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It is a great charter school, but I would love to see them include different clubs so that every student can be active.
I have been going to Naf for 7 years and each year I learned something new. All my teachers worked hard to help me and they helped me with college applications and jobs and they taught me a great deal of work. The teachers are so nice and they respect you as long as you respect them. Naf have a lot of sports but sometimes it’s hard to get people to play or we don’t win every game but we stick together in our sports and support each other. The lunch is great sometimes but they don’t really give you what u want sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t look good but I judged based off how it looked till I actually tried it. We have a lot of big events but they can be taken away due to bad behavior of your class.
I have been at NAF since the 6th grade, i am now a junior. NAF is a great school if you're focused on your career. Some of the staff is focused on students and their safety others are focused on events and getting the school attention.
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It's a city school, there's not much to expect. I'm a part of the Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC) and the kids that gather there seem like geniuses compared to me, and its because of their schools. They have access so many resources that I don't have access to. It's unfair, I try to make do with what I have but i can only do so much. If NAF had AP math courses I'd be so far ahead, but they don't in fact it took nearly 2 months for NAF to get a Pre-Calc teacher. In previous years NAF has had teachers that students couldn't even understand, that being said the whole class suffered a loss because they didn't learn anything. My math SAT score is a 500, that is below the benchmark and it's that low because I haven't learned much math at NAF and it's disappointing .
They don't really expect a lot from others coming in and they don't necessarily care a lot about who comes in and out with drugs.
We don't really have a lot of extracurricular activities besides sports.
I actually enjoy the school and if I had a chance to I would do it all over again. I think the students and a few teachers are what makes the school unique.
I feel like the teachers at my school are very productive, creative, honest and trustworthy.
The most interesting extracurricular activities are the programs that they offer such as :Academy of finance, academy of engineering/IT ,academy of hospitality , and the academy of law . They offer great internship opportunities.
My high school experience was great . I was in the finance program and I was trained to become a bank teller. There is a MECU student branch inside the school where the finance students are required to work during lunch time . I also was a intern at Bank of America while I attended a program called Urban Alliance where I learned professionalism and other skills.
A few teachers at national academy foundation actually care about their students learning lessons effectively. Most teachers tend to only teach lessons good enough just for the students to pass but not to actually learn for real life experience or to get students ready for college. The communication is pretty good , the teachers inform their students about every two weeks. The students know exactly what they need to do to improve their grade and how their grades improved.
We have hall monitors but they don't really do anything
The only after school activities we have is sports.
Their aren't a lot of parents involved in the school.
Some of the teachers are great and can really teach. However many of them are scared of the students and cannot control them so the lessons are often disrupted. Other teacher want to be your friend and not actually teach. Also nothing is controlled because we get new staff every year and most of them do not make it the whole year.
My overall experience at this school been Okay. My favorite thing about this school is they have different academies .But my favorite experience is our senior inauguration. What makes this school unique is the academies .
Teachers are willing to take time out of there lunch breaks to help their students. They try their best to help every student with their different needs.
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Other than sports there really aren't any clubs.
There are lots of student players.
All of the staff and students are close.
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