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Overall, my experience at Mount Juliet High School has inspired me to be the best student I can be thanks to the involved teachers, and countless opportunities that the school offers athletically, academically, and artistically. It has definitely helped me focus and get in the right mind set for what I need to do to be successful in college.
Mt. Juliet High School overall is a fantastic community where there is a place for everyone. Whether it be the clubs, sports, or wide variety of class options, a new passion or group of friends with common interests will be established, no questions asked. Despite the few kinks that I am sure every school deals with, this is a school that will satisfy any student.
Mt. Juliet High School has provided me with so many opportunities that I am extremely thankful for. I really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed all of the support my teachers have provided me with and their support for me. I am currently in the running for salutatorian at this very competitive school with over 500 students in my class. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.
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It’s a very well organized school. It is also very school spirited. The teachers for the most part are all understanding and want to help you get through school without a struggle just a challenge.
Lots of opportunities and a large tangle of classes available at Mount Juliet High School. I wish there was more to involve and interact students and more things to look forward to throughout the school year besides prom.
Mount Juliet High School has been a great and very beneficial place of learning for the past four years. From playing Football, to classes I've taken; the high school never disappointed. I've learned, and started to perfect, discipline, patience, and hard-working skills. I was pushed at times, but Mount Juliet High School has made me a better student, friend, and person as a whole.
I went to Mt Juliet the entirety to my high school career and I can say that there are certain things they did to make me ready for life and college that I really appreciate. They also made it as easy as possible for me to know what I needed to graduate.
I transferred to Mount Juliet High School in my sophomore year. I had already been to two other high schools in Tennessee, but I could tell that MJHS was different. The most noticable difference was the teachers. Each teacher that I had in my three years of going was completely different, yet they all had one clear goal: to teach and prepare us for the future. The school building was beautiful and kept extremely clean thanks to the hard working janitors and every staff member was so helpful and it made my experience at the high school so much better.
This high school is very competitive in academics for a public school. Their honors and advanced courses are prestigious. The teachers really do care and will offer a lot of help in between classes or after school if you did not understand something. Sports here is very competitive as well and so is the music and arts programs. They just lack in culture and diversity a lot.
Mt. Juliet High School is your traditional suburban High School. It has a great culture; sports and academics are celebrated regularly and achievements in either field is recognized by the administration. The teachers are extremely helpful and are very easy to access outside of class. The resources that are available to students include laptops, projectors / presentation aids, class-copies of textbooks, and a fairly large library. Overall my time here has been wonderful, and I assume would rank relatively high compared to other schools across the state and country.
MJHS has been an average school for me. I have had a decent experience, but not much to compare it too other than Wilson Central. Our academics overall are nothing special, but our AP and dual enrollment programs are very effective. It is easy to earn college credit here.
My experience with Mt Juliet High school was amazing. I enjoyed all my teachers and opportunities I was offered with attending Mt. Juliet High School.
Mount Juliet is a great high school. Staff is very good and it is very well kept. The school is well organized and puts in a lot for the students.
Mount Juliet High is one of the top schools in the state. Excellent preparation for careers and higher education.
Mount Juliet High was the best in the area but that's a kinda all they cared about. Their number and their test scores were their only priority. I came into college having no idea what to do. I was mostly in music but there was not a single thing that helped me afterwards. Even the band only cared about marching band and their scores. I was given very little help to get into college. LUCKILY, there is a new principal that helped me more than anyone before. She worked with me solely on getting myself into my music colleges. Mount Juliet's dynamic and culture might be bad but it's only going up!
Overall Mount Juliet High School has been a great school. There have of course been a few minor things throughout my time here, but it really has helped me prepare for my life future. The school offers an extremely large amount of classes ranging from music, writing, science, technology, and so much more. It really does allow students to explore many different areas.
Like any other school, MJHS has its perks and its pitfalls, but I am of the opinion that its upsides far outweigh its downsides. Academically, most of my classes have been well structured and paced while successfully teaching all the required curriculum. The teachers, while I have had the occasional dud, are passionate and dedicated to helping us grow into educated young adults. My only real complaint about MJ would be its subpar food services. Similarly to a lot of high schools, we have vending machines throughout the campus. However, at least half of them do not work. Our lunches are not much better. There is little variety in what they serve, and the quality is not great either. One time, I bought an apple in the lunch line, and the core was moldy. Needless to say, I no longer go through the lunch line. Overall though, I believe MJ is strongest in the areas that matter most when it comes to education. Just be sure you remember to pack your lunch.
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I graduated last year and it was a good school, I’d definitely say that it needs some development in the music program and tutoring opportunities. I enjoyed the clubs and sports I participated in while I attended although I’d like to suggest adding a better variety of opportunities for students to participate in the athletics program.
They Change the rules every week and doesn’t stick to a single rule all year. They are Super strict with something’s and then not strict at all to other things. They are Good at academics and athletics.
I went to high school at Mount Juliet High School, for all four years. My principal retired the year I graduated. So I don't know how the new one is but when I went it was a five star school with all kinds of awards.
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