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I had a great experience in my Junior and Senior year of high school. I had awesome teachers who would help me and make sure I was getting the most out of my last two years in high school. One thing I would like to see change is how some classes are taught. I feel like the class should be taught in class not at home with confusing videos especially for an advanced math class.
I think that Mt. Zion is a great high school, with amazing teachers and students. Mt. Zion has taught me a lot and is preparing me for many wonderful out-of-school opportunities.
The school offers a range of opportunities and has really high end programs. If you want to take a class related to a career you would like to pursue, chances are that mount zion most likely has that class. If you are interested in after school activities, mount zion offers a very wide range of clubs and sports to make anyone feel welcome.
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I liked that Mt. Zion was a good environment and that I felt like the teachers really cared about me. I didn't like that it seemed like their focus was more on show choir and football than anything else.
To be perfectly honest, the education here is top quality. The English and History departments are flawless, Math has strong teachers, and the Science is fine. Even though the education is great, most sports are on par with the level of excellence. The people are your typical small-town Midwesterners but are for the most part a jolly bunch. The school spirit and opportunities are abundant and most of the teachers seem to genuinely care for the students.
The teachers truly care about you receiving the best education possible. The school is always attempting to adapt to make our experiences better, as well.
Mt. Zion is an amazing school and has helped me better myself for the college life. The staff and facilities are amazing and state of the art. I grew up in the Mt. Zion district and sure has been a blast.
I moved to MT Zion-Carroll when they I was in second grade. From day one my sister and I were treated like family. My sister graduated with honors 2 years ago and I am a high school honor student this year. We became a big part of this school and community. Everyone here are so close and are all like one big happy family.
The school itself is okay. They offer a variety of academics for different levels. The students aren't the best.
Mt. Zion has great athletics and fun clubs to get involved in. The only complaint I have was the bathrooms were outdated and not well kept up.
It's a great school. There are lots of great neighborhoods nearby as well. The teachers are very personable, but many like to choose favorites, which can make class life harder.
There is nothing special about Mt. Zion High School. When I first moved here, I was not impressed by the school, and I still believe it to be just an average school. There is not a good variety of clubs/extracurricular activities, the building overall is very dreary, and some of the teachers do not put a lot of effort into teaching. Some good things about Mt. Zion High School is that the student body and administration are very involved in school spirit, and I feel safe going to school every day.
Throughout my years at Mt. Zion High School, I have grown as a student and a person. The environment is extremely inviting and safe, and the staff is supportive, friendly, and care about the students. Most of the classes are challenging but easy to be successful in. The Mt. Zion High School offers a strong athletic program. It provides the students with a variety of clubs and organizations. It is very easy to be connected with the school and be involved in extracurricular activities.
The Academics are well rounded and the teachers are very dedicated to the success of their students. I would like to see more career counselling.
I feel that I am in an environment that has made me a successful person and I am prepared to go to college taking everything that I have learned with me. I would go through it all again and still end up feeling the same.
Since I have moved to Mount Zion, I've been pretty happy. There are some cliques, but it's high school. One thing I would love to change is the favoritism. This controls everything from who gets to play in sports games to who gets on student council. Someone who is popular can easily be club president if the teacher or students like that person, rather than the person who works their hardest for the spot. This also controls sports. The students with the most money get to play. Kids have been busted with drugs and alcohol, but because they have a certain last name, they don't get in trouble. I like the opportunities though. If you are more advanced, you can take AP classes or even extra classes if you'd like. If you need a little bit more help, there are lower classes and tutors available.
The academics themselves are of a very good quality, however there is not much of a diversity in terms of courses available. Mt. Zion does not offer many honor or AP courses.
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From what I can tell, most people are accepting of different sexual orientations, but many of the students are racist and express their views in the wrong ways.
The clubs at Mt. Zion school either require every second of your free time or they don't really do anything. Things such as show choir, band, and sports require a lot of commitment but most others do not. Even so, there are several clubs who do exceptionally well but are all but unrecognized for their achievements.
The teachers at this school always offer their help. If you need it, many of them will often come in before or stay after school to help you.
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