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Negreet High School Reviews

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Negaunee High School is a very safe school that will get you prepared for college with great teachers.
I love Negreet. We are a small, rural school and we are like one big happy family! The teachers and staff at Negreet are among the best to be found anywhere. Students are also very high quality. We have been rated an "A" school for the past several years. We are always at the top of our district with our test scores.
I like that everyone knows everyone at Negreet. The teachers, staff, and students are all friendly and kind. When we see each other in the community we all speak to each other, and are polite. It is nice to make those connections inside and outside of the school. I also like that there is no bullying. One school. One community. One family.
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Negreet High School was a very great school. The school had great teachers and a great teaching system.
I like that the teachers are hands on and the classes are small so you can get to know more about our classmates and teachers
We are all very close and are not very different.
We have a lot of administration and policies. Our school has a lot of rules.
Our schools food is alright. There are not many options.
The health and safety at this school is probably a lot better than it is at most schools. We have officers on duty and we always have a nurse on duty.
I love Negreet High School. Everyone is so close and everyone knows everyone and their families. We are very supportive when it comes to our sports and activities. We have very high test scores and academic records.
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