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Nerinx Hall High School Reviews

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I don't come from a lot of money so I never imagined I would attended Nerinx Hall. After facing bullying at my old school my parents thought, with my history of mental illnesses, it would be best to switch schools. I never liked school before Nerinx, now I look forward to going to school. Nerinx is not like any other high school, from our "wacky" traditions (like our teachers making short skits for the seniors last day) to the cookies at contact. My school is a second home, my classmates are my family, & the faculty are my role models. Nerinx taught me to always stand up for what we believe in, to never give up, that hard work pays off, & that family isn't just genetics it's those who are there for you. I’m pursuing a career in education because I want to impact student's lives as my teachers did for me. When I think of my future I am excited but my heart aches thinking of leaving Nerinx, I don't know who I would be without it & I will cherish every second at Nerinx until I graduate.
A wonderful school filled with sisterhood. The teachers are amazing, and the school is so cute. I am an alum, and Nerinx allowed me to build a confidence in myself and to make friendships for life. I wish I could go back. The best all girls high school in St. Louis
Best high school in St. Louis! Nerinx gave me the best high school years and helped prepare me for college with its academics. The arts at Nerinx were also amazing!
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I Love the environment here at Nerinx. All of the teachers are super helpful and make it easy to get all my work done. We have a very big creative community here that originally attracted me to the school and has not disappointed. Everyone in my class is super inclusive.
I loved the fact that the school was focused on empowering women and challenging them to break away from the status quo in search of personal advancement. I truly felt more confident about myself and my abilities (inside and outside of the classroom), and this made it easier for my to adjust to the real world. Academically, Nerinx is also very strong and competitive, and it prepares you well for college. The only thing that the school lacks, which it is actively working to better, is its spirituality. Often times, the Catholic values of the community are diluted to suit the needs of other religious backgrounds. While it is great that we embrace different faiths and ideologies, it was often at the expense of the Catholic Church and its teachings.
I love everything about Nerinx. I was so happy when my daughter chose Nerinx. Can’t say enough about the teachers, Staffa and coaches.
Nerinx Hall is a truly amazing school. The environment is very welcoming, and the staff members are always there when you need help. Although it may be a small school, there are many clubs offered. Along with this, student involvement in policies is fairly large. There are many student government bodies and grade level or school wide town hall meeting held throughout the year.
I love nerinx. It taught me about growing in society as a women and how to make my mark on the world. It showed me how to push myself and challenge myself in my social life and school life. It taught me so many life lessons I would have never learned. Also, the staff at Nerinx are some of the most caring people you will ever meet. They are more then just teachers; they are your friends. They would take a bullet for you.
I love how the school prepares me for college and the real world by encouraging students to develop their own worldviews. I've become more aware of myself, and the things I am passionate about. I would like to see more diversity in both the student body and administration so that when decisions are made, POC are included in the narrative.
Nerinx Hall was an excellent school environment full of lovely people - students and teachers. I would like to see more diversity, however, and more collaboration with the Nerinx community from the administration
Nerinx is a wonderful, faithful, diverse, accepting, supportive place to for young women to grow through adolescence to adulthood. The school has high standards and expectations for all students. The faculty is passionate, caring and dedicated to the success of their students all the while fostering a safe and strong learning environment. The curriculum is challenging and as an alumna, I was more than ready academically for the rigors of college. I also feel it gave me the strong foundation to pursue post baccalaureate study. Students are passionate about their school, loving the unique Nerinx school atmosphere. The young women are empowered critical thinkers and are definitely are dedicated to servant leadership . I am so thankful for my years at Nerinx. They helped form me into the woman I am today.
Nerinx Hall gives students the opportunity to excel in whatever field they choose. We have strong STEM, fine arts and sports programs. It is academically rigorous but also flexible, making sure that each student is adequately challenged according to their unique abilities.
After 4 years I am still glad that I chose Nerinx. I am ready for college thanks to the curriculum and teachers.
I have had an amazing time at Nerinx Hall High School. From the Academics to the Facilities, it has all over been an amazing experience for me. The teachers aren't simply there to teach you, they are there to help you learn and grow as a student but also as a person. I have met many wonderful and brilliant people at Nerinx who I know will prosper in their lives because of their decision of going to Nerinx Hall. Nerinx has a very inviting atmosphere, from the moment I walked into the halls at Nerinx as a middle schooler, I knew that Nerinx was the place for me.
Nerinx Hall has helped me reach a new potential that I never knew I could. The teachers have fostered a comfortable atmosphere that makes learning easy to accomplish. The extracurricular, academic, and social aspects of Nerinx has allowed me to grow from the inside out.
Nerinx has such a home-y feel to it. While the academics are rigorous, the comfortable and welcoming environment greatly eases students’ nerves and makes it a great place to be every day. In addition, the teachers are the best teachers a student could ask for. Without them, the Nerinx Hall experience would be drastically different. They all encourage students to ask questions and think critically and are always happy to meet with a student outside the classroom whether it’s to work on something from class or to help the student with another kind of problem.
Nerinx is one of my favorite places! The teachers are always willing to help students when in need, and the school truly embodies its core values: faith, community, justice, and respect. Being a student of Loretto means accepting those of different races, ethinicities, sexual orientation, & religion. Justice goes outside of the school building, & extends to the world around us. Not only this, but Nerinx teaches it’s students to be confident and faithful in themselves. I wouldn’t want to go to any other school!
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I have loved my time at Nerinx, the best decision of my life was to come here. When looking at schools, no one compared to Nerinx in mind. After being here for four years no other place has ever made me so much at home. Every teacher wants every student to succeed. If you put in the effort so do they. Nerinx has forever changed my life.
I'm a current senior at Nerinx (class of 2019) and I could not have loved my time more. the teachers are wonderful and so engaging. The amount of love they have for their students is beyond belief.
Amazing school, so glad I came here! Met some of my best friends and had a great high school experience.
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