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Teachers and administrators were great, and class size was small. Many fellow students should not have been allowed in the charter school, however, because they didn’t follow the guidelines.
The constant support and feeling of community saved my life. I love the new administration and their ability to understand and handle tough situations.
In my opinion Murray is how school should be, how it was meant to be. A learning environment where the teachers care about teaching and the students are treated as people, not a commodity.
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Because they order from a few different resteraunts there is a lot of choices, from greasy delicious pizza, to a healthy artisan salad.
Here's the thing. This school is all about people who don't fit into the pre-existong system, people who probably would rather have dropped out of high school than jumped through all the hoops they expect at so many schools these days. They are rebels, malcontents, and many of them have had problems with disciplinary actions before. They are all welcomed here with no judgements, no expectations, just given the tools to excel, and the trust that they will. This means there are a lot of people here who experiment with drugs and alcohol, but the sense of community at this school prevents this from becoming a problem. Everyone looks out for everyone else, and when they see someone walking a dark path, they help guide each other off of it.
As I have said in previous sections these are some of the best teachers I have ever met. They will go out of their way to respect your ideas and beliefs, to help you when you are struggling, and be willing to sit there and listen when you just need someone to talk to.
The teachers here truly care about their subjects, and their students, and will go out of their way to make sure you understand the lessons and that the assignments work for you. Sadly however, this is a small school with only so many class rooms and so many teachers. Because of that they do have a rather limited curriculum. For example, when I went there the only foreign language class was Spanish.
Murray is a school based around proficiency and a school of thought called choice theory. The proficiency focus means several things. First you must get an 80 percent on all your assignments, including tests and projects. If you do not make an 80 you will have to redo the assignment or make corrections until you make that minimum grade. They also do not believe in homework. In their minds homework is either busy work on a subject you already understand, or you end up struggling with material without the aide of your teacher to explain things, either way an exercise in futility. The incorporating of choice theory means they try to give students as much freedom as possible. For example at any time you can get out of classic and go on a five minute walk, be it to give you a break from classwork or to allow yourself out of an uncomfortable situation. If you do something that is not outright illegal, such as assaulting another student, or bringing drugs to school, you are not punished. They talk to you about what caused the situation to occur, what role you played in allowing it to occur, and then talk about what you and the people involved can do to prevent it from occurring again. Teachers are not automatically in the right. Your voice will be heard.
A great school if you are creative, like communal learning environments and to be treated as an equal.
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