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People are really nice here and the teachers are great. Homework is rough though. Other than that, I like it here.
Overall a good experience! But I will say if you aren't into sports or theater it is definitely tricky to find your people. Most teachers are helpful if you work hard and demonstrate that you care about their class. Additionally, is very little diversity at Natick High School which is very unfortunate.
I think that overall, Natick High School is a decent school. It's a very nice building with lots of classrooms and resources that make it easy to learn. I also like all of the clubs and activities that are offered at our school, and our school also has lots of spirit. So many of the teachers are also incredible and very understanding of their students' busy schedules. However, I think many things can be improved, such as the way that students treat both their peers and their teachers. Students can be very judgmental and disrespectful to others, and while not all the students in the school are like this, there is still a large number of them that act immaturely. I also think we need more diversity in our school, as well as better ways to deal with issues.
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Natick High School is overall amazing. Great teachers and great community. The sports program is very strong and extra curriculars have been over the top.
Great school and lots of technical programs. Pushes a SJW agenda too much. Many clubs. The school district has problems with disability rights.
Natick High School has been a place for me to make friends, get educated, and grow as a person. The teachers and staff are good at their jobs, and it shows. We are a community where students can learn and grow, as well as form their own opinions and identity.
I love being a student at Natick High School! Going into my Senior Year, I am sad half of my junior year was cut short. Although, the school spirit and culture is something I am very much looking forward to and can't wait to be back. The sports, environment, teachers and staff is something that radiates positivity each day and makes being in school less draining than it can be at times. I love the classes, wide variety of students and entertainment there is to offer.
I was easily able to find friends and connect with people who i had things in common with. Natick high school has great teachers, diverse student body, wonderful atmosphere, and a recently built up to date building. The students are very supportive of each other and the teachers help out the kids to the best of their ability in order for them to achieve great achievements and goals in life.
Natick High School is a very excellent public institution of education. I have gained a great deal of knowledge.
Great passionate helpful teachers! Great learning experience! Natick High School really does care about each of their students and want them to be the best versions of themselves.
Overall, I had a great experience at Natick High School! The school had access to lots of great resources and technology, especially lab equipment for science classes. I was able to take a biology class that did labs that are typically only offered in college settings, such as doing bacteria stains. One thing I wish Natick did a better job of would be connecting students with summer internships. Although the school offers an internship during the spring of one's senior year, it offered little connections for opportunities during the summer.
It is a very cliquey school, typical suburban upper-class children. The school administration is a bit of a mess, but they are improving every year. I've had all really amazing teachers and the best guidance counselor, but some of my friends do say that their experience has been slightly lacking.
There should be a stronger effort toward inclusion throughout the whole district. We need to be seeing more teachers who are people of color. There should be support systems put in place where POC can have a safe space. I understand that this happens with the METCO office, but there are also POC who aren't from Boston that need to be represented as well.
As a junior, now going into senior year, NHS has been quite the ride. It has its ups and downs, such as a vast range of academic courses and electives, teachers you’ll either see eye to eye with or won’t, good resources for help when needed, technology at your fingertips, many extracurriculars, good attendance turnout, nice facilities due to the newness of the building, but a considerably large lack of diversity in terms of ethnicity and race. It’s a nice experience and I hope that other kids my age will be able to feel the same. The administration and staff have done well with handling conflicts and the occurrence of drugs/smoking due to the drug epidemic in the US. They’ve worked hard to test what works and what doesn’t work (and take criticism kindly) to ensure that students are safe and happy. It’s a good environment overall with outstanding inclusivity. The diversity of kids here leave no one left behind. Lastly, bullying is not tolerated and is taken very seriously.
Natick High School is a school with a good atmosphere. The campus is large with a lot of good teachers. The school has a lot of facilities for exercise and sports. The academic programs are pretty good as well with the exceptions of a few teachers, I've gotten a good education and made a lot of friends. The people at Natick are compassionate and there is a lot of programs for mental health. The staff genuinely care about their students.
Natick High School (NHS) is a wonderful high school to attend. There is a diverse group of students. In fact, NHS takes in a group of international students from China every year.
I though that the teaching enviorment in most classrooms were great, besides the math classrooms. The math classes aren't taught well and students tend to have some difficulty.
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I graduated a couple years ago from Natick High. Overall a good experience. Could have done a better job preparing for college, future, etc.
Natick High School is a safe and diverse community with an ample amount of opportunity open to all students. Throughout my time there, I have seen so many students go out of their comfort zone and try new things. The teachers and administration are very helpful and accommodating to your life and they will be happy to help students if needed. In addition, there are different level classes for every student and it is very easy to move in and out of classes if need be. Aside from the academics, Natick High School holds fun events for students and families for people to connect and have a fun time. In addition, the school athletics are amazing. The games are another school event that are fun to go watch and support your fellow students. In conclusion, Natick High School is a safe learning environment with ample opportunities and lots of fun!
This school, while having excellent academics and facilities, has terrible student life. Many students are neglected, and there is little support for mental health. The school pushes college and high-level classes while not caring about the wellbeing of the students.
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