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Overall, Nashoba prepares students for college with rigorous course loads and great staff members. I have enjoyed my years at Nashoba and look forward to me last one.
The superintendent of the school shows an uncaring voice in relation to the students. However, the school is an overall good place to be with caring teachers and kind students.
Wonderful community with caring teachers. A challenging curriculum that prepares students well for college and beyond. The building itself could use improvement but I believe there are plans in the works.
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Great teachers, lots of high level tough classes if you choose to take them, building could use a redo especially locker rooms and bathrooms
I really liked several of the teachers I had in the school; however, it seemed like there was only 1-2 teachers per department that knew what they were doing/were competent. I really liked the opportunities I had but I wished there was more diversity. As one staff member said the school "is like a loaf of wonder bread with some raisins in it."
The school has a very nice climate in terms of its students and teachers. The environment is very accepting of everyone. The teachers seem well qualified and are very good at their jobs. We did recently have a small scandal with one of our teachers but they have been fired. The school does need renovations however it does not seem to have the funds for that.
Nashoba Regional High School has given me a lot of opportunities that I didn't even know I was going to get. All of the activities that I have been involved in really shaped me, even without my knowledge. Through my participation in band and choir, I learned the importance of patience and listening. Through my participation in the swim and dive team, I learned the importance of dedication and practice. Through my participation in the robotics team, I learned the importance of teamwork and creativity. Everything I have done, or will do in high school has taught me so much about what I want to do and who I want to be in my future. While some teachers are a hit or miss, most have inspired me and helped me figure out what I want to do once I leave the safety of my town.
Overall a good experience. Main focus on STEM and athletics. Very little diversity. The administration and the guidance departments are poor.
As a senior at Nashoba the school has gone down over the years I’ve been here. The sports and arts program is the best part of Nashoba and I can truly say my sport teams are my family. These families I gained as a freshman helped ease me into my high school experience, and many feel the same. Although a lot of funding is put into the sports, I believe the money pays off because we have amazing athletic teams. Not only are the athletic teams great but so are the arts here at Nashoba. The arts program at Nashoba has helped me realize my passion for art. I’m going to art college and the art department at Nashoba has helped me so much to be prepared on going. I have learned so much from the art classes here. Nashoba choirs also allowed me to rekindle my love for music by joining an in school choirs.
I have always been challenged by the high level academics classes. The teachers are usually very kind and supportive of the students. The administration has had some issues in the past years which can come across confusing to the students. Overall I really love it here and I love being a part of their music department.
Nashoba is a solid MA HS. Would like to see the building upgraded at some point. Two of my kids will graduate this year from NRHS and I feel that both of my kids are ready for college
Overall, Nashoba is filled with teachers who want to see their students succeed. They are available after school for extra help, or can find a time in school if your schedule is too busy. Our sense of school pride is demonstrated through the support for our sports teams, our involvement in Best Buddies and a variety of clubs and organizations. For example, our strong representation at DECA competitions, robotics club and regional student council conferences show our school's strength in various ways. If I could change one thing about Nashoba, I wish our school would recognize current events that are affecting the world that we live in. However, ultimately Nashoba Regional High School supports a positive environment for learning and community bonding.
I love this school so much! First of all, we used to live in the town called Leominster, and I didn’t like the school and people at all because I was bullied by the people in that school because I couldn’t speak English and my brother went to elementary school which called fall Brook and he got punched at his arm from his friends and the teachers didn’t even call us which is bad. So my parents decided to buy a house in another town which is right next to Leominster. This town is called Lancaster. The house in Lancaster of course it’s more expensive than in Leominster. I already knew someone there already because they all work at the golf course which is where I work so. The teachers there were so great and really nice. Especially the ELL teacher. The people were very nice too. I love my school so much. Our football team got a state championship last year so I’m really proud.
Lots of opportunity if you take advantage of them but it hard to find out about what is available if you are not already "in the know".
Nashoba provided me with a fantastic education and prepared me well for college level coursework. The facilities were well kept and up to date.
I feel Nashoba does a good job of catering to the academically successful students. However, the students who need support and guidance aren't always given what they need by members of teaching, guidance, and administrative staff. Not sure if this speaks to the faculty themselves or the instruction they've received about learning disabilities
Overall the school has one of the better education programs in the area and is known for an outstanding math program, which is very apparent in the number of students entering Honors and AP classes. The faculty is outstanding, from the art department to the history department, every teacher shines. Shout out to Mrs. French, Mrs. Mutti, Mrs. D'Entremont, Mrs. Clark, Griff, and Dr. Murphy. By far the most memorable teachers throughout high school and the ones who prepped me the most for college. All I remember are all the laughs, it made coming to school, something to look forward to.
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Nashoba has really good academics, athletics, music department, and offers many clubs. The building needs to be improved as it is very old and not very clean.
Nashoba has great teachers and an amazing education in the state of Massachusetts. I dislike the protective environment they place on us as well as the way the students acts towards each other in the school.
It’s a great community a ton of school spirit and really caring teachers. The building needs a little renovating but it is overall a safe environment.
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