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Prepared students well for college. Very lacking in diversity and can be socially isolating. Teachers are supportive and want to see you do well in school. The high school has many sports teams and clubs for people to join and participate in. The class placement of students can be overwhelming as these is this ideal to take all advanced courses.
Teachers are well-trained and respect students; prepare students well for college; pretty competitive nature, however; great community; good sports teams
Needham High School prepares its students for college. Both in school and out of school. Giving its students the resources that are needed.
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My overall experience with Needham High School is decent. The school has various clubs and courses to choose from; and the education is relatively high. However, considering this is a high school located in a relatively wealthy area, it lacks of diversity. Furthermore, due to the lack of diversity in areas, I had encountered prejudice and ignorance from teachers, as well as from students.
We moved to this school in my son's Junior year. The move was smooth and so far we had good experience!
I have attended Needham High for the past 3 years and I absolutely love this school. First, it has a perfect location and is a beautiful school. When you come to Needham, one of the first things that you notice is the big school on top of the hill. Further, the teachers in this school are amazing. They are helpful, kind, and challenging making. This school offers many challenging courses, yet also ones that are less challenging for those who have more difficulties.
Though it has advanced classes, it's not as good as it seems. My child tried to take a class over the summer 2 years ago to try and fit another class in their schedule. The school wouldn't allow it. Taking this class would have helped them for college, but the school refused. They stopped my child from using their potential. It wouldn't impact others, but they said no. The college essay unit that my child was supposed to have wasn't done. Other classes had done it, but just because my child was in the regular level English they didn't. This was unbelievable and unacceptable. In addition, the environment is very competitive. Kids constantly have to stay up past 3 in the morning just to finish homework. Also, if your child doesn't participate in sports or music/art, they will get bullied by other students. Some teachers are amazing, but others are terrible. Some teachers have been incredibly rude even to parents. For the cost to live in Needham, it's not worth it.
Needham High has been great, I've been a student there for a few years and have found it to be great. Every teacher is knowledgeable and the culture in the school is great. The administration takes a good approach to balancing the competitiveness of a school like this with the personal experiences that define High School.
Great school with well intended morals and teachers. The environment is welcoming and caring. Many AP classes are offered and there is a wide range of academics.
Needham High school has offered me many opportunities to better myself and my community. Although Needham High has many academic supports, personally I have found it difficult to access the provided assistance. However, equidity carries a strong presence throughout the school community.
Overall, the school prepares you well for college. The academics are very challenging. The sports are great and there are a lot of ways to get involved. Most of the teachers are good. There is definitely a competitive/stress culture with academics though.
After I graduated and went to college, I found that most of my high school classes were harder than my freshman and sophomore college level classes.
Needham sets students up very well for college. The teachers and academics are what a high school should be. However, the one problem I had was that students are very stressed about their work. The stress is huge here.
Both of my kids attended Needham High and they were both accepted to Ivy League colleges. An outstanding school in academics and athletics has prepared both who are doing very well at their respective colleges. I highly recommend Needham High
Both high academics and athletics with strong teacher support. Great place to explore new subjects . Excellent prep for college though a lot of work.
Average school. There is not a lot to complain about. The school is clean, the teachers love what they do, and the school can take care of its students.
The school helps you a lot for college with its difficulty in academics but it creates a stressful environment for the students. The students generally get less than six hours of sleep and stay at the school til five. The academics push you which may be beneficial but can also lead to stress over if you are doing well in your classes. Some sports are very talented such as volleyball, swim, and track but other sports like football and basketball are only average. The school in general is very good as the academics prepare you well for college and the teachers are very qualified in what they teach. If you are looking for a school that you can just have fun at, this may not be for you as academics may get in the way. Overall Needham is very good as would recommend to any students who want to get a good education.
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The school's educational environment is conducive to a high quality of learning, and a high achieving student body. The kids are kind, but not extremely outgoing--they're as receptive as expected. The "school spirit" is practically non-existent, only the people involved with sports show any kind of excitement. This school is very much an (only) academically focused location.
two of my kids go here it is the worst school in the world. They constantly have issues with racist and homophobic graffiti in the bathrooms. It's caused by the teachers. If you want your kids brainwashed to be in antifa then send them to this terrible horrible school
Overall, I value the education and experience I got at NHS. The teachers and students are generally very great, and the education is very very strong. I do think the administrative faculty could be a little more fair/respectful with students wants and needs, but as a whole I think they do a fairly good job.
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