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Mt. San Jacinto High School Reviews

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My experience with Mt. San Jacinto College is amazing. They assist me with anything I need and are quick to resolve any matters I might have. They take things very seriously no matter what the situation is and I'm very happy about that. I'd like to see more Mt. San Jacinto College have more opportunities for students who aren't able to work. Basically have more community scholarships for the students and future high school students.
When I graduated from Mount San Jacinto High School back in 1991. The staff there helped me to go from not caring about school to loving it! I went failing at all of my classes to getting all A's and B's. The principle the Doc was so supportive!! The whole staff helped me to believe in myself again!!
What I liked about the school was the teachers were helpful and attentive. The school made everyone feel safe and there were so many clubs and activities to join. Overall, the school was fun and helpful and i recommend people bring there kids there.
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Mt. San Jacinto College offers a wide array of academics at an affordable cost. The educators, for the most part, are exceptional in their field. A few professors need a bit more training. Also, I do wish this school had a fashion program.
I enjoy it as someone who is beginning to get into college after having taken two years off after graduating from high school. I think it is a great experience for those who are thinking about continuing their education at a slow-moderate pace if they would like.
It was alright. Not much going. Once I graduated more options and classes were offered which is nice.
I started off at this school thinking it would be a similar experience as the one back in high school given on how rather small it was. Actually, as I spent more time on campus, I learn about the great community that resides there. The staff and professors are equally helpful, plus the students are extremely polite. This school enticed me to further my education at another university.
I loved that the teachers would help you succeed if that was your goal. A lot of students did not take school seriously because it was a continuation school, but the ones who still tried, the teachers took their time and it was apparent how much they cared. I think all schools everywhere should have more awareness of how the students are feeling, each and every one.
Mt. San Jacinto is a very nice community college. I attended both the San Jacinto campus and the Menifee campus. While the Menifee campus was nicer the professors at both campus seemed equally qualified. Both campuses provided welcoming environments, outstanding professors, and an overall positive experience. The only problems I ever had were making counseling appointment but what do you expect with thousands of kids and only a handful of counselors.
It was amazing. One of the best community colleges to attend. Great professors and a very safe environment.
I met so many new people and grew so much as a student and person! Everyone was so helpful, the counselors were always there to provide advice and to show you your plan for your years at MSJC. My professors were amazing! Never had such welcoming and helpful teachers who really want you to succeed in life. They were personable in the perfect way possible.
Hello Everyone,

I went to SJHS from 2005-2009. I love going to that school as I participated in multiple sports and various extra curricular activities. This school has one of the best would shop programs in California, and has great sports and academic opportunities.
The teachers at this school are really helpful and understanding. They help me as much as they can and make sure that their doing their best to help the kids graduate. My big brother, and sister-in law came to this school, and they graduated here. My brother, sister- in law, and I really like this school
San Jacinto High School lacks diversity; there are mostly African Americans, Caucasians, and Latino/Hispanics. The majority of student who attend San Jacinto High School are involved in sports or some kind of after school activity. Preppy students usually bully gay or lesbians.
Unlike other public schools, San Jacinto High School rarely had physical fights every year, and the students are very open. On the other hand, the school's location was not ideal. The school is located where gangs and drug deals are recognized. Students often smoke and drink at Tiger Plaza, where a small store is near to the school. Also, the school is on a very tight budget, programs or clubs like AVID cannot afford school buses.
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