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Mountain View Middle School Reviews

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The school is poorly run and the kids are not friendly and get into fights a lot. The kids can be very mean.
I rate it as poor, because the students are who make it a terrible place. So many students who discriminate people of the LGBT+ community. I love the teachers, but the students make it hell there. Bullying EVERYWHERE! People getting physically hurt in this school. People getting ran over in the hallways. Someone falls and they get TRAMPLED! It's terrible! The kind people there however, make it okay. There are not many kind people there, so if you meet them, try to stay friends with them. The only reason I stayed alive, and the only reason I stopped from killing myself was I met someone there. The most important person in my life, who helped me see beauty from within. So yes that school is full of bullies But you just have to find that one person who makes it worth it to pull through to the next day.
the extracurricular opportunities at the school is not alot and we are not really given many option cause we are a vey small school.
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its not that bad cause we have people in the halls that stop fights and teacher try to get the kids to work together and have foun while doing it.
i really like it, cause its alot of fun.
becuse there are alotmore guys at my school then girls
its okay because i am jut there to learn and thats what i do the kids there are not very mature when it comes to the feeling of others,all they really care about themselves and the sport they play.
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