. In addition, the music program at Neshaminy is extensive and well known in the area. However, many students agree that the level of readiness for college was poor. This is due to the fact that many students had no idea what they wanted to do with their future, and some were not even given the opportunity in that they did not know when deadlines were set or such.
The school itself is a large, well maintained facility that’s easy to navigate. The actual spirit of the school and all of our blanketed activities and classes are honestly as good as you could ask for. They prepare you for college, they make sure everyone is comfortable, they have security guards to make sure everyone is safe, and the relationships built really do last for a long time. The only drawbacks come with just about any school (teen angst anyone?). The superintendent consistently visits as well as other higher ups in the district, and they always find a student or teacher to talk to to make sure Neshaminy is as good as it can be. They want everyone happy and prepared for wherever they end up. And as for school spirit, there are constant sports games, activities, clubs, dances, events, and other assorted projects that manage to bring all sorts of people inside and out of Neshaminy to get involved with the school.
Good teachers and fun activities! I truly think that the students here are nice and we’ll behaved. I love my school and the fun things like dances. They have very good electives like child development and parenting which has a real pre school to “work” at.
It's a good school, they have the best after-school programs and the academics are also good. I would recommend this school to anyone and for the freshman. They have a good business program, music program
Neshaminy is a great school, but could still use some improvements. It has many amazing teachers, but there are plenty of teachers that are not qualified to be teaching there. Another big problem is the lack of upkeep of the facilities, especially bathrooms which are often closed or something is broken. Despite all of this, it still has a friendly environment and great opportunities for students and staff.
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It all depends on the group you get involved with. Being a student of the arts I have had an incredibly enjoyable time in my corner of the school. It's all what you make it.
Personally, I have been enjoying it a lot so far. There is a very diverse range of people there (both students and teachers alike) whom all have different opinions about the school but it has definitely done a great job in terms of educating its peers. There have been some rough patches but all in all I wouldn't trade it for the world.
My education at Neshaminy has overall been a good experience. Although it is a very large school the teachers are very good and want you to succeed.
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