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M.S. 255 - Salk School of Science Reviews

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I loved my time there. The community was very supportive and kind, and the relationships between students & teachers were something I recall fondly. The school was in a nice location with good places to eat in and enjoy. The faculty at this school was also very supportive and helped me a lot during my time there. I'd say the one flaw I see with the school is that school spirit was not that immensely large, especially in relation to our sports teams. But all in all, it's a great school that I am very happy to have spent my middle school years there.
It okay but not diverse and the kids are great and love the teachers but not exactly the best school to learn from, just the best school to brag about your good grades with, I guess.
It’s awesome and I love it here so much. The kids are nice and the teachers are too. Classes are fun and never bore me so that’s good.
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SO much fun and everyone is SO kind. I love Salk and the teachers. I've learned so much and I'm so sad that it ended for me two years ago. It's SO encouraging and I recommend it 100% because it's SO amazing, like just WOW.
Salk is the best school I have ever attended to this day. The community is very welcome of sixth graders and every one is very kind. All the teachers are very passionate about their subjects and have a lot experience in their field. This is one of the only schools I have attended where the kids across all grades are very understanding and welcoming of all incoming students. The after school programs are fantastic and I recommend going to Science Olympiad or Debate. The art program is one of the best in the city and you learn real techniques. The science program is really hands on nd the projects are interesting. The Salk staff really listen to the students. Go Salkies!
The teachers know every student really well and almost every student is welcoming and accepting of every race, religion, and sexuality. The food is a lot better than the average public school and the funding is great.
The community at Salk is amazing. Everyone is so welcoming. Our teachers know our names by the second week and work hard on making each and every student their best.
Good academics with creative classes, such as S.E.E.; however, not a large amount of activities and a very small shared space.
It is amazing! Salk is an amazing school! There is an amazing curriculum. The science is amazing, and the Humanities and other subjects are too. The science is really a highlight for the school.
although it was hard to adjust my first year, really amazing teachers helped me get used to this school. as a eight grader, i can now say that i love this school. the kids are so amazing, and the teachers are so warm. salk is like a second home to me. i don't miss my elementary school at all
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