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The school is very involved in their student's journey's and its very apparent that they care about the well-being of the kids.
There is no other place I would rather be than Naperville North High School. From upper administration to lunch staff, everyone there cares so much about the future and well being of their students. Although a rather large student body, it never feels like it is too much for the school to handle. The school is extremely gifted in the resources they offer their students in every aspect of their educational career. I am definitely lucky to attend such a school!
Naperville North is a very inclusive school. Teachers are always very helpful and allow many questions to be asked. Additionally, a very large variety of classes are offered, including advanced ones. If I could see anything changed, I would want them to focus more on college preparation with students throughout all 4 years.
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Naperville North provided me with an education that has led me to pursue a 4-year college. I have been given resources and the knowledge to apply to where I want and now I can make my own decisions. The staff; counselors and teachers, here are so helpful and when you reach out to the right people, they always give great advice. I think the administration could be a little less intimidating, but overall the environment is great, and as a transfer student I found it very easy to make friends. I think that if you apply yourself here and make good decisions, you can do well, and earn good grades. By going to NNHS I have experienced many new things, seen many different cultures, and have been exposed to the world in a new way, and I am now ready for college. I am thankful for the experiences that north has given me.
Naperville North is a great school! The majority of teachers are amazing and super helpful and its easy to get involved and meet new people!
I liked majority of my teachers and the staff at NNHS. The reason I give the school a three (3) is because I had very serious issues with my 504. I had several teachers and administration staff refuse to follow my 504-plan and try to take it away several times.
I would like to see more education concerning the racial discrimination that goes on in the country and town I grew up in. I want to see more minority faculty and teachers in the school. I want to know why the school and town is so wealthy and how it was built on the backs of immigrants and BIPOC. The school system I grew up in was racist and want them to implement changes to curve the narrative.
The school is very clean and runs smoothly and the teachers are generally very great. I feel like the school has some issues with addressing mental health as there have been multiple suicides in recent years. That is really the only downside it is a very good school!
The school provided ample opportunities to get involved in clubs/activities, sports and resources for your college planning. I have always been challenged in my schoolwork and know that NNHS is a great educational institute.
Naperville North provides students with a rich academic and social atmosphere. The teachers deeply care for their students (of course there are some exceptions), and they genuinely want their students to succeed. However, the sheer competitiveness can be daunting, and many students are oblivious to real-world struggles; they remain in their "Naperville Bubble." There is diversity, but like many high schools, students here seem to self-segregate. There are certain stigmas around clubs, for example, the Show Quire kids are often characterized to be loud and annoying, while those in any LGBTQ clubs are seen as jokes. Students tend to forget that high school is only temporary.
My school is full of opportunities. The teachers are absolutely amazing and helpful! Here they really give you the chance to broaden your horizons. The amount of effort that is being put into helping the students prepare for college is phenomenal.
My experience with Naperville North High School was pretty good. I had friends, stayed out of trouble, and had a good time.
The beginning was rough but I appreciated how much we grew as a community. I like the activities, but I feel they have a long way to come in terms of equality and education of typically untold topics.
As an incoming senior, I had a great experience at North! Almost all of my teachers cared about their students and had a great classroom, and I enjoyed the extra dances and activities that the school took the time to plan. Most of the administration truly cares about the students there, and the environment is great.
I love how Naperville North has something for every type of student. There is an unlimited amount of clubs, activities and extracurricular events that fit any student. There is always a place for everyone there and that goes to show the diversity and opportunities that NNHS has. I would like to see more opportunities for student involvement, like volunteering and initiation.
For many, four years sounds as though it would be a long time; however, for me it was a time period I would do anything to get back. For starters, the teachers were so caring and did more than teach their students the curriculum. They taught us how to be members of society and that we mattered. Besides the academic portion, North was a place that took a great deal of pride in their accomplishments. If one were to hear about us it could be as a result of our music program, sports, clubs or even academics. This was a high school that never failed to amaze! With this being said, there were many complications and moments that this school would be found in the news as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Now, there is not one person to blame; however, it would be unfortunate to hear and see consistently throughout the media.
If I could I would rate it 4.5/5 but its closer to 5 then 4 stars. Overall it's a really good school and there is a tremendous amount of effort put in to give a positive experience to the students. The only thing it heavily lacks is the presentation for the clubs and sports. Unless you know before coming to North what sports or clubs you want to do, it can be kind of hard to find cool clubs or sports. There are a few you can find through announcements but there is no one general area for finding interesting after school activities. It is a really good school though and there are a lot of awesome teachers and counselors to make your experience in highschool as good as it can be.
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Love the school, it is a part of me from now on wherever I go, and it will continue to be a part of me for the rest of my life. Go Huskies!
Some teachers are very nice and caring about sending their students to college and want them to succeed
Good school. It is located in a nice town. Great fine arts department, along with excellence in many sports.
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