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It'd a great place to be, the teachers are there trying their best as well as the school as a whole that prepares you for what next steps you might take.
As a student in Myers Park IB the courses are quality and include many of the most engaging teachers, but also has its fair share of infamous and disliked teachers. The academic atmosphere among the IB kids has a bad habit of comparing who has it worse workload-wise and much bonding happens through commiseration. The general school atmosphere is very friendly, and staff are eager to help students who speak up. Students who don't seek out help however, will easily fall through the cracks. The theater program is incredibly dedicated and passionate, putting on two large hit shows a year and several smaller performances. The chorus program is a wonderful experience for students who are already talented singers, and caters strongly towards their development. Clubs are many and varied, most all of them student run, with very little teacher input. There is a clear divide in the quality of old and new buildings, and many mobile classrooms. Overall a very good school with a beautiful campus.
First year at Myers Park. Child treated poorly by staff, no support for disabilities, discrimination by administrators, bullying ignored when reported. Generally unsafe environments
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As a student, I remember how my teachers were intentional about creating long term
relationships with the students and placing the the students in positions of leadership. We were always encouraged to walk in high levels of innovation and critical thinking.
A lot of teachers care and will help you to succeed other faculty that do not instruct teaching are trash and the dean of students is a waste of Tex money
Myers Park high school offers a diverse high school experience. The school is diverse in both students and educational opportunities, with numerous IB and AP as well as Honors class opportunities. You will never find a school with as supportive and dedicated staff as Myers Park. There are too many clubs to count, so whatever your interests are, there’s a place for you at Myers Park. There's not much more I would ask for from the school, however the on-campus parking situation leaves some students frustrated.
Overall, I had a positive experience at Myers Park. Most of my teachers were good and they liked what they were doing. There are too many kids at the school, and as a result, I think things slip through the cracks.
I enrolled into Myers Park my sophomore year of high school after moving to North Carolina from Florida. MY first impression of the school was that it was very big, much bigger than my previous high school. The administration at Myers Park is average, half of them are volunteers and most of the counselors have so many student they are in charge of that it takes a while for them to respond to emails and book appointments for class registration. They mainly focus on seniors and getting them ready for college, which, as a senior, is very helpful. Myers Park really let students know the many opportunities they have to prepare for college, offering community college classes and IB and AP programs as well. There are many clubs and sports for students to choose from and if students are not able to find one that fits, the school gives them an opportunity to create their own. Overall, Myers Park is a very good school, but the older buildings do need to be renovated for safety reasons.
During my time at Myers Park I really liked the courses offered that was comparable to my courses for college. I liked that the campus was like a college campus and also prepared us to deal with that dynamic. The only thing I did not like was the ease in which the students would engage in divisive behavior and how no integration was encouraged, even though the school was one of the most diverse schools in the county.
Myers Park severely lacks in diversity in the higher level classes. However, academics are very strong and administration works hard to make the school a better place. There is a lot of school spirit and everyone is involved in something.
I have been going to myres park high school for 2 years and I have had a great experience. the school is very diverted and I feel like everyone has a place at myres park high school . they have many clubs and are open to open any new club if a group would like to do so . there athletics teams are great and that’s what myres park is greatly know for not just because the teams are good but because they have made the park their own !! thats a saying at myres park to “ make the park your own “ it’s inspiring and great for the students because it gives up hope for new opportunities. I would recommend this school to everyone in Charlotte no only because of the team work but because it brings new opportunities we have classes that no other high school in Charlotte has , auto machine classes , garden and steam classes we also offer AP and IB classes and and opportunity to to classes on CPCC campus
It is a good school community, but if you don't fit into a group, then you are left as the odd man out.
Myers Park is a massive school, with a sprawling campus. It's hard to feel like an individual. It's a coin toss as to whether or not you'll get a good teacher most of the time.
It is a school that aims in providing quality education to its students. It doesn't stop there. Just providing you with good schooling is one part of the picture. They want you to be able to actually enjoy the time you spend at school. They want the students to be able to evolve and express themselves. Clubs, meeting, sports are some of the few ways that the school want students to be able to feel free to be themselves. In one of my glasses, some of the students weren't able to afford glasses. The teacher noticed that and announced that if anyone wanted help to get glasses they should contact her. A few days lates some of the students that it was obvous they struggled now had glasses.
At Myers Park, I have had great teachers and solid support from the administratin. The campus is beautiful, but it gets really muddy when it rains.
My experience at Myers Park High School wasn't very good. The teachers were average and the diversity was very low and since it is a very big campus, the security should be higher.
Myers Park is like a small college campus. Everyone can find their place here with various clubs, sports and activities. They have top qualified teachers and support staff here and it is an overall fun place to learn.
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The school has all the classes a student could want to take. They also bring all the major colleges to the school for students to access. They have so many clubs and activities. My daughter is a dancer and they even have a full dance company.
I loved the Culture! I loved playing 4 years of both football & lacrosse. I loved the accessibility I had to all my teachers.
Myers Park is great and awesome its very open and invites everyone, the only thing I would change is the diversity overall it just needs to be a little bit more diverse. Currently I play a sport and I absolutely love it . Everyone is so friendly and kind. I am also an ambassador so I love making new students feel welcomed and feel like they need to be apart of this school. Everyone also tries to make sure you feel comfortable with your classes and with your teachers so that you can get the best education you need and want for yourself.
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