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Muskego Lakes Middle School Reviews

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Awesome staff and students totally
enjoyed working with them. I liked the setting of the classrooms and the reading lounges which are made to give students a stress free environment to read and excel.
Thank you Ms.Rydzewski for giving me an opportunity to work with you all. I would love to work there in future too.
I love coming to work! MLMS is a wonderful place to work. My co-workers and leadership members are supportive, appreciative, and positive. Everyone works together and shares the common goal to deliver the best education and care to all the students who attend our great school. Our leadership cares about each one of us. They check in on how you are doing. They offer additional training so you be successful in your role. This all translates into providing our students the best education and opportunity.
Muskego Lakes Middle School is an amazing school with caring wonderful staff. The community and culture is nurturing, accepting and wonderful. I really love it here.
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Great place to work, filled with teachers and staff who truly care about kids and work hard everyday to make sure they are successful in an array of endeavors. Highly recommend to anyone looking to attend or work it.
This place has teachers who work so hard to make sure their students are successful. So many clubs for students to explore. Students look out for one another. Parents are involved and a part of the school.
Great so far. No issues! Kids get grade level appropriate responsibilities and room to grow if they are achieving over grade level academic success.
Muskego Lakes has a culture where staff care deeply about each and every student that walks through the door. Staff supports the whole-child - knowing that social and emotional well-being are important foundations to have an optimal experience as a learner.
We LOVE Muskego Lakes. Every single person that works there is so kind and compassionate. We currently have two kids there. One is an over achiever and the other needs a little extra help. BOTH receive an overwhelming amount of attention, support and encouragement from their teachers and principles. The staff REALLY care about the students and want them to succeed. I feel so fortunate to have our children at Muskego Lakes.
MLMS has caring people there to support your children. The kids are learning lots. Sometimes they may not be learning things I necessarily support. But understand the state requires certain things to be taught regardless. So that's my job as a parent, to help navigate through some of that. The Clubs are FANTASTIC. I appreciate the options for the kids. So many great ways for the kids to get to be involved. Also appreciate the differentiation in the classrooms. Kids who are higher achieving get what they need to be challenged, while those kids who may be struggling get what they need. The lunch food is sometimes cold for the kids or there are longer lines for the specials of the day. (Multiple lines for the special might be a great solution.)
Muskego Lakes Middle School is a state of the art, student-focused, parent-involved, and overall amazing place to be. When you walk in to the building, no matter if you are a student, parent, community member, or part of the Muskego Lakes staff, you will find that the atmosphere is positive, the staff friendly and engaging, and the students working on high level, hands on, STEM focused, and innovative activities and class work. It is a place where learning is always taking place, not only for the students, but for the adults as well. It is an amazing place to work, send your children, and be an educational wonder for our community.
My school is really fun. My teachers love being teachers. My principal knows all of us. We have a school store with pbis tickets and we have celebration days every quarter. You’ll like it here.
I look back with the best memories. The facilities were also gorgeous. The clubs were very fun and had some great kids in them.
Muskego Lakes Middle School is absolutely a wonderful school for all students! The staff and teachers are supportive and very positive. The curriculum is very student-based, so all students can work at their own pace while also not getting behind. Muskego Lakes offers four high school classes; Algebra 1, Spanish 1 and 2, and Geometry (shuttle to the high school), so students can be familiarized with the format. MLMS offers many clubs throughout the year, so students will be engaged outside of the classroom. MLMS offers a variety of student-study rooms, so students can study in a different location when they choose to. Bullying is non-existent here! MLMS students are so sincere and very kind. The office and administrative staff are so welcoming to every single student. The most amazing part of this school is the Friday ritual; teachers from each grade level and electives line up in front of the main doors and greet all the students.
MLMS is the best!
-Alabhya P.
I'm disenchanted with the whole thing. My kid struggles and I've asked for help. All we get are empty promises from student services. It's also hard to help my kid stay on top of his work. I get the weekly summary from teachers and monitor the parent portal. It's still a stretch to piece it together. Considering the amount of videos my kid has to watch for lesson content, I should just do homeschool.
This school is like no other. When you say connecting hearts and minds, you mean it. I've made really good friends and encores are really fun. The after school clubs are also fun and I have made other friends there. The imagination that you seem to bring forth is amazing. We learn some things we never even thought existed, and you make it fun when we are learning about it. Thank you for having such an amazing school.
This is a great school! We have never seen a bunch of people so patient and great with kids. The staff makes a point to get to know as many students as possible which helps to make the kids feel special. You get updates that are positive from teachers as well as when there is something concerning which is a really nice change of pace from our kids last school. We are very thankful to be able to send our children here and they love the school as well!
My school is way better than the last two schools I was at where I was bullied. Kids at this school don’t do that kind of thing. The teachers get to know us and care what we think. Don’t want to go to high school next year. I’d rather stay at ML
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Muskego Lakes Middle School is a very awesome school with very nice kids. Clean school. The school has just added custom vinyl in the entrance area and looks professional and good. Most faculty is nice, there are a few teachers in general. Otherwise, friendly lunch staff and teachers know how to interact with the students and make the school a better place. School offers a wide range of food, provided by Taher. One thing I wish is that kids where not all separated into different wings. Muskego Lakes has a Project I program where kids are able to choose different learning options and do them when they want, Project I is supported for 7th and 8th graders. Muskego Lakes offers both Spanish 1 and 2 and also French (You Would Need To Be Shuttled To The High School For French) and has a SUPER nice shop for the Tech-Ed students. I could keep going on about how Muskego Lakes Middle School is a great school.

There are limitless opportunities for the kids in both academics and extras in Muskego. I think the risk in this great little city is the possibility of living in a bubble and not seeing the love that exists in poor communities as well as in the suburbs. I think families here have struggles too, I want families and kids struggling to be supported and cared for as well as those thriving families. Learning about diversity through real service may be a way to open minds, even a mission trip when they are older could be impressive.
Muskego Lakes has very nice and kind teachers that are always very caring and always give their best effort to try to teach students at Muskego Lakes. I believe diversity is in progress to become better but if people don't judge others by who they are. This school would be a big 10/10.
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