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You get a lot of good teachers, and some bad ones. MJ tries to prepare you with some real world stuff, but it doesn't always go as planned. There are some interesting classes.
Mount Juliet high school is a good school and I enjoyed the time I was there. They make sure students are focusing on learning and furthering their education.
I’ve enjoyed all of my years at Mt. Juliet High School. I always feel academically challenged and can see my growth. The community of students and staff are amazing. I’m always supported by my teachers and counselors.
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Mt. Juliet High School is a very nice school. There is very many choices on what to study and academics are rated highly.
I have had a amazing experience with my school! We have excellent teachers and a large variety of classes to choose from. I am personally invested in the fine arts program, and I can say it is one of the best around. We also have a great sports program and a 98% Graduation rate! Overall, MJHS is a great school.
Mt. Juliet High School is currently making efforts to improve in every area. It has gone through multiple administrative changes in a short amount of time. The culture of the school has not been prioritized, nor have certain academic areas. Sports are prioritized, and open opportunities for students to use their talent. However, the fine arts are underfunded, but do the best they can with such little support from administration. The teachers I've experienced love what they do, and truly care about students.
My experience at Mt. Juliet High School has shown me that the school is doing a successful job at trying to raise the bar for every student. They strive for us as students to reach our potential and explore our interests through electives, clubs, sports, etc. My only qualms lie in the fact that because the school has around 2000 students, finding personalized instruction is hard if you are not an under performing student. There was not much in the name of gifted education other than offering students AP classes.
Mt. Juliet High School has a great educational value. They really care about test scores, evaluations, and things of that nature. My two main issues were the lack of care for the individual and putting sports above arts. I was in the Orchestra all four years at Mt. Juliet. We never got funding from the school for anything. Every sports team was showered with money and attention and praise, and a lot of the time the actions of the athletes were ignored. I served at a local restaurant, and one night multiple football players and their girls came in and trashed our bathroom. They took a video of it and posted it, and multiple parents, possibly faculty members were there. They confronted the kids, but nothing was ever done at school. It’s just very disappointing to see that you can get away with anything as long as you’re bringing the school the name it wants.
Mt. Juliet High School provided a safe and welcoming learning environment for four years. I wouldn't change a thing about that school. Bear Pride Mt Juliet High!
I'm very privileged to be able to go to this well-funded school, and it could be much worse here. I've had experiences with racist and lazy teachers, but I've also had experiences with teacher who will go above and beyond to advocate for their students. School spirit is a huge thing! Our administrators do very little to keep the students involved, rather going through our parents which can be extremely frustrating. I moved here for my junior year of high school, and most of the students were friendly and it was really easy to fit in, and it helped that I got involved with extracurricular activities.
It is a great school with amazing teachers that really care about you. They have a lot of clubs to really make sure everybody finds something they enjoy. The school is very clean. The administration is also amazing, everybody acts like they are there to help you and will do their best. It's just overcrowded.
I love MJ,I have been a bear since 7th grade and I have made so many friends. The teachers care about the students and do what they can to help them succeed.The sport are on another level the games have so much energy and are fun to watch.
Mt. Juliet High School is one of those places you immediately feel welcomed in. It becomes one big family. Teacher become like parents, helping to guide you throughout the years. You can always find someone that is willing to help you whenever you struggle. There's also so many activities offered as well. Mt. Juliet has state renowned sports teams and marching band. The administration is always there to help with classes, college readiness, and school struggles. It's one of the best High Schools out there. Go Golden Bears!
One thing I liked about Mt Juliet is that their teachers will always try to work out things with you when your going through a hard time and with a lot going on. They are very strict on certain things that I don’t like and there was this one teacher who was racist towards black people but overall it’s a ok school to go to
Mount Juliet High School was an ideal school for a person that wants to dedicate a lot of their time to extracurriculars and especially finding the right resources and friends for them. There are plenty of ways to express yourself and become the person you've always wanted to be. Mount Juliet High School expresses that everyone should be able to find their place and have a community to support them along with it. Although my high school is a public school in the deep south, it is a school full of kind and generally accepting people. If you're interested in the arts there is a willing art teacher for you to talk to and express your art capabilities to. If you are a person who loves sports, I can almost assure you that there is a sports team that will allow you to practice with them, maybe not always play, but always practice. Overall, this school is an ideal high school, with very few minor flaws, there will always be something for you as long as you're open to it.
Mount Juliet offers a lot of courses that strengthen students' ability to succeed in higher level environments and offer a ton of opportunities for the students to grow educational, but also with their peers. Mount Juliet values it's sense of community within the school population and within our city. As a whole our school supports the people in it and the community around us. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to learn in an environment that strives to make me and my peers the best version of ourselves that we can be.
This school is full of great people, great teachers, and a great education. If you are looking for the best high school in Wilson County, you've come to the right place
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Mount Juliet High School is a great public school to be enrolled in. I’ve experienced many great things in my four years at this school. The entire faculty is amazing and I love them all!
I like MJ because it is very family-like and has a sense of empowerment. The teachers are amazing and care for the students very much and are willing to help
Excellent teachers and classes available for my career path. Counseling is available to review class choices. Lots of student activities and clubs.
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