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This school is lacking in diversity and it is as if it is in it's own little bubble. Much of this is due to the fact that it is in a very white part of the country, as is the rest of the state (Vermont). Although the students attending the school are exposed to people of many different economic statuses while they are all in one place together, that is about as far as the diversity and exposure to it goes. This is crazy, seeing that Bennington, Vermont is one of the most socioeconomically diverse small towns that one could visit. The school and the teachers could do a much better job of helping students understand the people around them that come from different backgrounds, and since there is not the adequate racial diversity to help expand this knowledge, they might as well use the difference in social classes between people in the town.
I had a good high school experience and I liked most of my teachers and they were always very helpful. I made lots of friends, attended school functions, games and fundraisers and participated in soccer, nordic skiing and lacrosse.
My overall experience at Mount Anthony wouldn't have been as good as it was if it wasn't for the amazing friends that I met in choir and drama. If there was one thing that I would change about this school, it would be the effort that more teachers put into understanding their students.
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I loved being at MAU. The teachers were extremely friendly and always understood when something personal came up, leading to you needing extra help or an extension on an assignment. During my time at MAU, there were certain teachers that I connected with better than the other. Just because I didn't connect with them doesn't mean I hated the classes or teachers, just each student truly connects with 1-3 teachers at MAU. I think that is a good thing to have at a school though because when you're having a bad day, there is always that one teacher you just want to talk to about it.
if you want your kid to be relentlessly bullied and the staff to do nothing to help you, send your kid here! bonus: the staff will bully them too.
The teachers are awesome. I love how they always greet students in the hallways and such. It makes you feel welcome and a part of the community. The counsellors of the school were my favourite part. They were very supportive and helpful. My counsellor made sure I got the right classes to graduate with all my required credits and that I was comfortable with.
Mount Anthony does not support or prepare its students for life after high school. The administration is not able to control the students and is unable to perform their duties properly. Students are not taught skills they will need to know in life, and are not encouraged to stay in school; in some cases encouraged to drop out by administration. There are some very supportive and well learned faculty members at the school who provide an excellent education, but there are also some teachers who are not as concerned with teaching. There is an atmosphere of animosity between the students and administration such as the cancellation of school dances on grounds of incessant twerking epidemics when this was not the case. I have found that Mount Anthony is considered the laughing-stock of high schools in Vermont in both quality of education and the overall character of students. I wish I had the opportunity to attend another high school in Vermont as my time at Mount Anthony was not pleasant.
I am involved with the dance team at my school and it has truly helped me gain confidence in myself as well as others. Our wresting team is a big thing in our school as it does the best out of all the sports we possess. Most popular sports I would say are wrestling and our basketball or soccer teams. Our administration are great and reliable. There is many after school activities to choose from as there is Red Cross, Wellness Club and much more including sports and after school tutor help in the library every day. I do Wellness Club and we raise awareness of illness, sexual orientation and much more. We also have a Relay for Life Team that I was proud to say that I was on. Overall my school has many great activities in and out of school that helps make for good friends and good stories to tell to your grandchildren one day. This school does nothing, but amaze me in what they have to offer because they have a little bit of something for everyone.
My overall experience at Mount Anthony Union High School has been above and beyond expectations. Sure there may not be sing along in the cafeteria like High School Musical, but there is many good assets to my school. My school is unique because our teachers become our friends. I talk to my teachers from previous grades and they ask how I am. My teachers are not just interested in my academics, but they are also interested in making sure that I am okay. If I could high school all over I am not sure that I would. I would love to re-live the good moments I have shared, but High School is really challenging in many ways more than academic. But with all this being said I would choose this High School if I had the chance to choose another because of the quality of the people who attend. An experience I will always remember is one of my teachers telling me I would make a great teacher and when he wrote my recommendation letter for a job he made sure to include how I always ask about his kids and family. He made sure to write how I not only care about my education, but others as well. To me the most rewarding thing is to change a life and these teachers do just that. They change my life each and every single day. I couldn't ask for a more perfect school.
I have really great teachers who go above and beyond to help me further my education.
There are quite a few extracurricular activities,But I feel that some students would not participate in them due to being picked on. They say its open to every one but I don't believe the students will welcome another that is not of their same stature .
Not enough parents are involved in the school athletics or other events, its mainley the same parents that go to the events of their children everytime. I dont think students get enough support from their parents when it comes to school
There are not enough teachers that will offer extra help, and when they do the student sometimes does not even feel comfortable asking for the help because of his or her facial expression/body language. But then you have the other teachers that go above and beyond those ones are very special.
We have had several security concerns over the past 4 years including some lockdowns. Most all are unfounded threats.
There is a multitude of athletics,clubs and activities that appeal to most all the student population
Most of the teachers work very hard and enjoy their work. They go the extra mile to help students succeed and support students having difficulties inside and outside the classroom. As in most schools, there are a few teachers who don't put in as much effort or interest in their work and it shows. Students are pretty aware of who they are (as are parents).
Many of the teachers are excellent. I believe there is not alot of support from the community, local, state and national government for teachers to adequately maintain control in some classrooms. Fear of legal ramifications of keeping students in line adversely impacts learning in some classes. I don't believe this is unique to our school.
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not a lot of parent involvement
There are a lot of options for every student, everyone can find a club or sport.
The school is average. Most o the students have grown up together and we all know each other. We do have fun activities and many sporting events. Proms and dances used to be more fun, but the administration has become stricter on the rules.
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