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Munster high school combines a great education with fun and interactive learning experiences in and out of the classroom.
Munster High School has excellent classes that give students in-depth knowledge of their subjects; the extracurricular classes are varied and provide a wide array of different experiences that hone different skill-sets. Some required classes provide real-world knowledge and skills, including knowledge needed for college.
Munster High School has very good academics. Their academic clubs are impressive and have won many awards from competitions. Their sports are fairly decent depending on the sport team. I had a very good experience when attending this high school.
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Munster High School has helped me grow into the person i am today, i’ve faces many challenges through my four years and always felt like i had help along the way whenever i felt i needed it.
There is a large selection of classes including many honor and AP classes. Many core classes are also available for dual credit. Every Tuesday school starts half an hour later so that students may come early and get help from teachers. However, many teachers leave once school ends, so if you want to come after school you have to talk with your teacher beforehand.
Munster High School, in short, is a very good school, both academically and athletically. Most teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful, although there are a few who seem to be just there for the paycheck. Munster High is one of the only schools in Indiana without prior review for the Journalism department, which is a BIG plus. The only real problem I have with Munster High is that it is a good school and I feel as though they are not willing to change anything in hopes that keeping everything the same will result in the same score as previous years.
It is one of the best schools in Indiana to attend academically. However, it is a pretty small school compared to most schools you would see in the state of Indiana. The food is also not the greatest at Munster.
Though the academics are very good, the administration is not very organized or well in-tune with what students and parents want. The facilities are run-down, and fixes to things like a leaking roof or an entire roof needing to be replaces are rare. The students are nice, and most act professionally when they need to be. Most of the teachers are incredible and more than qualified enough.
Many of the students who attend Munster always seem to hate the school itself, but for no good discernible reason. Yes, some of the teachers aren't the best and some of the rules are kind of dumb, but they all have good cause. I enjoy attending Munster and I feel like attending Munster High School is opening me up to many possibilities that I could have possibly missed, due to Munster being such a prestigious school.
My experience has been overall very good at Munster High School. I like most of the staff that has been hired. Either the teachers are clearly overqualified or under qualified for their positions. Some of the under qualified teachers are not fit to be a teacher.
Munster had excellent teachers and prepares a student for college very well. The only downside are some of the snobby students.
Munster High School has great academics. Teachers are sometimes not about the student though. Activities and environment provide a great foundation for students for future.
Excellent school system! Teachers and parents are extremely involved in ensure our children receive a stellar education.
Munster High School is an outstanding place with outstanding students and faculty. Throughout my four years here, nothing has ever left a bad taste in my mouth. The facilities are very nice, specifically the brand new pool, it was great to be able to swim during the school day in gym class in such a nice pool. The variety of after school activities are also endless. I've participated in unique clubs such as American Sign Language club, ping pong club, Gay Straight Alliance, poetry club, and many others. The staff is very friendly and I rarely had a teacher that was unpleasant. I believe Munster High School is the best at preparing students for college and providing them with all the essential tools necessary for success.
Great education with some great perks such as personal laptops and good athletics. Teachers are hit or miss, but the hit ones are special. Great place to prepare for college as it is much more rigorous than other high schools.
Munster High School was a great school. It has lots of school activities to get everyone involved. They brought everyone together and created a real community feeling.
The staff at Munster High School really care about their students, are available pretty much anytime throughout the week (in person or via email), and do whatever it takes to help us succeed. I would like to see a change in the cafeteria, though.
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My experience at Munster High School was great! There's a phonomonal marching band, lots of sport activities, and fun clubs to join. If I could change anything about that school I would like to have the teachers train more in taking notes and lecturing. They're great but sometimes it's inconsistent on who's great and who's not.
Munster High School's Honors program and available AP courses prepared me for college courses immensely. The teachers were also passionate about their work and encouraged their students to enjoy the class as well.
Great School with a great selection of teachers, but the quality is beginning to diminish because of budget cuts.
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