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Naperville North High School Reviews

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The teachers and atmosphere of the school was amazing. I met so many people and friends. Food was decent and the courtyard was wonderful.
While I had a lot of opportunities and moments within those halls, there's always a looming pressure to do the best academically. That is incredibly important for those continuing their education through college, however not so much that students had moments where they think they're not good enough for college. If the school can find a way to balance school work and mental health, then it would be a step in the right direction.
Other than that, my time was decent, and I was able to be involved in many activities that suited my many interests. Sometimes it's best to learn outside the classroom, and you have many opportunities to do so.
I liked that not only did you have your teachers to ask for help. Your team was also a good resource. I have become very close with my social worker and other school employees that I feel other schools would not have even introduced me to.
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Fantastic teachers. Prepares you well for college with a high rigor. It has an atmosphere of high achievement and you won't feel a part of the school unless you do well.
Naperville North is an amazing high school that has many opportunities to offer its students. It is ranked very highly for its academics and athletics, and does everything in its power to make sure students will succeed. The school environment itself is very competitive, sometimes too much so. However, they have many fun traditions for the students that set it apart from other schools in the district (ex: Airband, senior assassins etc)
Naperville North is a school that doesn't truly care about their students well-being. They need to improve their mental health resources since they are not helpful or welcoming to students. Their academics are great, but they social aspect could easily be improved. This school prepares people well for college. The school is in a fairly safe area, but the doors to the school are easy to sneak in and out of.
The academics are strong here, and there are many different extracurricular opportunities for students.
Naperville North is a fairly good school. Although you can constantly hear students and teachers alike singing its praise, I do not believe its education is anything more than average. Despire the school having won multiple awards, when I transfered here my junior year, I found myself ahead of my peers in every single one of my classes without the ability to make accomodations for actual learning. The students don't really seem to take any of our classes seriously because weughted classes won't really damage your GPA no matter what. Nearly 1/3 of each graduating class has had a 4.0 or above every semester of high school--and if that doesn't say something about the skewed grading and excellence inflation, I don't know what will.
I think, in general, if you do not have a point of comparisson, North is a good school--I have no major complaints--but it's not nearly as competent or amazing as many make it seem. Beautiful campus and nice people.
Naperville North is a well-rounded high school that takes pride in its students and provides the students with multiple opportunities to succeed
im a freshmen and its actually really fun here! the teachers are super welcoming and kind and also helpful! there are SO many different extra classes like culinary, art, fine arts, animal companions, intro to business, etc. also there are over 100 clubs and so many different athletics. the inside of the building is always super clean and the colors coordinate perfectly. all of the teachers actually know what they are talking about, and actually want to form bonds and relationships with their students. the learning commons is so pretty and such a fun place to sit and eat with friends! also link lunch helps prepare you for life after highschool, and helps you get to know you're counselor and older students. its really a great school and they really do care. GO HUSKIES!
An all around great school! The building is nice and clean, and most of the teachers do a good job! There are a large range of activities and sports for everyone, and the environment is super welcoming! Although some teachers do not do the best at their job, the resources to do well and prepare for college are present and easy to find.
this place was absolutely terrible. do not send your kids here, it's riddled with drugs and staff who don't care about the students. save your kids the trouble and send them literally anywhere else.
My overall experience with Naperville North High School has been pretty positive; nothing is lacking in resources or extracurriculars. Most of the teachers are good, and the academics are great. It's a very large school, so sufficient classes are available in nearly all areas.
This school has an abundance of resources, especially in science and arts classes. Students with a variety of interests can find classes, extracurriculars, and other activities to fulfill these interests. Going to North made the transition to college feel seamless.
I have had a great experience during my time at Naperville North with athletics and the student body. The academics have challenged me and made me a better student. Also, I have developed relationships with several coaches and teachers that will last past college. I think Naperville North has set me up well for future success during and after college.
The quality of content was good, teachers usually knew what they were talking about, and there was a large variety of activities to choose from.
At Naperville North, you have so many opportunities available to you, but as with anything, you need to put in the effort to get anything out of it. This is true whether you join one of our well-organized athletic teams, or one of our nerdy teams like Robotics. (I highly recommend joining Huskie Robotics)
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I like the building. The food was tolerable. The teachers generally did their jobs. The building could use better circulation, some rooms were always freezing. The cafeterias are weirdly separated but it works out.
Even though adults tell me that you meet your best friends in college, I truly feel that I have made many life long connections and I can not wait to live my life to the fullest thanks to how well I was prepared, coming out of Naperville North.
I feel that Naperville North has really prepared me for college. The academic side of North is very strong, but the diversity is lacking and the standards/expectations teachers hold are almost too high.
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