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Mt. Juliet had a wide selection of AP classes for students to take in order to prepare for college. However, I feel like they pushed entirely too hard for these courses. Ultimately, this resulted in students who should not be in AP classes to take them, and it seemed as if teachers had to alter the curriculum in order to accommodate that.
My overall experience so far has been positive. The courses and curriculum are especially challenging and they prepare you for college.
I Love my school! It offers a vast amount of opportunity for students looking to maximize their educational experience! The class catalog has hundreds of elective focus area classes so you can be sure you enjoy what you "think" you may want to study in college. The extra curricular activities offered include an amazing athletic department, award winning band & chorus, and tons of clubs to get connected with!
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My experience at MJHS was amazing. The education and faculty there was amazing, and I couldn't ask to go to any other school. I would like for them to be a little more lenient on some things that other schools would find normal.
Overall, Mt. Juliet high school was a high school better than most. It exceeded in having excellent teachers who care about their students' learning. They pushed students to take harder classes and get out of their comfort zone. One of the only things that was negative was the huge focus on athletics. The football team seemed to be the most important part of the school, holding the athletes higher than normal students.
I really got involved and enjoyed the FFA program. It helped me have a fantastic high school experience with my friends. However, Mt. Juliet High School as a whole was not so terrific. All the rules and constant punishment of students for pointless things got old. I do wish the school was a more laid back place rather than the principal only focusing on football and how we as students look on paper. The ACT isn't the only important thing in life.
I like the willingness the teachers have to help any student succeed within their classes. Each administrater also stays involved with the students and are open to helping with each case. The overal school is very good and I have had one of the best experiences to graduate from this alma mater.
My experience at Mt. Juliet High School is average, but there are many things that I would change and wish could happen. Since been there as a sophomore, I haven't seen anything done about the teachers being more active in helping my other fellow peers. I would also say that since the school has an enrollment of 2,500+ students, it's very hard for teachers and counselors to reach out to the students in the school. Activities in classes can be somewhat boring to students or not what they need. I would also want to change the teacher to student ratio at the school. Almost every class that I've been in since sophomore year has had about 30-35 kids to 1 teacher. It can be overwhelming. I do like the fact that we can choose a large variety of our own classes based on our "focus track" and I do enjoy the student life coming from someone who plays basketball.
Some of the teachers were very friendly and very easy to build a relationship with while some of them went out of their way to make the class difficult. I had one teacher who would lose your work then give you a bad grade saying you didn't turn it in. I also had a teacher who told us that we aren't supposed to think for ourselves and to let adults do out thinking for us. This is not something that should've been said to teenagers who are trying to be more independent and grow up.
i love everything about mt. juliet. the staff is amazing and the education is even better. i have gotten the complete high school experience from mt juliet. the sports are the best in the state. our teams work together, win or lose. we have some of the best test scores in the country, and our principal works to get us to the top.
At Mt.Juliet I loved the real drive administration and teachers had to push us students to achieve academic goals. It was very encouraging to see such a strong push for a successful ACT score. They really care if the students, as a whole, or individually, do well on the ACT. The only improvement I would see is maybe more social events, MJ does not do a very good job at providing other dances besides prom, or giving us outside activities besides sports. While there are a few clubs, social events would be a big plus in improving student life.
What I love about Mount Juliet Hugh School is the amount of great teachers there, and how there is a lot of studnet involvement in the school
I have enjoyed my past 4 years at MJHS. I have met a lot of great people, the teachers know what they are doing, and the AP/Dual Enrollment classes has really helped me begin my college credits early. One thing I believe they should change is the difficulty towards preparing us for college instead of our ACT. The ACT is important, but getting good grades in college means a bit more to me.
A good school. Great teachers and a very nice building. Strict on academics, which is good for college readiness.
Mount Juliet High School has amazing academic choices that really allow you to explore options so that you have a better idea of what major you want to go into for college. I definitely rate my time there a ten out of ten. Great staff, very friendly student body, and such amazing things to do outside of academics. The school is very inclusive and all around a great time.
We are a very good school academically and sports team wise. We also offer a LARGE variety of clubs and afterschool activities such as STEM, National Honors Society, HOSA, Best Buddies, Prom Committee, Spanish/German/French/Japanese/British Culture club, and many more. We even have an MCJROTC program which teaches students leadership, responsibility, and discipline. The only thing is I wish the students more freedom such as having more options on what they can choose to eat at lunch, using the bathroom without having to sign in and out, not having to present a hall pass to the teacher that's guarding the bathroom (the Bathroom Wardens, as I call them), not being counted late to lunch of all things, etc.
Mt. Juliet HS is what you make it to be. It is run a lot like a prison, but does have qualified staff who will help you learn.
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I have attended Wilson County schools my entire life. It is in fact one of the best school districts in the state of Tennessee. However, I never liked the environment of MJHS or any Wilson County school I have attended. MJHS is not culturally diverse, and that made it really difficult for me to interact with my peers and get involved in school. I received a great education, but as far as diversity, Mount Juliet High lacks that trait.
Mount Juliet High School is an academically-inclined, college-prep oriented public school with strong school spirit. It is getting to be crowded (including traffic) (2000+ students) and scheduling can be difficult, but their teachers and quality of the courses are very good. They have almost every AP and specialized course you can imagine. The building itself is not aesthetically pleasing, inside or outside, and nor is the campus. If you like football, you'll fit right in. The pep rallies are wild and the sport culture is strong. If you’re worried about health or money you will end up bringing your own lunch. The student body is diverse and generally achievement oriented, coming far and wide for the academics. There are countless clubs to join and many volunteering opportunities. If you don't mind Tennessean football culture, crowding and traffic, and a completely uninspiring, although functional campus, then it has a wealth of academic and extracurricular opportunities available.
I think Mt. Juliet High School is a very good school that prepares you for college and has a variety of classes to choose from. There's many clubs and sports to choose from also. I haven't had any bad experiences there and I think its a friendly environment. I switched to Mt. Juliet High School my junior year and the first thing I noticed was how dedicated they were to the students overall education. My grades have improved tremendously and I made more friends.
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