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Its pretty good to be there with the people you can become friends with. Some of the teachers there are good teachers to be in a class with.
It’s only average because some aspects are very good and others... not so much. Muskegon High school will do just about anything for their students to succeed. They have a plethora of resources and programs that you can go into to get ahead and start what you want to do. However most of those programs act as your incentive to stay in high school. The CTC program, the Duel-Enrollment program, and the Early College program are all programs where you take classes outside of the high school. This is because the high school itself isn’t that great. On average, the students just don’t care about school and the teachers can’t deal with the students. It feels suffocating. I love my high school, but it’s hard to want to succeed and do your best when the environment you’re in is so toxic. I’m glad for the staff, supportive teachers, and these programs, because otherwise it would have been awful.
I just moved to this school and the people are pretty nice. The staff can sometimes be a tad bit rude and off putting. I feel like I'm doing well in this environment. This school has one of the best football teams in the state which I am proud of.
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At Muskegon high school, anybody who graduated from there is proud to be an alumni. By getting this scholarship, I am able to go to college being a proud alumni from Muskegon high school with my books paid for!
The teachers of this school are very patient and try their very best to ensure that students succeed. Due to the school's very diverse pool of students, one can have a very easy time in finding friends. One thing I would like to change is the lack of resources; a student cannot "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" if they do not have boots.
great teachers, theatre and band programs are excellent but deserve much more funding. all students have an amazing school spirit, and make spirit weeks so much fun!
I love the environment. I feel like I'm always loved and supported when I'm walking around. The teachers help you understand work if you don't understand it. Students support everyone and every sport with a big student section. The school is just very warm welcoming.
Muskegon High School is a Home. It carries so much tradition from the early 1800's til now! I'm so happy I chose to attend Muskegon High School through the last 4 years of my grade schooling. The teachers really strive to help you to be successful which is a very good thing. We build bonds with our teachers and we feel like we are at home when in their classrooms.
I enjoyed my experience at Muskegon High School. Something that made Muskegon High School special is their sports programs. Muskegon's football and basketball team brings lots of pride to the school. Another thing I enjoyed during my experience is being in band. Muskegon has a very involved and dedicated band program. I have been a part of it all four of my years attending Muskegon High School. When it comes to sports and clubs, Muskegon is a great school to attend. They give students lots of opportunities in following their dreams, and taking their hobbies to a college level. I wouldn't trade my experience at Muskegon High School for anything.
What I enjoyed about going to Muskegon High School is the school spirit they show with sports, academics, and etc. Another thing is the teachers, they are the ones staying after school to help with students that do not understand the material being taught in class thoroughly.
Although there have been many necessary updates to the school recently as in technology, grounds work and text books, there are still major problems in discipline and how teachers are treated.
Muskegon is a district full of man different cultures and beliefs however we all come together as a very supportive school district. All of the staff and faculty clearly show that they want to at the high school to help us prepare for college and life after high school as well as during high school
I was able to be myself at Muskegon. I never really feel judged when I go to school. I have great friends and teachers who you can tell really care about their students. Our school officials love to see growth in us as students and in our school. I am very happy that I choose to switch districts and go to Muskegon, it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.
I didn’t start my freshman year at Muskegon High School, so I thought it would be scary surrounding myself with a new environment. The things I heard about the area was petty negative. Most outsider downsized the school, the instructors, and the students. When I attended my first day I realized that all the gossip was untrue. I was given a friendly tour around the school. As I walked into class I was greeted by the entire class and the teacher. I felt more welcomed there than I did at any other school I’ve attended. As the year went on I realized that the teacher gave up an incredible amount of time, before and after school, making sure that students were understanding the concept throughout the whole week. The school it’s self hold so much history and lots of different sceneries. Muskegon has a family like environment that anyone no matter who you would enjoy because of its people, pride, and education.
I liked how the teachers at the school where very help especially when I had questions and help a lot after school. Most teacher got rid of behavior issues fast so student could still learn. Also I appreciated how all sports where cared for and helped out.
What I loved the most about Muskegon high was their diversity. When you enter the halls of any Muskegon public school, you encounter various groups from different ethnicities and backgrounds. For the most part, we are all one huge family since we all have similar aspects of our life in common. We all come from humble beginnings, we all aspire to become some thing greater in life which in the process makes our city proud,and finally we will always be big reds.
I enjoyed attending this high school. There was something for everyone here; if there wasn't, it was created, and the staff would back you up 100%.
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One thing I liked about Muskegon High is the sports. The sports at this school prepared students for the future and or prepare them for the sport at the next level.
Muskegon High School has high achieving students and athletes. We have one of the most winning-est football programs. All of the educators are great, and believe in making all of our students college ready. We have a lot of programs to help keep students on track, and the environment is learning friendly.
This school has been so amazing. All of my peers and staff are so supportive and it is a great place to go for high school.
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