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N. Judson-San Pierre Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The students and teachers are extremely friendly and helpful. The building has a very clean and safe environment. There are excellent sport teams of all sort to try out for. Go Bluejays!!!
I love this place! All of my peers are very kind. The teachers, staff and coaches want the very best for everyone. They have a great sports program, and academic program. They have many opportunities for everyone to get the best support for anything that a student needs.
I like the education I have had.Some of the teachers are great at their job and really push their students to succeed.Some improvements could be the lack of concern for bullying and violations acted upon.
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I have learned a lot from North Judson. I have not enjoyed every minute of high school due to things like unprofessional teachers or the lack of discipline within the school, but a majority of the time I’ve spent at North Judson-San Pierre High School has been full of laughs, smiles, and good times with my friends.
North Judson-San Pierre High School is a great place if you love a small town feel. We are a close net community with tons of school spirit. The class size is great, our teachers are always willing to go the extra mile.

The one draw back is that being small, there is not a lot of money in our budget. That does limit the athletic program as well as classes offered beyond the common core.
I like that most everyone know each other in the small community. I like the smaller school system. The help I receive from the teachers is also pretty awesome.
The school allows bullying and nothing is done. Students are not taught enough for preparation for college. Student's share text books because of lack of funding.
It's a small school. With what it has as resources, it is standing pretty well. I would love to see more opportunities and openings for colleges and schools out of the town and surrounding schools
I have had a relatively pleasant time attending this school, but there are a few changes I would make. The largest concern of mine is the integration of the middle schoolers into the high school. I feel that this will be an action of extreme consequence.
I have enjoyed my time at this high school. We have a fun, successful environment, that we are all proud of. I wish the middle school hadn't joined the high school. I hope to see the definition of high school and middle school be defined.
This school is unique because it does the best it can to improve student grades, test scores, and overall student moral. I would go back for the people and coaches i have met over these 4 years and the great experiences i have had with them. I also would go back to have my teachers in class again.
The teachers at my school are good people that care about students and encourage the best effort out of everyone.
I really liked that all the teacher there at North Judson was there to help me when I asked for it. My class was a very close class and helped others when in need. The athletics were very competitive and the teams were very close.
I don't feel like high school really prepares you for college and the "real world" like everyone says. I will probably realize that it is actually true in the long run. The teachers are helpful and nice!
The teachers are very helpful and great to work with. Many different teachers are there to help with homework or anything you need help with.
They do a great job at keeping us safe at my school. There is a school nurse and we also have a personal trainer for athletics. Everyone feels safe and we all get along quite well. We recently had a bomb threat written in the bathroom and the school took every precaution possible to make sure it was safe for us in the morning. I feel completely safe at my school.
The policies at my school are pretty strict. We cant wear holey jeans or tank tops. We can only have backpacks in gym otherwise they are supposed to be in our lockers. We are allowed to have our phones out during passing periods and at the teachers discretion. The other policies are your normal standard policies.
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We have multiple clubs at my school. There is a theatre arts club and they do a great job with plays and acting. Just about everyone in our school does at least one sport. Sports are a big part of our school and community.
Our school is great! I love the school spirit and the emphasis on our athletic programs. Its fun to have all those people cheering for you when your out on the field or cheering for everyone else when there doing a sport. Academically, I love how everything has gone as well. My school offers many classes to fit what you want to do later in life. I love my school.
We have a vast majority of very knowledgeable teachers. Some of them don't use there knowledge to its fullest potential but for the most part the teachers here know the material they are teaching us. The teachers here are very interested in the students whether it be academically or how they are doing athletically or emotionally. Overall our teaching staff is satisfactory
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