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Overall there is some great teachers that certainly push their students to be the best version of themselves but most of the other classes are packed with too many students or are easy classes that anyone can pass.
I had an awful experience as a student. I got severely depressed sophomore year and missed a lot of school, it got worse every year and I almost didn't graduate high school until one good teacher took me under her wing and mentored me, helping me finish all of my make-up hours.
Honestly while people may often exaggerate how bad Navasota is, I think its just average. What you have is a small town with an even smaller high school and because of that you have to deal with a lot of small town politics. Rumors, sub-standard sanitation, absurdly high (and low) expectations and minor "corruption" are all things that you have to deal with when attending Navasota HS but, in a very weird way, these things are worth enduring in order to form friendships and bonds with the colorful faculty and students of Navasota High School
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Throughout my Navasota High School years , I've had many great experiences . Navasota High School has taught me a lot of things that i should know becoming an adult. For example, this year, I learned how to fill out my own taxes. Although there is some areas that could be worked on, I can say Navasota High School will prepare you for college and the real world without a doubt.
I’ve had wonderful teachers in all my years of attendance. Every teacher I have had have put forward more effort than I could ever imagine. The teachers at Navasota high school really care. We are currently getting upgrades and add-on’s to the school. We just got a rebuilt ag shop and now they are in the process of building a new science wing along with automotive services and cosmetology classes.
I had an average high school experience and I gained experience in different social aspects, but the education did not prepare me for college. There have been many issues with staff members and teachers, but the school is doing a better job at hiring better fit teachers. The school is also fixing their facilities with the recent bond that was approved. Hopefully the school prepares its future students better.
I have been at NHS for 4 years. I have teachers who have believed in me and challenged me to pursue my dreams, to work harder. I have made wonderful friends who believe in me and support what I do. Our school is working hard to push us to the future which is trying as we are in an economically disadvantaged town.
I have lived in Navasota, TX since I was born. There have been moments I have had everything I needed to be successful and healthy at that time and there have been times that I did not. However, this has taught me how to stand on my own two feet, how to make do with things that I do have and to be happy with them. I have met people from different kinds of backgrounds and ethnicity because of hoe diverse Navasota is.
I like most of the teachers at Navasota High School. Some of the teachers just come for a paycheck, and I believe that is a big problem with todays teachers.
This is my first year at Navasota High. I have not really enjoyed it. The people are not all that nice and neither are the teachers. The administration is too strict. It seems like most teachers do not really care about the students or their jobs considering our school is not big and we have had three teachers fired just in this school year. The food at the school is terrible. The athletic director has his head wrapped around football and does not really care about the our teams in the program. I'm fond of the baseball coach, but he is not really my favorite. I do not feel prepared too well for college, but I think most high school students feel like they are not prepared.
I like that our principals are here to help us. We have a great athletic program! I think we need to improve the look of our school.
Navasota is a small town basically like a family town everyone knows each other. The support system is amazing and we all got each other backs. The academics has risen over the years and it has got better the teacher will actually help you and work with you most of the teacher are willing to get you ready for college. I love the clubs that Navasota has to offer
It is a small school where you can receive individual attention from the teachers. There is a good variety of sports and extra-curricular activities.
Navasota High School is a wonderful place to attend school! Going to school here for the past 3 years has really prepared me for college and I'm very lucky to have had able to receive my education from Navasota High School.
What I liked about Navasota High School was how involved my last two years of high school were filled with activities, field trips, and assemblies about colleges and things to do after high school. I would've loved to see all of this throughout all of my years in school not just Junior and Senior year. I'd like for all teachers and employees to encourage students to stay in school and that their goals are achievable.
The only things I liked about Navasota High School are Mrs. Alley and Miss Day. I have had both of them for two years now. I can learn more from them in fifty minutes than I can in a week in any other class.
The teachers and office administrators do their best to accommodate all students. When choosing one's schedule, the counselors show true interest in the students education and are there for students whenever they are facing difficulties and are in need of someone to talk to. The curriculum at Navasota High School is excellent. Tutoring is offered everyday to provide help for all students who are having difficulty in their classes.
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At Navasota High School, student involvement is important. Most students, if not all, are involved in extracurricular activities. Peer pressure is minimal, though there are the occasional situations in which peer pressure comes into play. As far as diversities, there are many and everyone at Navasota High School is very supportive.
There is a variety of extracurricular opportunities offered at Navasota High School. There are extracurricular opportunities for every character type, personality type, and interest type. There are opportunities for all students.
Navasota High School has done its best to create clubs and activities that will have an impact on the students' lives. Whether it be Prom, football games, soccer games, One Act plays, or library club, Navasota High School has done an exemplary job at providing a variety of clubs for students to join.
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