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MVHS offers its students many opportunities in the performing arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. That said, its academic atmosphere can be a bit difficult to thrive in, but this is fairly common in schools in MVHS' proximity. There are many different academic paths available to students and its academic advisors are laudable.
Mountain View is a really great school in the area. There is a lot of community among the students, and bullying and underclassmen abuse is far less common than in most high schools. The teachers are generally amazing, and most of the sports teams are very good. Student mental health is a top priority. The school doesn't have much African American representation. Go Spartans!
MVHS tries really hard to help their students feel more comfortable and less stressed. During finals week and other incredibly stressful times, admin will have Spartan Pause activities around campus. They'll bring in therapy dogs, which of course get swarmed, massage therapists, and food in the morning.

The teachers that I've had are amazing and really want to help you succeed, especially the AP teachers. However, they'll only help you if you ask.

The food is decent, but expensive, which is annoying since the campus isn't in walking distance of any restaurants or shopping centers so unless you have a bike or a car or a friend willing to get you food, you're stuck with school food.
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Large focus on STEM while having excellent music and art programs. Very diverse campus, good class sizes (never had one above 30 people). Teachers always dedicated time after class so you could see them, and were extremely helpful. School is very good at preparing students for college, overcompensating in some regards.
It was easy to go in for help for classes either with the teacher or in our campus with free tutors. The school also held events to try and prepare us for college and had workshops for college essays. The teachers for the most part really prioritized your learning. Although there were cases of teachers being somewhat disconnected from the students, making the class harder due to misunderstandings or lack of communication.
The subject material available was broad and interesting, with many opportunities to grow professionally. The teachers and school atmosphere were enlightening and the school district on its own is wonderful.
The social life was very tough, few teachers cared, and the administration was very difficult to deal with. The counselors were the worst part; I wasn't told until my senior year that I was behind on classes, and ended up dropping out as a result of needing 9 classes that year. It was very difficult to survive at that school, let alone feel motivated.
The school had a lot of resources to prepare us for life beyond college, but there were massive problems with the administration and also there was a lot of inequality between higher income students and lower income students. For example, much of the social scene for upperclassmen occurred in the "Back parking lot", which led to students without cars to be segregated from those who had cars.
Mountain View High School is pretty great. Due to being well-funded, the school has a plethora of facilities that one would need for success, such as a large library, free tutoring services, and free laptops for those who do not have them. In addition to all of this, low-income students are given financial aid so that they may participate in the same activities as their peers. In spite of these benefits, this school could use some changes. For starters, there is a massive amount of negativity around campus as well as a flourishing "cringe culture". Elitism is rampant due to the majority of students being upper middle class. Racism is still quite common at this school and administration has done little to quell it or discuss why it should be put to rest. That being said, this school is still one of the best in the region, if not in the state, and I do not wish that my status as a student lied with another.
Better education so that teachers teach us things we understand. Better bathroom conditions like the sinks don’t work in a lot of them. Better mental health administrators that actually care about us and take the time to make sure we get better.
Mountain View High School is the definition of diversity and unity. Everyone is willing to help no matter who you are. School has amazing teachers who are not only good at teaching but also good at entertaining. School offers so many courses so that we as students can discover what we like and what we do not like. After all, I only have positive things to say about Mountain View High School and looking forward to graduate this year.
The open access policy is great if you are a competitive and/or motivated student but it can be dangerous because you can easily sign up for more than you’re ready to take.
Modern, friendly, and in the innovative heart of Silicon Valley, this school is highly trusted with the futures of students gifted with intelligence and aspirations-- typical for residents of the city of Mountain View.
Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at Mountain View! There are definitely challenging classes, especially in the science department, but most of the teachers are very open to helping students outside of class time. There are a good number of advanced courses available, and lots of resources to help students.
Overall, Mountain View High School is a great school. Its academics are fantastic, the teachers push you to be your best, and your peers around you will help you through anything. There is a lot of stress because some of the brightest kids go to school here and they all want to get into their top colleges. The administration doesn't make an effort to listen to the kids and only does when they absolutely have to. Besides that, Mountain View High School is a fantastic school.
I feel that the class diversity and sports departments are very good but there is a major problem with the teachers and the curriculum they teach because of the severe differences that there is compared to other classes with different teachers, such as
The teachers here are very understanding, there are a lot of supportive peers, and there are a lot of opportunities for students.
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I liked that Mountain View High School challenged me academically, but I didn't like how the teachers and students, save for a select few, never really cared about me.
I loved my experience at MVHS. Lots of great teachers, coaches, and people in general. Lots of resources to make sure everyone succeeds.
Mountain View High School is a highly diverse school in many ways. We have a great special education program and we try our best to involve transfer and incoming students in events. The only downside is our school spirit seems to be fairly low for a school with so many resources and opportunities.
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