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Munster is a great place to learn and grow in knowledge. The social aspect is the reason I gave it an average rating, but I think that the social factor is part of every school. I think teens are too afraid to follow their own values so they drop to others to be accepted. Despite this, there are still many great people at this school- you just have to find them. Also the sports teams are a little biased, but that's expected.
MHS is one of the top High Schools in the state of Indiana. We have excellent programs and for the most part have laptops instead of text books.
I liked my experience at Munster High School. It really prepared me for college by teaching us the skills and necessities for it. I even got to get credits for some classes in my majors. It really helped me get ahead. The only thing I would change about Munster High School is the food. There needs to be more options for people with allergies or people who don't eat meat. Other than that, everything else is amazing and they really helped me with my education.
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It provides many opportunities for all types of students. Teachers genuinely care about students. Many AP courses to choose from.
I am a freshman in college now and looking back there are a lot of flaws with my school. I was not a member of the connecting middle school and felt like i lacked the guidance i needed.
I thought that Munster school had a variety of electives and extracurricular activities. The school was very inclusive and had many different ways to get involved along with a high standard of education.
The school was a great experience when I attended form 2013-2017. A lot of school activities to attend and clubs to join. People come from all over the county. The teachers were helpful and taught me a lot about the subjects they taught.
Munster High School carries a strong reputation: smart kids, rich kids, privileged kids. And while much of that is true it is not the full picture. Munster above all equal opportunity. If you are interested in journalism you can be on an award-winning newspaper staff if you like are you are able to take an art class every semester you are there. Yes, you will have to deal with a lot of white kids who have never left the surprisingly small town of Munster and yest to succeeding takes a lot of work. But if you put in the work you can get everything you would ever want out of four pimply awkward high school years.
Academically Munster High School is a great place. However, the administration regulates everything and it makes you feel like you have no freedom.
High school at Munster was great! It provided me with ample opportunity. There were loads of clubs, classes, and sports to keep me involved. Also, many of the teachers cared about the overall success of their students. I did very well in my years at Munster High School, and I believe it is due to the teachers and clubs I was involved in. If there was one thing I would like to see different at Munster, them encouraging students to get jobs and volunteer more, since these are some of the things colleges look for in their prospective students. Also, maybe they could announce places in the area that are hiring or looking for volunteers.
I have been involved in many different activities at Munster High School that have been some of the best experiences that I have ever had. The facilities could definitely improve from the ceilings to the gym to some of the carpeting. I am friends with so many different people as well as all of the staff that works there. That includes all of the administrators, teachers, and even custodial staff members. Overall, I greatly enjoyed my four years at Munster High School.
Overall, I had a great experience at Munster High School. There are several extracurricular activities ranging from music, culture clubs, and sports. I participated in numerous activities throughout my four years which created strong friendships and numerous amusing memories. I felt like I received an excellent education that has prepared me well for college, especially the AP classes. The majority of the teachers genuinely care for their students. I connected well with most of the teachers I had; however, some teachers need more training. Though there are few, some teachers appear to be underqualified and unmotivated to teach. Another small issue I experienced was the students. They can be cliquey, but students eventually find their niche.
I liked this school for its many opportunities regarding academics. This school’s teachers taught with so much passion and they seemed to enjoy what they do. My teachers made t possible for me to enjoy learning and to ask questions. I have to thank all of my teachers for not only teaching me academic material but also to enjoy what I do.
Munster High School cared about their students' success, with amount of career and career-preparation fairs they have hosted, something really only college campuses get a reputation for. In addition, they also had college recruiters visit. However, some of the teachers they hired seriously tainted their image, therefore, reflects on my two-star review, which would be, four-stars had it not been for that issue
Munster High School is... difficult. Not in terms of grades but socially, it is hard to find your place.
I have been at Munster High School since my freshman year. I have been very involved in the school and a lot of the after school activities. I have a great relationships with all my teachers who truly care about my future. I will miss this school but I am truly blessed to have had a great high school life here at Munster High School.
Munster High School is really the school one needs to get a great education. Most of the teachers and staff really care about their students and will help them with any weak areas they may have in any of the school subjects. The one thing that students seem to not like about this school is how strict the administration is. The administration obviously has to set ground rules, but it is to the point where the students are so tired of all the small rules and seem to talk bad about this school. I was lucky to meet some amazing teachers that do not teach here anymore, but still keep in touch and make sure that i am going down the right path. This school does allow you to meet new people and branch out which i personally enjoyed because i am such an outgoing person.
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Munster high school combines a great education with fun and interactive learning experiences in and out of the classroom.
Munster High School has excellent classes that give students in-depth knowledge of their subjects; the extracurricular classes are varied and provide a wide array of different experiences that hone different skill-sets. Some required classes provide real-world knowledge and skills, including knowledge needed for college.
Munster High School has very good academics. Their academic clubs are impressive and have won many awards from competitions. Their sports are fairly decent depending on the sport team. I had a very good experience when attending this high school.
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