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We are a very good school academically and sports team wise. We also offer a LARGE variety of clubs and afterschool activities such as STEM, National Honors Society, HOSA, Best Buddies, Prom Committee, Spanish/German/French/Japanese/British Culture club, and many more. We even have an MCJROTC program which teaches students leadership, responsibility, and discipline. The only thing is I wish the students more freedom such as having more options on what they can choose to eat at lunch, using the bathroom without having to sign in and out, not having to present a hall pass to the teacher that's guarding the bathroom (the Bathroom Wardens, as I call them), not being counted late to lunch of all things, etc.
Mt. Juliet HS is what you make it to be. It is run a lot like a prison, but does have qualified staff who will help you learn.
I have attended Wilson County schools my entire life. It is in fact one of the best school districts in the state of Tennessee. However, I never liked the environment of MJHS or any Wilson County school I have attended. MJHS is not culturally diverse, and that made it really difficult for me to interact with my peers and get involved in school. I received a great education, but as far as diversity, Mount Juliet High lacks that trait.
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Mount Juliet High School is an academically-inclined, college-prep oriented public school with strong school spirit. It is getting to be crowded (including traffic) (2000+ students) and scheduling can be difficult, but their teachers and quality of the courses are very good. They have almost every AP and specialized course you can imagine. The building itself is not aesthetically pleasing, inside or outside, and nor is the campus. If you like football, you'll fit right in. The pep rallies are wild and the sport culture is strong. If you’re worried about health or money you will end up bringing your own lunch. The student body is diverse and generally achievement oriented, coming far and wide for the academics. There are countless clubs to join and many volunteering opportunities. If you don't mind Tennessean football culture, crowding and traffic, and a completely uninspiring, although functional campus, then it has a wealth of academic and extracurricular opportunities available.
I think Mt. Juliet High School is a very good school that prepares you for college and has a variety of classes to choose from. There's many clubs and sports to choose from also. I haven't had any bad experiences there and I think its a friendly environment. I switched to Mt. Juliet High School my junior year and the first thing I noticed was how dedicated they were to the students overall education. My grades have improved tremendously and I made more friends.
Mount Juliet High School was very good academically and I enjoyed getting to know all my teachers because they all genuinely cared about furthering our education. The sports programs were above average and helped introduce you to other like-minded students.
As an upcoming sophomore, I can tell the administration does a fantastic job of preparing upcoming freshmen for their classes. I love how there is an AP class availible for freshmen, encouraging them to be better prepared for college and to earn more college credit before graduating. Mt Juliet High School also does an excellent job of inspiring students to earn scholarships. There are great AP programs and there are strong athletic programs and outstanding extracurricular activities! There is nothing I would like to change about this school because it is already a wonderful school!
My experience at Mt. Juliet High School has been incredible. I relocated to Tennessee from North Carolina before my Sophomore year. I can say that I was terrified at the least but with all of the smiling faces I immediately felt relieved. I got involved in the schools extracurricular programs as soon as I started. On the Cross country and Team teams, I could tell that the coaches and team mates cared so much for their sport. The teachers are incredibly fond of their students and their academic needs, helping me with everything that I needed as soon as I asked them for the guidance. Mount Juliet High School is well equipped with college ready students. Throughout the three years I've attended the school, they have pushed for higher test scores. My grades have improved drastically because of the substantial academics and faculty that Mount Juliet has built. I am deeply honored to say that I will have graduated from Mount Juliet High School in the Spring of 2018.
I feel like the school is good but it can be very strict at times. Some of the rules are understandable but some are just ridiculous. For example, you will get your parking pass taken if you try to back in your parking space at a certain time. That is ridiculous. Another one is cell phones. Students are not allowed to have his/her cell phone out before school. School starts at 8:15 but students still get their phones taken up in the hallway at 8:05.
I would recommend it to families coming from other areas because we are the top school in academics. The principal was also just named as principal of the year. If your child wants to get in involved in sports, I would tell them to join. Our sports teams are very well known and have many state championships. If I could change something it would be how strict they faculty is about dress code and cell phone usage.
Its such a honor to be a student of MJHS. We are definitely known for academics and school spirit within our fantastic sports program!
The school offers dozens of clubs an after school activities such as art club, theatre, German culture club, and so much more. There is also a bunch of sports available such as golf, track, and football. Girls sports are also available. The band at this school is huge and is very good. The choir is also pretty good.
My experience at Mount Juliet High School was an overall good one for the 4 years I went there. The teaching staff were excellent and always strived to make sure you understood the material, our school spirit, and pep rallies were always exciting and lit, and finally perhaps, most importantly, most if not all the students behaved themselves really well and were very vell mannered.
This school system goes above and beyond your normal expectations for a high school. The teachers, staff, students, and administrators all come together to make this school exactly what it's known for. The atmosphere and community are nothing you will ever experience at any other high school.
I loved the faculty and overall environment of the school. The athletic programs are great there and have a great atmosphere for students. It's a great school for anybody to go to. I would have students prepare for the ACT more.
The faculty, teachers, principals, and environment you're put it make you want to succeed. You learn to be tolerant and respectful of others and are also supported in everything you do.
The school is one of the better in the state based on education and merit. I am happy to have been able to grow in the drumline program as well as learn German and maintain a 4.0 throughout my four years here.
This is a very top tier school. The class sizes are quite large, but for the size of the school, the school for the most part is run well. Activities of all kinds are offered and the football, basketball, and baseball programs are really stellar. Sports like rugby, swimming, tennis and hockey are also offered here.
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Throughout all 4 of my years here, I have enjoyed every bit of it. The students really are what make this school great. The teachers are always there to help too! There is something for everyone to get involved in at school whether it be sports or clubs. The only thing I would change would be the communication between the faculty/administration and the students. There were countless time where I thought "if this were communicated to us better or earlier it would have been helpful." No matter who you are, you will love MJ! #GoBears
Education wise they are pretty good. But socially it's almost like being stuck in a hole. The teachers and faculty were too strict when it came to cloths and phones. They would always take it way too far. College readiness was terrible , but maybe that was because they actually have to teach you in high school and not just give you the basics and expect you to learn the rest. To this school it is all about academic state standards and standings between all the other schools.
I loved MJHS. I'm so proud to say that I graduated from there. The teachers are great. I also loved going to all of the sporting events.
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