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Mt. Abram Regional High School Reviews

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Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Mt. Abram. The teachers are amazing and probably my favorite part of the school. I am so thankful for the education they were able to give me, the advice and guidance I received, and most of all the bonds that I formed with them. Pretty much the only thing that I found hindered my enjoyment of my school was its lack of funding and resources. The staff did the absolute best with what they had but I just wish that future students won't have to worry about this problem.
It is small school with great community and high school spirit. Everyone knows everyone at this school so there is nothing to hide. No one will have a problem fitting right into one of our many social groups as many students love to make newcomers feel welcome.
All round a good school if you enjoy a small school atmosphere. The teachers will always make sure you're enjoying your time. As long as you show your teachers you are committed to getting good grades they will do their best to support you in every-way they can.
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At Mount Abram, which happens to be a smaller sized school, we support each other, everyone attempts to go and support our teams at games or meets. At school, every teacher knows each student, and every student knows the teachers. The teachers look out for all the students no matter if they have classes with them or not. Our school may be smaller than others but the nicest thing is that we know each other and can help out in any way possible.
I am miserable at mount abram. The teachers are lazy although, there are a few awesome ones. The schools condition is very very poor and our air and water are polluted.
It sucks. The air quality is horrible and the water is literally toxic. There are no ap classes and the teachers don't seem to care about their students that much. There are leaks in every classroom. There is very poor leadership as well. If you are coming to MTA don't. Go to Mount Blue instead.
While the academics are average, the teachers I've had are really great. It's a small public school without much funding, and if one so chooses they could go through school easily because some of the teachers aren't quite strict enough, but for someone like me who wants to get the most out of schooling the school has a lot to offer.
Mount Abram has been my home these past four years. From sports games, academics and pep rallies, this little school of 250 students has a piece of my heart. The dome shaped building in the middle of no where, where most all my best memories have been made. Each teacher is my friend; they know me personally making my time here welcoming. They greet me through the door and inspire me to always try my best. Step by step they get us ready for the real world with love and support. My school is my second home, and I couldn't have been more lucky.
It is a very small school nestled in the woods. The teachers work hard to make sure they have a personal relationship with their students. The sports programs are great and most students participate in athletics.
Mt. Abram is very underfunded which is the leading cause to most of its issues. Other than that, it's a very welcoming school.
As a senior in high school, I’ve grown to be very aware of just how lucky I am to attend such a small school. My classes have few students, and the teachers were ready and available to help if trouble were to arise. These teachers are the backbone to my education. They worked tirelessly at their jobs. Nothing is more important to them than seeing their students succeed regardless of the toil it takes. The biggest aspect of Mt. Abram I would like to see changed is how our teachers are treated. I volunteered as a teacher’s aid my freshman year and it gave me a clear view of the energy that goes into educating the youth of America. A single planning period during the day leaves them with a plethora of tasks to complete once they arrive home. An educator’s salary is not enough compensation for the support they gift us with. The people who spend every day of their lives encouraging the future leaders of tomorrow deserve to be treated as such.
I rated Mt. Abram Regional High School four stars because my first and second year there was amazing, because the administration made the environment very welcoming. My Principal made a point to check in with all of his students and always greeted you with a smile. My junior and Senior year I was able to attend the Foster Technical Center at Mt. Blue High School for early childhood education where I was able to experience working with growing children. My second year I was able to get a work study at a local daycare, where I still work today. If it wasn't for Mt. Abram's supportive staff and encouragement I would have never been as confident to go to college. They really helped me achieve what I thought was impossible.
Mt. Abram Regional High School is a small school, so you get a lot of one on one help if you need it. Teachers are very supportive and willing to help you any way they can most of the time.
Mt. Abram is a very small school. While it can have a community like feel, there are barely any clubs, limited sports options, and not many resources.
The condition of the building itself is poor and the district is lacking staff and resources. However, the caring teachers more than made up for it.
Many teachers at Mt. Abram genuinely care about their students and are willing to work with them. Personally, I began taking AP classes my sophomore year and college courses my junior year so I didn't take very many Mt. Abram classes. In this way, MTA is great at providing alternative opportunities for rigorous coursework for upperclassmen.

While the teachers are approachable and connect with the students, there were numerous difficulties with the administration during my four years. At times it was hard to get them to listen and vigorously advocating for yourself was incredibly important. I still think that there remain many obstacles between the current administration and students, but there was a lot of changes made recently so I think the school is just transitioning.

There are obvious social groups within the social scene, however, many people fit in multiple groups. In general, the student body is accepting, although there is little to no diversity.
The school's budget is very low, so the conditions of the school are fairly poor. Wires and poles are hanging from all ceilings, the roofs leak, et cetera. I also feel that the staff chooses to work on problems that are less important than some of the others. For example, last year, the school board focused on bringing hats into the halls rather than making the school lunches higher quality.
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My high school is a zoo, something is always happening. We are a family, always there for one another. I wish we would have more sports, but we are a small school so I understand, that we don't.
My freshman year the school use to be full of life, and everybody was so happy and it was so fun. I fell in love. My sophomore year the school was on the verge of closing down, and parents had to fight to keep it going. Junior year came around and the school got better, but we lost a lot of teachers the year before so it felt like you were starting new. Now, senior year, everything is starting to settle and work, but it still has its kinks.
My experience at this school is not that great I have been going there since Kindergarden and I have been bullied since day one and I have told people about it, but they have not done anything about it. Also I would like to add the teaching I have not been taught like all the other students because I am not "special" like them I was never the star of anything they chose the star students they are nit picky.
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