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Mt. Moriah Academy Reviews

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The teachers are great on a sense of communication and support. But some dont even have their license, and operate under one license collectively. It is hard when your teacher doesnt know the math lesson, so they just skip it....
We have no technology rooms ( computer rooms, science labs), we have no guidance counselor, no tutoring is available (although teachers are more than willing to help you at any time of the day), and buses only are offered in very limited places. The building is nice and spacious, but most of it is dedicated to the church that shares the building.
Policies are loose because there has never been a big problem. One time last year a girl sold weed to another, but they were just suspended and then let back to the school.
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The teachers are dedicating to make sure that the students feel comfortable, but many rules that are in place arent enforced, and they need better policies.
It was alright, I had to take a lot of college courses during my senior year outside of Mt. Moriah because it was not challenging enough. But that made me push myself, and I am adjusting quite well to college.
There are hardly any extracurricular programs currently at this school. We had debate team and yearbook club, but that was in school and counted as one of our classes. The only after school activity was for the Drama department, of which I was the props manager of. Anything else was not at this school, including a lack of sports teams.
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