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The teachers at MV put in extra effort, showing they really care about setting their students up for success and growth. The office administration and counseling was especially available and helpful for me when I felt confused or overwhelmed about college. I loved how advanced classes were made available in many different subjects, allowing you to take a schedule to really challenge yourself. The sports teams had great leadership and performed well in our areas. For improvement, I think the school lunches could have healthier, affordable options. A slice of pizza or a panda express bowl with mostly rice is not adequate to fuel high school students during their studies and extracurricular activities. The school spirit and pep rallies at MVHS really shone, from motivational speeches to athletic performers, and getting all the students involved in even something as simple as a cheer made me feel like we were all together and part of a family.
Please do not go to this school. I am a straight-A student and was in AP/IB for all three years I was there. I came in my sophomore year and was disappointed by how stupid all of the teachers were and how disgusting the campus was. The teachers, including some of the AP ones, aren't even educated in the subjects they teach and hate it when kids need tutoring or additional help. A few classrooms were infested with either rats or ants, and the food is practically inedible. Don't even get me started on their band program. They take no pride in any of their school programs, including band, color guard, ASB, robotics, AP, several sports, and especially their foreign language program. It's almost like they are actually TRYING to be the worst at everything...
I will say that their English department is fairly advanced, however, if you don't have a knack for writing, they certainly do not want to teach and you will suffer in that class.
Murrieta Valley High School is an okay high school. It has a predominately white student population with other races too. I think the school should listen to the students more in regards to how they think about faculty and if there are any teachers that aren't doing a good job at teaching, like having some type of survey at the end of the year. There also needs to be more activities for students to understand social, economic, and political advantages/disadvantages for people of different races so they can understand and support their fellow students of different races. History classes need to teach real factual US history that isn't cookie cutter on how people of color were affected and the classes need to relate this history to society today. All teachers and faculty need to take a test on biases they have.
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I loved all of the teacher I had. Most of them seem to care about you as a person. But i don't like the way the school is ran. There's lots of politics to the sports and the attendance ladies are rude.
Murrieta Valley is like other high schools in terms of cliques, but in terms of rallies and school spirit, there are a lot of adults and kids who genuinely care about the school.
I loved all the different activities and organizations I could join and the amazing staff. One thing I would change is a closer investigation towards sexual harassment and cyber bullying.
Murrieta Valley High School offers many different opportunities to students, which allows them to explore their interests before college. The CTE classes and IB program are huge highlights of the school. The staff is very friendly and helpful to any and all students.
At this school, I encountered many racist people who were unaware of larger social issues outside of Murrieta. Despite this, I enjoyed my time with my friends. My favorite part of this school was the IB Diploma program because I was able to meet many kind-hearted students and especially the teachers. The teachers always supported their students academically, emotionally, and mentally.
This school is something else, in a good way. It is a great environment and the staff is fantastic as well. I am only disappointed I was not able to continue my senior year due to the whole pandemic situation. I feel as if I was able to create important relationships here. It also provided me with a great education, giving me access to the international Baccalaureate full diploma program.
I have not had any problems with this school, I am able to get into the classes I needed and the teachers and staff are super friendly.
Murrieta Valley High School was the high school where I went to school for 3 years, after moving to different states. It was a great school. Academics were fulfilling, students were spirited, and the staff was such a joy. I loved going to MV and would recommend it to anyone.
The spirit at Murrieta Valle High School is amazing, creating a sense of community. The academics are good as well, some of the teachers will go above and beyond for their students.
MV is an amazing campus you get to make amazing new friends and the staff/ teacher are really supportive. We have plenty of clubs in our campus but only 2 catches my eye.
Just like any school, there are problems but as long as you keep your head down and push through you will get where you need to be.
They had very involved teachers. French was one of my daughter's favorite classes. She also had great friends in her Theater Arts classes. However, I wish theater was more inclusive. The same students were chosen over and over for the lead roles in plays. This is high school. Every student should have a chance to perform in lead roles to gain experience.
Murrieta Valley High School has come to be a home away from home. Whether it was football games or pep rallies, the student population always found something about being a Nighthawk to take pride in.
I enjoyed attending school here. My only critique would be that the clubs and sports need to be more accepting to new members. I often felt like an outsider looking in. When I aspired to join leadership I was denied, and I quickly saw that the reason why was because they had already selected their members. Only the students that did leadership in middle school were granted access to ASB. In middle school I choose to participate in arts and music. My decision to try these new things (in middle school) ended up being the reason that I was unable to apart of Leadership and ASB in high school and I think that is truly unfair.
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I spent my whole four years here! While the teachers were very nice and supportive (most of the time) I do not feel as if I was ready for college. I was so used to my teachers holding my hands through everything and it was kind of a rude awakening going into college. However, my teachers there have made an amazing impact on me. I will never forget them.
Great experience and teachers. Athletic programs are good and improving continuously. I was involved in the swim The virtual enterprise course is outstanding and provides a great opportunity to prospective business students.
Murrieta Valley is a great school, and does a good job of preparing you for college. They have all the necessary tools and faculty that do their very best at teaching in a way that works for them but is flexible to your needs. Overall the four years that I spent at Murrieta Valley were really good and I know I will be prepared for what's to come in college
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