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Nelson Island Area School Reviews

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The only change I'd like to see is that they'd give much higher class levels, such as college classes.
What I like about Nelson Island Area School, is that every body is kind and you could be friends with them. If you visit our school, you will see that all the students work very hard and we, seniors, are great role models to the primary grades. Our Yup'ik language is amazing! We still have their language and traditions today. We go subsistence hunting and have amazing dances, which we call yuraq (you-hawk).
There are some safeties, but some personal safety is not very much needed. I think this is a good and safe school.
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There is nothing at times, but there is student council meeting occasionally and sports meetings after school everyday.
It gave me some good things to learn about during and after school. My favorite experiences were being in sports with this school and being a good role mode for the little kids that are in elementary. What makes this school unique is that the students in elementary will be looking up to most of the good students in high school. I would go back to this school just for the little kids to look up to my intelligence and to be a good role model for them.
Some don't have good explanations at times...
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