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I love this high school. The teachers care about the students. They contact me and my parents if I am struggling in a class. The counselors have made an appointment with us to talk about scholarships and applying for financial aid. There are many opportunities for unique classes, like German language. The art program is great. The overall vibe of students is positive without bullying and cliques.
Murray High has a great environment. There is so much school spirit and great teachers. Murray High has some great clubs such as Queer-Straight Alliance, Latinos in Action, Murray Association of Girls, STEM Club, Drama Club, etc.
Murray High School is a great school because it offers many resources and classes that can help you with both current and future goals. The school encourages college readiness and helps students by spreading the word of scholarship opportunities and offering Salt Lake Community College courses that give college credits. The overall school community seems to be integrated and one of the main values that Murray High holds is connecting and uplifting people.
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I like Murray High School. Everyone there is very inclusive, and the teachers are well versed in what they do, and they are very interesting. A lot of the teachers really care about their student's education, and want them to succeed as much as possible.
I loved studying at Murray High, there has been multiple ups but some major downsides in attending this school. To start out with the positives, Murray Highs Teachers are some of the best you will ever get to learn from. Mostly all of them want you to succeed and pass their class and they can't wait to see where you end up in the future. The spirt there is also amazing, everyone participates and no one is left out. Now for the negatives, one thing that I hated is that it is so hard to sign up for classes if you are ahead of your class. I got yelled at because I went to the teacher to see if I could join her class. She said yes, she would love to have me, but then I get a full-on lecture on how that was wrong of me to do. The elevator, this might be kinda weird to put a topic on but it needs to be brought up. They are super strict about anyone who uses it, when my friend was in a wheelchair she needed help getting to class. I got kicked out because I didn't have a pass.
I enjoyed my high school experience. I made a lot of good memories and really enjoyed the athletics side of high school. I think there could be some improvements with some of the teachers, but overall it was a really good school. I mostly remember seagulls fighting over empty pizza boxes in the parking lot.
Hey there, I'm a sophomore at Murray High school, next year I will be attending the school as a junior. If you happen to find this review I will tell you my experience so far in Murray High school! I had only attend to this school for one year so I don't really know who it entirely works, so I'm sorry if I do make an mistake. The school's pretty neutral, there are hardly any drama seen among the students (like fights, bullying, etc). The teachers love what they do, and everyone in the staff are very dedicated to their jobs. And it's easy to make friends once you've got some confidence. Which makes your school days enjoyable. Of course there are some trouble makers but the teachers would make sure to stop it, but in a way neither side wont get hurt. The school's pretty clean I shouldn't forget to credit the generous students that wound pick up random trash and help out the school. And plus everyone is pretty confident they're not afraid to show their flaws which is very nice.
Most of the students are very friendly. there are great teachers. A variety of courses are offered including concurrent enrollment and AP. There are some great extra curricular options.
Murray High School was incredible. I loved being part of such a close knit community. We always had great events. The teachers were all very interested in what I was doing outside the classroom, which made a world if difference for me.
I went there for all 3 years of high school. The teachers and administration want to make sure all there students get the best educations that there could and help them find the best collge for them and for what there want to get there degree in there keep up with the students if there had an news from the school there want to go to
Lots of fights, drugs, kids with criminal records and kids are heavily gang affiliated outside of school
Murray High has really great faculty and staff that care about you and your achievements. I have always enjoyed their school lunches. Murray has a great atmosphere for anyone. They have tons of clubs, sports, and art programs. I love this school.
The teachers, the administration, the counselors. All of them care. They always had my best interests in mind.
I used to study in Murray High School and I have to say that is one the bets schools that I’ve been. Have everything to help you and everyone it’s nice and kind with you. I would not change anything about this school at all, it’s perfect the way it is.
I think that Murray High School is an amazing high school! i have spent the last three years of my educational career there and i’m sad to have it be over so soon. They did everything they possibly could to get their students to graduate. I met so many friends while I was there and learned things that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. The high school did so much for me. One thing that I do think they could change is allowing more input from the students. I think that they could do better with their choice of teachers and learning experiences for the kids.
As a Junior at Murray High School I'm really enjoying it here. It's easy to make friends, there's diversity, culture, and school spirit. When it comes to school news like Spartan Vision they have a more organized system compared to other schools with school news. Also when it comes to performing arts like theatre, art, and band; the students there are really dedicated to the extra curricular activities. The bottom line is the school is great and people really show their dedication and spirit!
Clean, large, newer facility. Excellent educators and administrators who hold high expectations for their students.
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Murray was really good to me. It's in its own private district so everything is really geared toward the students. The vast majority of my experiences with the teachers were outstanding. Most of the teachers want you to succeed and will help you outside of school hours to make sure you have an understanding. They also have one of the best concurrent enrollment programs in the state, offering a plethora of college courses taught at the high school that will save you a lot of money in the future. I participated in two sports at Murray, and the atmosphere was awesome. The students got out to the games to support and it was an inclusive environment.
Murray High School is a great school to attend. I enjoyed participating in the extra circular activities and school events. The school leaders try very hard to make the environment inclusive and welcoming to all students. Most of the teachers are very helpful and skilled in their subjects. They hope to help all students do their best in school. One thing I would like to see changed is the U policy. It's very old and out of date. It gives students with U's the sense of helplessness as it is very easy to get a U but very hard to get it off. For example, a student can receive a U for being tardy three times, but it takes 4, one hour detentions (that are not at convenient times for students) to get it off a transcript. The policy also includes that a student cannot graduate with a U. If it were changed or taken away, the school would see better success in its students.
The students at Murray High School are very clicky and they don't like to welcome other students into their groups. Bullying and teasing is a huge problem in Murray district and there is nothing done to stop them.
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