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Nelsonville-York High School Reviews

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The teachers are very nice and love to see all of us students fulfill our dreams. There is extremely bad bullying though. The teachers should care more about a student being punched in the hallway rather than if someone is getting a B.
I love walking into school and being welcomed by all the teachers! Everyone is very kind, including the principal. In the future I would love for my nephew to attend this school and maybe even my kids.
I like the close-knit community that comes with attending Nelsonville-York. We don't have a very large population, but I like it because we all know each other and are able to see and understand one another's back ground.
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While doing my four years of high- school I met new friends. That has been what I have liked most about my experience. I was very socially awkward throughout my whole life and that meant I had slim to no friends. High school aided me in finding new friendships and getting me out of my comfort zone just a little bit more than before. I cannot imagine what college had in store for me next.
Our curriculum is a very good thing in my opinion. I feel as if students have it very well at Nelsonville-York. Our scheduling process, workload, study options, all seem to be pretty reasonable.
Our students and staff are all very acceptable and interested about each and every one of our lives. All the staff try's to the best of their ability to make sure we have everything we need as students.
Although Nelsonville-York does not offer a wide variety of clubs, the ones that are offered are well supported and funded by the school and community.
My overall experience at Nelsonville-York High School has been excellent. The tightly knit community makes my school unique. Our amazing community supports the school's athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities by participating in fundraisers and attending games and club events. The Nelsonville-York student body and staff greatly appreciate all that the community does for our school. Having such a supportive community with outstanding school spirit has made my time at Nelsonville-York memorable and if I were blessed with the opportunity to relive my high school years I would still choose to attend NYHS.
Teachers at Nelsonville-York High School are overall very knowledgeable, kind, and hard working. I feel as if I have learned a lot throughout my high school career thanks to their excellent teaching. The teachers and staff at Nelsonville are very approachable and I know I could rely on them to help me to become a successful young adult. I greatly appreciate the amount of time spent using current technology in the classroom that most smaller schools would not have the opportunity to use and experience.
There's a great system at Nelsonville-York.
There's many extracurricular activities at Nelsonville-York.
Some parents are not supportive at all. On the other hand, there's a good group that are very supportive.
Many teachers are wonderful, there's just a few that are not so great.
They take all the safety precautions they can, but there could be more
The Choir and Band programs are amazing!
N-Y tries to involve every student in something
The teachers really try their hardest to do well.
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There are a few things that I really don't like about NY, but generally speaking, this high school has a very nice staff of teachers who care about the students they've been given.
Although not terrible and it has a nice facility, the atmosphere is not particularly nurturing for individuality and self I expression the climate is mostly not inclusive and there are few opportunities for more artistic pursuits.
Gym and weight room are nice.
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