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Multicultural Academy of Scholarship High School Reviews

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Multicultural Academy of Scholarship how have you changed throughout the years. I been here for 3 and more years, this is my senior year of high school. I came to this school because it use to be called Multicultural Arts High School. I came here because it was a school of self expression and the focus of arts at Little Village Campus all the other schools had their fields. Music is my passion and we had a music teacher he was great, had him for 2 years who would run an after-school program Rock Band. On my third year another came to replace him he wasn’t any good. My last year no music teacher, Infinity took the old music room. I was lucky to have Beats and Bars in my junior year, in my senior year it started late in my school year. Even with what happen I still play music, I'm still able to continue to skip my lunch periods to work on songs that I write. Multicultural Academy of Scholarship needs to change its once glory name and bring back music, bring back the arts.
My experience was actually decent, If I were to rate It, It would be a 4 out of 10. It's not bad but It's not good. I actually want more discipline to be enforced In the school for the safety and education of every student. Many students would skip class and the security or staff wouldn't even find out. The lunch provided was not good at all. There would be ants running around everywhere. They would also always run out of food and they would give out waffles for lunch or sometimes nothing. The staff weren't nice at all either, they wouldn't know you and would treat you bad. This place I not really racist or anything. The sports team are actually good and the culture is also good.
Multicultural Academy of Scholarship is a good school because we are a tight community with about 300 students, MAS is part of a campus, represents earth. MAS prepares you for College, and will motivate you non-stop until you graduate and cross the stage! Especially the program they offer, OneGoal! They give you more in-deep information about college.
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This school has been very good and ive had a great time here. A lot of me memories to hold onto and a lot of academic progress has been made.
The food can be very good but at times, there will be a complaint to it about the meat not being cooked and it has this weird taste.
Multicultural Academy of Scholarship has a strict policy when it comes to having an ID or uniform on. If you have neither of those you cant enter class and will have to go to the office and get an temporary ID or a rental shirt. If you break any of the rules at school , you will have a suspension outside school and or in school suspension. Any cuts or skipping school , you have to stay for Instructional recovery.
The athletics opportunities are very good considering they offer you a scholarship at the sport you are good at or have been doing.
The teachers at Multicultural Academy of Scholarship are very helpful and well educated. They respect students and help them express their ideas and give many opportunities to help fix a problem.
There are not a lot of clubs or extracurricular activities at school.
It is a small schoo, so I'm not happy with that. They also changed it to a scholarship school instead of art.
The lunch is horrible. It is not enough to feed an average teen. It is dry and doesn't have any flavor.
The staff has connections with parents. They are very strict too.
Students enjoy being athletic. Many are involved in sports.
Teachers are very helpful and caring. They are always offering their help.
The clubs are fun and students do sure get something good out of it. They learn, complete service hours, or simply kill time.
This is an amazing school and i'm very happy to have spent four years here its been a great experience.
All the teacher go above and beyond to give students an education they deserve.
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As a vegetarian I never had any good options, there wasn't anything that appealed t me so I would just eat junk food and fruit.
There is a clinic inside the building that works with the school to provide free services to the students.
There were a lot options like dance, crochet club, pottery, and many other options I was probably not aware of.
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