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The school pushes its students academically. Focuses on sports slight bit more than academics. It overall provides various resources when a student is falling behind and needs help within a class subject. The teachers overall are nice and knowledgeable in what they teach. The cafeteria food can be improved by a lot. Something that the school does lack is diversity. There is not a very wide range in cultures and ethnicity that attend the school. Teachers have favoritism that isn't hidden.
The academics are certainly challenging and highly valued; however the administrative and social aspects of the school are toxic. The administration at Munster High School do not focus on the issues of today's generation, such as mental health/bullying, with as much urgency as they should. At school, there are a few "Suicide Hotline" poster, but that is all. Our counselors need to be trained on how to correctly approach those types of situations. If students are expected to adapt to constantly changing school standards, administrative/guidance staff should be held responsible for adapting to social change as well.
The academics at Munster High School are amazing and there are plenty of resources for homework assistance and test prep.
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They need more teachers who actually care about their students, and do not just give busy work. More options for classes that are fun. Better lunch choices are needed.
Admin lacks focus on important issues affecting students future and is careless with details impacting students especially teacher absences
My experience in Munster High School is great. I met friends for a lifetime and I receive a stellar education. I love the teachers and staff of Munster High School. The teachers care about their students and prepare their students well for college. The classes are rigorous yet exciting. Some things that need change is the building itself, I believe. Throughout the building, there are numerous leaks, and the carpet needs a replacement. My school is aware of this, and many renovations have taken place, but more need to be done. Overall, Munster High School, a top-rated high school in the US, delivers an unforgettable experience for students!
Entering Munster High School, I did not know what to expect. The school has a positive representation and is known for college readiness, graduation rate, and excelling former students. A safe, learning environment is afforded to all students and staff. Students are given a multitude of opportunities to explore interests through study abroad, speech and debate, band, choir, Area Career Center, and more. The Area Career Center allows students to graduate high school with associate degrees in any field of choice. Students are also given the chance to take classes that will count for college credit. Diversity is a major component of the learning experience. The different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and ethnicity exposes students to the uniqueness of humans. Of course, Munster is not a perfect school, but it is a good school that I would recommend to younger generations.
Education and teachers are very good and making the learning experience great. This school has a very hands on learning experience. Overall, the education is great and so are the teachers.
Munster High School is a academically challenging school. The teachers and administration aren't the people who put the pressure on us as students it the students themselves. It is very competitive but will help me with my future. The teachers aren't the greatest. Munster mostly requires you to teach yourself and push yourself as an individual.
I enjoyed my experience at Munster High School. At first i had fears that I wouldn't be able to connect to anyone at the school, however it all changed when I talked with my fellow peers in classrooms or extracurricular activities. There's room for people to learn new things as well as enjoy themselves.
Munster High School has been a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. With kind staff, challenging courses, and plentiful opportunities it has made my time there a resounding success.
I enjoy my STEM classes very much. They have been instrumental in helping me with my goal of medical school. The Government teacher Mr. Gordon is awesome as well. The English Dept. struggles to have us read relevant material and our essays do not help with writing for college. I have enjoyed Science Olympiad and Debate very much.
It is alright. The academics are outstanding but overall, there is little diversity. The food is poor and we eat the same thing everyday. The teachers are outstanding and all aim to build relationships with their students.
Munster High School offers an abundance of opportunities and high education levels for their students. I do not have much to complain about, though I would like to see Munster diversify what it sees as "important" as the years come. We are very academically and athletically acclaimed, but that is not all there is behind these walls. The Arts, Music, student run clubs such as GSA, foreign language, etc., all tend to go unnoticed.
One of the most amazing schools in the Indiana state. They have wonderful IEP programs that take the extra stel into helping those graduate and meet their goald
Munster High School was a school full of opportunities. My 2 sisters had went there and I also went to Munster my freshman year. Munster High School had one of the best educational programs, they were rated very high, and the standard of excellence was also very high. However, the school was not as diverse. I'm sure the diversity has changed slightly now. But, the teachers were always very nice and the facility was kept clean and orderly.
Munster is a great place to learn and grow in knowledge. The social aspect is the reason I gave it an average rating, but I think that the social factor is part of every school. I think teens are too afraid to follow their own values so they drop to others to be accepted. Despite this, there are still many great people at this school- you just have to find them. Also the sports teams are a little biased, but that's expected.
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MHS is one of the top High Schools in the state of Indiana. We have excellent programs and for the most part have laptops instead of text books.
I liked my experience at Munster High School. It really prepared me for college by teaching us the skills and necessities for it. I even got to get credits for some classes in my majors. It really helped me get ahead. The only thing I would change about Munster High School is the food. There needs to be more options for people with allergies or people who don't eat meat. Other than that, everything else is amazing and they really helped me with my education.
It provides many opportunities for all types of students. Teachers genuinely care about students. Many AP courses to choose from.
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