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Nanih Waiya Attendance Center Reviews

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Nanih Waiya is a great school to attend and a awesome community to live in. I am a graduate from NW and then my oldest is about to graduate in May. There is really no way to describe our school and our community.
The teachers are spectacular! Wonderful school and atmosphere. I would highly suggest this school to anyone! Amazing students and extra curricular activities!
Bullying and all of the other things listed are great.
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Most of the food we have is healthy. The food options are okay. I wish we had more to choose from, then just the basics. The snacks are healthy and great. I love them.
This school is really great. We may be laid-back, but we learn a lot things. I would want to do this school again, if I had the choice.
Most of the students follows the dress code, some don't. The guidance counselors are great. When you need help they're there for you. The principal does a great job! If he sees anyone out of line or doesn't follow the dress code, he fixes it. The attendance is great. You have a few kids who don't show up for class, but most of the students are here.
Some teachers teach like they don't know anything. Some teachers know what they're doing and know how to teach. They talk about anything. Anything that pops in their head , they're going to talk about it. The quality of the teachers are okay.
Our team performance is great. Our football team has won most of their games and the basketball team (girls) has won most of their games. There really isn't anything to get involved in. We have a few clubs you can get into. I'm an FFA member . THe school spirit is okay to.
Need new gym and a slightly bigger parking lot. overall there are no college prep courses.
Its diverse in some ways but most people grew up in the area all their life.
Some teachers are willing to help teach you, most are concerned with gossip and sleeping around with other teachers and students. So learning is therefore hurt in some subjects. Subjects that are state tested are more pressured to learn things. Baseball state champs 3 years in a row, good in sports.
Most activities include sports or after school tutoring.
I feel as if my school did not prepare me for college very well at all. In most classes, students are given busy work unless its to prepare one for state tests.
We do not have safety issues at NW. We have had a couple of fights the past few years, but administration takes care of those very quickly. We do not have a health program or school nurse.
The food is okay. It's cafeteria food so it's not like a homecooked meal. They do offer healthy choices.
We have exceptional teachers who bring out the best in all students. We are offered a variety of classes from labor skills to AP classes. AP classes are limited as we must attend another high school for several class periods a day to take these classes.
I love my school. The teachers and counselor truly care about the students. It's a very small school so everybody knows everything about you, but that's okay because we are more like a family than classmates and teachers. Everyone has a chance to be involved in a variety of sports and clubs. I definately would choose to attend NW again.
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