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After four years at Mundelein, I'm happy to say that I've enjoyed my time here at this high school. As a student of the arts, the ability to have such a robust fine arts program, whether it's show choir, band, or theater, is full of bright, ambitious students. A majority of the teachers here are not simply teachers, but facilitators of learning. So much growth has been fostered within myself and other students due to these wonderful people. As a student, I've felt like my teachers have cared about me and my well-being beyond being an educator.
My teachers are great, and they always push us to the best of our abilities. The recently added a new addition to the building which is a great place to study and learn in.
Mundelein high school is a school with many opportunities. The school provides students with assistance from teachers and staff throughout the school day and before or after. There are many clubs started by students that people can join as well as sports. Students can also get the opportunity to get help on homework or studies from other students through the peer tutors.
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The experience is what you make it. There are going to be difficult teachers anywhere you go, but if you put in the effort to work with them daily, you can end the year with a good grade and a good connection with that teacher. If you take the time to be involved in a sport or club and put fourth the effort to be fully dedicated and committed to it. Then you’ll create friendships and relationships that are worth the world. Your high school experience is what you make it, and that’s true wherever you go.
At Mundelein High School I received a well balanced education that will prepare me well for my next steps in college. There were a few things Inwould change, but it is an all around good school. We just added a whole new science and math building.
Mundelein high school is rich is academics, sports, activities, diversity and culture. And the people are accepting and respectful. The teachers are respectful and teach in a fun interactive way. Staff is highly respectable and friendly. There are many recourses available to students. And many clubs for one to interact with fellow high school students. I may be one of few to admit that I truly enjoy going to school. This is simply due to the wonderful atmosphere Mundelein high school has and the knowledge that I will be able to learn something in a pleasant way, with kind teachers who only wish the best for there students. You will find that the only complaint I can imagine is of the hallways. They are crowded, but as a high-school that is expected. Although the hallways seem to be a mess of teenagers, one may see within time that it is actually quite organized and coordinated. We as students have developed a way of dealing with the space we have, without interacting.
I think the staff is overall motivated to see their students do well. The school has invested in a 22 million STEM wing which is amazing for students in these fields. The performing arts at our school wins in National Awards and our athletic teams are competitive. The administration and guidance staff is very responsive and caring. It would be very helpful to get all teachers to embrace technology in the classroom. Wide range of clubs and activities for students to get involved in anything that interests them.
My experience has been a positive one. If I could change something about the school would be to update our arts department facilities to be equal with our state of the art STEM facilities and Athletic facilities. Our school is more than fifty years old and while the overall facilities have been given facelifts over the years, it would be nice if the facilities were updated for all areas.
You can tell that the staff here is very passionate about teaching. At my time at Mundelein, I don't remember having one teacher I didn't like. I really valued that, because teachers are a big part of student's lives throughout school. If you don't have good, passionate teachers, your learning experience is not going to be as positive as someone who has friendly, passionate teachers. I also appreciated the safety measures that were put into place at our school, such as only having one door to enter and exit, a security office when you walk in the front door, ALICE trained teachers and security guards, etc. Although there is a lot of scary stuff happening within schools out there, I feel very safe when I am at MHS and feel that I am in good hands.
Mundelein is a great school with amazing teachers, resources, and students. I love this school! I came from Carmel Catholic high school which is also in Mundelein, my high school experience changed when I went to Mundelein because they are a very good institution that wants nothing more than to help their students succeed!
I liked the fact that the school is not so huge that you can get "lost" in numbers. The high school offered many opportunities and programs for the students
Mundelein High School provides diversity to students. It is not a cliquey school and most students get to know one another. The staff is absolutely phenomenal and do are great at their job. The amazing part is many staff are alumni of the high school. Great location and great people overall.
Good teachers. and good facilities. I love their band program, and everyone seems pretty happy there. The Guidance Counseling office is a little lacking, and the push to place freshmen in AP classes when they aren't ready is a problem, but does offer the opportunity to those who are ready.
Id like the school to be more flexible about students. the teachers were very good. The teachers enjoyed teaching and it showed in their ethics. Overall the school was in decent condition. Although the students did not get much freedom and got punished for a lot. There was also security that was too flexible with kids. I feel as though the school can prepare students for college better. Bringing in more resources. The diversity in the school was good. I liked how they had a lot of resources for their Latinx students and had people to speak to parents in Spanish.
Honestly, everyone that told me high school would be the best four years of my life up this point we’re not lying. From the teachers, to my classes, to sports, and everything in between, Mundelein High School left me with so many memories. It helps so much to be involved. I was a two year starter for the Varsity baseball team and on the Newspaper team. Those two teams/clubs alone left me with memories that I will cherish forever. Without this school and administration, I would not be able to do what I am going to be doing in college if it was not for every person that helped me along the way at Mundelein High School. The best thing is that they listen to what the parents and students want. Within my four years they made multiple changes, built or updated facilities, and improved what needed to be improved. I would recommend going to this high school to anybody; just get involved!
With Mundelein High School growing up there was a large feud between Mundelein and Stevenson. There were always claims that if you went to Mundelein you'd become a druggie and a drop out or whatever, but that was hardly the case. Yes, there were students that fell down that path but that was not to the fault of the school. Mundelein's individual teachers were set on providing a space for each student to grow, the administration however did't seem to cater to each department on its own but to a larger glazed over idea of what had to be accomplished.
Mundelein High school is a good school and has many different activites. Like in every school it has it's flaws. The teachers are great, but some think its okay to argue or even act like a student.
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I was very active in the theatre, choir, and show choir programs. The teachers are amazing, the people are amazing, and the opportunities are endless. I would not be who I am today without the love and support from these programs.
The education is very beneficial, we have amazing programs for stem and business. We have solid sports and students interested in the arts are well supported. Most of the teachers are great, but definitely could be better. We have a very diverse group of students and most of the time everyone gets along.
MHS need to stop supporting the bully. Kids will not come forward because they always side with the bully.
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