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Overall, Mt. Juliet High School is a very good school. It is not the best school, however, I know that it could be much worse. I have had some amazing teachers and I have had some terrible teachers. That is how everything is though, everything is either absolutely wonderful or outright terrible. The academics are relatively good, we have several AP classes available, which is wonderful. However, the honors classes are not very challenging, which is quite disappointing, and the standard classes feel like middle school level classes. In my opinion, we spend too much time on test prep, and it feels like a waste of time because it is not an accurate representation of the ACT or SAT. One change I would like to see is shorter classes, our classes are currently 90 minutes long. I think that the classes could be shortened by just ten minutes, which could leave students with a 40-minute study hall to work on homework, and less antsy at the end of their classes.
My experience was great. The staff, administrators and teachers really care about you as a person and your success.
I enjoyed the athletics of mount juliet. Great atmosphere and exciting place to compete. If I had to change something it would probably be how strict the school is. I feel as if the teachers and administration shouldn’t have as many rules because it just takes away from an enjoyable educational experience. I’ve had teachers make it a game to try and take peoples phones, and it’s kind of childish and immature. Overall it’s a good school academically but just a few things can irritate you if you attend. Realistically, that is anywhere you go though.
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At Mount Juliet High School, I have had a great experience overall! Good work environments and welcoming students and staff. With a big push for academics.
Mt Juliet High School is a wonderful school for academics. In some areas the school tends to falter but when it comes to education this is the best school by far. It has wonderful teachers and after school programs that make it a wonderful choice for your child's future.
My experience at Mount Juliet High School has been excellent. The is the tenth school I have attended and by far Mount Juliet has had the most positive school impression on me.
Great experience. Had opportunities for academic achievement, community involvement, and athletic participation.
Mt. Juliet High School has provided me with endless opportunities to succeed throughout the past 4 years that I have attended. From the very beginning of my freshman year, I learned to be studious and successful by being taught to set goals for myself to achieve. The faculty and staff are nothing but helpful and I don't think I would be this ready for the next step if it had not been for them. I am beyond grateful for my teachers and principals for working with me all 4 years to be the best that I can be. Mt. Juliet High School will always have a special place in my heart.
It’s not the best high school but it’s does offer tutoring and act prep which other county high schools do not. Mount Juliet high school is in the top ten percent of high schools in the United States and our average act scores have increased over the last few years.
Mt juliet High School is a great school for our young teens/adults. It offers a variety of classes and carrer choices to choose from. Inaddition I believe the course material is up to date and innovative for the current day and future development.
Therefore I feel confident that this school can and will deliver students that are prepared for thier life, wether college or home economics.
I had the opportunity to take a lot of Ap classes with many qualified teachers. Their FFA and golf programs are great and the faculty and staff truly care about their students and where they are going.
My overall experience with the prestigious, Mount Juliet High School has been astounding. They have always made their students feel welcomed and safe in the environment they provide us, students with. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure that their students get the standardized education that they need in order to obtain a subject. Not only are their teachers nice but the administration overall is comforting and kind, they are ready to help with any problem that a fellow student may face. I am lucky to have spent the last four years at this high school, surrounded by unforgettable, fun, and memory worthy activities, especially football games. This has been an amazing experience and I hope that each and every student can have the same opportunity that I had.
MJHS gave me an amazing high school experience. From the classroom to football games, it felt like a family.
Mt. Juliet had a wide selection of AP classes for students to take in order to prepare for college. However, I feel like they pushed entirely too hard for these courses. Ultimately, this resulted in students who should not be in AP classes to take them, and it seemed as if teachers had to alter the curriculum in order to accommodate that.
My overall experience so far has been positive. The courses and curriculum are especially challenging and they prepare you for college.
I Love my school! It offers a vast amount of opportunity for students looking to maximize their educational experience! The class catalog has hundreds of elective focus area classes so you can be sure you enjoy what you "think" you may want to study in college. The extra curricular activities offered include an amazing athletic department, award winning band & chorus, and tons of clubs to get connected with!
My experience at MJHS was amazing. The education and faculty there was amazing, and I couldn't ask to go to any other school. I would like for them to be a little more lenient on some things that other schools would find normal.
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Overall, Mt. Juliet high school was a high school better than most. It exceeded in having excellent teachers who care about their students' learning. They pushed students to take harder classes and get out of their comfort zone. One of the only things that was negative was the huge focus on athletics. The football team seemed to be the most important part of the school, holding the athletes higher than normal students.
I really got involved and enjoyed the FFA program. It helped me have a fantastic high school experience with my friends. However, Mt. Juliet High School as a whole was not so terrific. All the rules and constant punishment of students for pointless things got old. I do wish the school was a more laid back place rather than the principal only focusing on football and how we as students look on paper. The ACT isn't the only important thing in life.
I like the willingness the teachers have to help any student succeed within their classes. Each administrater also stays involved with the students and are open to helping with each case. The overal school is very good and I have had one of the best experiences to graduate from this alma mater.
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