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I love Nebraska Christian because they are so open to bettering the school for the students comfortability. They are keen on being culturally diverse and integrating ministry students with non ministry majors. They make the campus feel like home and that is what it was to me.
I have enjoyed my years at Nebraska Christian so much. No school will be 100% perfect, but overall it has been an amazing experience for me. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Christian Education in an environment where the teachers truly care about their students.
It’s a really nice school for local Christian families and international students. Small little town but people are really nice. I wish we had more advanced classes
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Nebraska Christain is an amazing safe school with tons of things to learn and grow. I love the Christain atmosphere and the helpful teachers that work there. They have tons of opportunities to meet some people from other cultures as well with their international program that they have. They have E groups which is a good way to connect with a few people maybe that would be out of your typical group.
Nebraska Christian is a great school with a great academic program! It is nice to be an environment where the students and staff really care about you. The school receives a lot of cultural variety by bringing in students from other countries every year. It is an excellent college prep school, with challenging courses. Our sport program is not the strongest, but that is really the only somewhat negative thing I have to say about the school.
Nebraska Christian is set apart from other schools for the simple fact that it teaches students a biblical worldview and strives to help them grow in their individual walks with Christ. Everyone at this school, faculty and students alike all strive to look for those around them who are need of encouragement or help, and then work to meet those needs. Overall, Nebraska Christian is not perfect, but having a school that comes alongside you to help you grow in your Christian walk is something that I wish more students were blessed to experience.
Nebraska Christian High School in an exceptional Christian school in Central City, Nebraska. The high school is a small, class C2 high school that provides a God-centered education and worldview for students who want more than the public school system can provide.
This school is just OK with nothing special. The place is quite isolated and boring. I feel like I should have been somewhere else rather than spending a lot of money as an international student here.
Bad school, bad infrastructures, bad food, weird and conservative people. Too much restrictions (nothing is allowed due to "Christian value"). No activities for students except for sports and choir. Not worth your money and time, especially if you're an international student.
I have attended Nebraska Christian since 5th grade. I have loved having the opportunity to come to school here. The classes and academics have been very challenging but I think that it has definitely prepared me with a Christ-centered, strong education. Being in a small town that already has a class C high school, we do not get the athletic support that the average school would have. As an athlete, playing for Nebraska Christian has been a challenge, seeing that it is a very good music school sports are often times over looked and I hope to see the culture of the school towards sports to change.
I loved the teachers at this school. They made me want to learn as well as get excited about learning.
I never felt like I was in danger while on campus.
I think there can be more extracurriculars, so there can be more participation.
Some of my favorite experiences at NC have been through athletics. I played volleyball all four years, basketball for three, and track for one year. The prayer time after each game with the opposing team is something special and unique. The teachers, students, and staff all work together to make this school a wonderful educational experience. I will probably never find closer friends anywhere!
My teachers are wonderful! They care about the spiritual well-being of each student as well as their physical and intellectual well-being. They are always willing to give of their time to help. They go above and beyond their pay. They are not paid as well as public school teachers but they are here because they care about us!
They truly follow their mission statement and help their students grow toward Christ. The only thing I wish was different would be that I wish they prepared us more for the real world in the sense that we reached out to the community more and we would have been better guided in our college decisions and applying for everything in a timely manner.
I enjoyed my time at this close-knitted school.
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This school has many possibilities to choose from.
Best teachers best student and safe environment
We are very good at all extracurriculars that we participate in.
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