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Overall, Nampa High School is a good school. There are many opportunities to start a career early on with the CTE program. Most of the teachers are well versed in their subject, although some could use some help. Some teachers have a talent of connecting with the students. Our College Readiness programs are spectacular!
What i liked about NHS is that the campus is very spread out and the buildings are separated so it feels like a college campus. another thing that i like is that it is very cultural and diverse, there are people from numerous different background.
My entire high school career has been spent at Nampa Senior High School and I would like to say I have enjoyed it. I've made great friends over the years and I've become very close with many of the people I am happy to call my teachers. I feel as if I am very prepared for my future. There is a lot of school pride at my school and I think my school is very diverse. I feel as if there is a little bit of everything here at my school. I am also a part of that diversity because I am gay. I've learned to love myself and be genuine with others here. I also feel that there isn't very many people that can say that. High school is a weird place where everyone tries to fit in so I think that's what I want to see change here at my school. I want people to be able to be themselves and do what they want to do. Not what their friends are doing or what their parents tell them to do. We as a people should celebrate each others successes and differences.
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I only went here my senior year but some of the experiences I had with teachers were poor. I didn't feel I got as much help as I truly needed, but I still got by with pretty good grades. The buildings themselves are very outdated.
Nampa senior high school is a very welcoming school with a lot of activities and student interactions. However, due to lack of funding and budgeting there are not a lot of resources for students to use and many resources are outdated. Some of the teachers were great and dedicated to their work. Other teachers came across like they didn't want to be there and like they had better things they could be doing.
I enjoy the community overall. The bond between all of the students is a great feeling. We all get super hyped for our spirit comps and football games. One thing I would like to see is a step-up in the education curriculum within the school. There’s some teachers where they don’t really care about if you learn or not, and there’s some teachers where they’re very restricted in what they can teach so it’s hard for us as students to learn properly.
Nampa High School has an excellent blend of cultures. There is a variety of clubs and activities available for students to join. There is issues with some of the teachers not putting effort into teaching their students. I would recommend having the curriculum and teaching plan changed regarding what some of the teachers are teaching. Academic wise, not very many kids are motivated to succeed and put an effort into school. That being said, for the kids who work hard and want to succeed in school, various AP and CP classes are offered. The school has excellent school spirit, and that is reflected at school assemblies and athletic events.
I love the school spirit of Nampa high it is absolutely wonderful and unified! However, at times the teachers are lacking the same enthusiasm to teach.
A lot of the teachers were very young and close to the students age, which caused a lot of them to still act like high schoolers rather then teachers.
Had great support of the teachers with feedback when approaching for assistance. Time was available for tutoring assistance with all classes
The education you'll recieve there is average. Its not amazingly superb but it also isnt bad. The kids there can be rude. But the administration is usually good about handeling thoss situatuions.
Nampa high school has a nice open campus where you have to walk to separate buildings. Not only will it prepare you for college but it allows you to get fresh air every hour!
I love how, as far as Idaho goes, this school has a very inclusive community that is likely to abstain from bigoted slurs.
Nampa High School is a school full of culture and spirit. It's a school that has been around for generations and holds a place dear to the communities heart. The open campus is wonderful and the people encountered at this school are incredible. Upon graduating top of my class, I am still very unprepared for college. I am caught catching up to my peers and struggling in classes. Academics are very poor and they do not prepare their students for college or the real world.
The school was okay although it would benefit from the counselors being more experienced in getting their seniors ready for college and offering all the resources needed to know. The food definitely needs a lot of work but they can not complain students buying food of campus if the food at school is so bad. The teachers are okay but need to be more involved with their students at least when I was there.
My experience at Nampa High has been better than most. I have met amazing friends and have had great teachers. Like most schools, however, there is an issue with inappropriate misconduct, an example of this being a scandal involving most of the sophmore class of this year. If there were one thing I could change it would be to give the arts program more attention to which they deserve. Nampa has two prides, the football team and the marching band. While receiving funding is almost impossible for Nampa high at the district level, they get the most fundraising money because they get more attention. Even other sports are not as advertised but the arts programs are especially neglected. This is a little frustrated when you've been in choir for 4 years and the pianos don't get tuned for years.
My experience was generally good. One thing that Nampa Senior High School has that is a pro is its assemblies that help join all grades together. There is a sense of unity, but there are also MANY flaws in this school.
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This school offers multiple clubs and activities. I was very involved within the school which made my experience enjoyable. Nampa Senior High School has great school spirit and gives you the true high school experience.
There's a lot of potential and opportunities associated with my high school, but you have to be very diligent to seek everything out. It isn't easy to succeed here unless you fight for it.
Nampa is a great school to be at. Everyone is so nice and friendly. We may not be good at sports but we always have great school spirit and pride and cheer on our teams.
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