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NCHS has been a great place to learn and grow, and for the most part, they have fostered good things and created an environment where many students are successful. But I rated certain areas the way I did because there is a culture that surrounds are school where sports are held to a higher standard than the arts. It has always been a struggle to try and facilitate better etiquette in students for the theatre, and appreciation for art students as a whole. If our school were to encourage attendance to arts events as much as their sporting events, it could help further our arts programs tenfold. But otherwise, NC has been a wonderful place that fosters creativity and growth, it’s just not appreciated by many.
Natrona is the perfect school where everyone is welcome. Everyday at NCHS, the staff makes everyone feel excited to learn!
Excellent school with numerous great teachers. The students feel safe and know they are being well prepared for college. There are many different sports teams as well as activities where all students can get involved in helping their school become home. Teachers are there early and stay late to make sure the students can multiple opportunities to learn the material.
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In Natrona County High School we have many opportunities given to us that many other schools in Wyoming or even the US do not have. I personally partake in FFA and orchestra (violin). Through these we learn many things about the world, and this helps us be better prepared for the struggles ahead of us, as you can say, a tool in our tool belt. I believe we have many opportunities here, I wish there were more though and that more people would take advantage of the paths they can take. Some of the staff can be quite against student progressing but others completely support our development.
This school is great! Teachers care about your education and grades. The school has a program where you can take free college classes called BOCES. They give you lots of opportunities
Great experience, wonderful time learning and having fun. Not a single complaint to be had due to the excellent nature of the school.
Natrona County High School is very good educationally. It offers classes that are very interesting, and teachers make it enjoyable to learn. The one thing I dislike about that school is that athletes get away with a lot. They can get caught with alcohol or have bad grades, and still participate in sports. I suppose that’s why the sport teams are pretty good. Other than that Natrona County High School is a great school, and I’m sad to be leaving it this year.
I liked my high school, as it was a safe and comfortable place to go for a good education. Learning is highly valued in Wyoming and in my district, it is a priority that kids are given the best education possible. The teachers at my school are more than just teachers to their students; they are friends too. They put in as much effort into their jobs as they expect us to put into ours, which makes it so easy to stay motivated during the harder times (finals week, midterms, etc.). The staff at Natrona County High School not only have high expectations from their students, but they have them for themselves as well. The parts of high school that I loved so much were all because of the staff that worked so hard to make them wonderful. In relation to changes, I would like to see happen, I can't think of anything that I would want to change that could be possible unless the entire student body had changes in the heart.
The school was recently renovated and outfitted with the most up-to-date technology and safety features. The athletic teams are consistently ranking at the top of the state and region. There are a number of academic groups as well that consistently rank high and develop an incredible group of young people. It is one of only a few schools in Wyoming that offers the International Baccalaureate program.
My experience is that there is limited multicultural exposure due to its location, which I would pin as its biggest downside.
The things I like about Natrona County High School is how compassionate and caring the teachers are towards the students. You are able to create special bonds with your teachers and the friends you make, especially through the wide range of sports and clubs that are at Natrona County.
Many teachers at NC are good people who love teaching and are good at it. Though the leadership and some faculty as well as some teachers might need a new occupation seeing as they are grossly incompetent at the jobs they are to perform. That being said many teachers are at least decent at their jobs and are pleasing to talk to.
Natrona County High School has been a fantastic place to learn. The academic opportunities are exemplary and I have been able to form very positive relationships with my teachers.
I like the classes that were there. They had a lot of option but then again not that many compared to the bigger city schools.
Natrona County High School provides a unique experience for students who wish to become well rounded in many fields. They provide a variety of programs for whatever you wish to grow in. It provided me with the International Bachelorette program for furthering my intellectual capabilities as well as foreign language classes, sculpture, drawing, painting, sport options, speech and debate/ forensics, and much more.
Natrona is largely focused on academic achievement of all students and Natrona provides many different classes that you are able to take just for your personal liking. Natrona is flexible with schedules for example if you are working a job or want to switch classes they offer multiple options when and where you want to take that specific class. Natrona County High School offers a large assortments of classes associates with international baccalaureate programs and offers classes and chances to grasp at the Hathaway scholarship program. Natrona is also vividly focused of sports and this school takes pride in all sports but the most sport that brings in student and the community is football. Football is widely known across Casper, Wy to belong to Natrona Mustangs.
I liked the sports and the vocational classes. I feel as the the IB program was useless. I didn't feel it gave me a leg up for college. I got more use out of the BOCES classes that actually gave me dual credit.
The teachers cared about their students and helped them out as much as the student would ask them too. It was a fairly positive experience, but the swim team was my favorite. The coach was fantastic, and the actual experience was amazing. The only thing I wish would have happened was for highschool to be more challenging. Even with the advanced classes, I still felt as though high school was too easy. Then, going into college, I was not as successful as I could have been my first semester, because I had developed no study skills. I had never needed to in highschool.
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Overall it was an average school. A few teachers are very good at their job. Specifically the physics and trigonometry teachers. The shop classes were very fun as well. I didn't particularly enjoy much else at NCHS.
The teachers were there to help out as much as possible whenever I needed. The school made it very easy to take college courses.
I liked many things about Natrona County High School. I liked the commitment students had for it. It gave me many opportunities for colleges and for becoming a better person. I would like them to help prevent bullying, or at least recognize it better.
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