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I have spent my whole life at prep. 18 years to be exact. But I have spent the last 3 1/2 years for school based. I loved it, every day has only helped me more to better prepare myself for college. The best part was learning who I was, and that was being Native American. Throughout those years before Prep, I didn’t know my cultural side. When I came to Navajo Prep, that was one factor of choosing the school. Now that I’m in my last year of high school, I know more than I use to before. I know how to introduce myself in Navajo. I know the winter songs and the winter string games. I know what’s important and our morals, which will help me later in college when I need to reflect on my morals. I’m very great full for the opportunity Navajo Prep has offered me, and I will continue the teachings so our culture and Language does not die.
Academics is really good but I would love to see more parent involvement. I have recently been accepted into the International Baccalaureate Programme and I feel great. Navajo Prep is the only school that offers the IB Programme to Native American students, and it’s something to be proud to be part of. The school overall is very welcoming and challenging. Paying tuiton is 100% worth it. I feel like I am preparing for college and knowing what my expectations are. The school also hosts activities out of the classroom such as Mountain Day, Snow Day and Hozho Naasha Week; which teach students about Navajo culture and skills needed for life. I love how much teachers at the school are involved with students and help them in any way they can with education. Clubs are also a big part of Navajo Prep, there are so many different clubs to be involved in. Being a residential student on campus too, Residential Advisors(RA’s) are like second parents and the girls in the dorm become family.
This is the best school in the area. The system is professional and it has a wonderful community. Great balance between academics and extracurricular activities. This school is awesome and the better option.
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Its great. many food choices.
Staff work well to keep school controlled and maintained.
Facilities are well maintained and suit the students to their advantage. Great facilities and athletic scene.
Teachers do their job and they do it well. Most genuinely care about the students and it shows. They give their best effort and their intentions are with high interest of student favor.
The sports programs are great and opportunities of extracurricular activities are always presented. The staff is awesome. Administration support is high.
There are tons of clubs to choose from ranging from debate to Japanese club! there is quite a list, a little bit of something for everyone.
This school is very unique because it supports the needs to help students prepare them for college as well as the outside world of society. This school makes the classes very challenging for students with college related teaching and responsibilities that students will need to have after they graduate.
With what the school offers, its preparation for students that are going to college is very excellent since this school is a prepare for college school.
The social scene here on campus is bad. The people only talk to people if they know them and a lot of people are in their own little groups-cliques.
There is a little variety of sports here on campus-softball, baseball, soccer, and basketball.
Bullying is not tolerated here at our school. The dress code is a little sexist, there are items that male students can wear and the female students can not.
There are a lot of opportunities for students to make friends through the different clubs and organizations throughout campus. A lot of the students do commit to the clubs and organizations throughout the year.
Menu is very overall diverse
Very welcoming and have all the heath needs at this school as well as 24/7 security guard on the watch
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It has been the best 4 years of my life at this school
Better than the average school very clean and welcoming
High quality fields with extensive care all around the year
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