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At MVHS, I have been an active member of multiple clubs, sports, and a wide range of classes. I have had my ups and downs in experiences with a few teachers and students but with the support from other faculty and my parents, I have had a great experience! MVHS is a fantastic school and I am proud to be a Spartant!
They handled my mental health issues well but attending the school is also a large cause of them. I am glad they cared about me enough to help me though.
Took an average of 8 or more years to build the cafeteria. Not that much variety for sports and electives
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I changed schools and very surprised by how nice the campus was and the people as well! The food was a lot better which was nice when I needed to grab a quick snack.
Mountain View High School was a great experience school for me. The teachers are overall very supportive and they push you to succeed. I was very successful in college, due in large part to the foundation I built at MVHS. Very positive experience in terms of resources, access to music and the arts, as well as school culture overall. There is not much diversity in the student body, but that's to be expected due to the area the school is located in. All in all, I appreciate the opportunity to have gone here.
Adequate experience. Some teachers were very supportive and was surrounded by an affluent crowd. The overall quality of life was rigorous as everyone there is competitive. All in all, you're receiving the same education you would receive at Saint Francis and Mitty
The Mountain View High School administration and staff members provide great support for their students. On campus we have a variety of counseling services, de-stressing events organized by the staff and parents, good academic support, and easy communication among each other. In addition, our campus is very diverse and has opportunities for people who have all kinds of interests. It is very easy to join a club or start one yourself if you want to explore that interest more, and everyone if very encouraging and welcoming.
Good community, and most teachers are decent. The learning experience you will get largely depends on which teachers you get.
There are a lot of resources available in order to succeed. A lot of technology available and financialm aid.
MVHS was quite a unique high school to attend, considering that it was in the heart of Silicon Valley. I came to appreciate this once I started attending college and comparing my experience with that of my peers. For one, classes were challenging, students were motivated, and teachers encouraged a pursue of higher education. AP classes were quite common and there were quite a lot of opportunities for those pursuing a career in STEM. For those on the artsier side, there was the opportunity to attend Freestyle. This was a program that taught photography, graphic design, film, and other forms of creative expression. Very well funded, this was a highlight of my high school experience because we had state of the art equipment and the teachings were very student-specific.
Mountain View High School has a ton of academic options for students and has a very welcoming and inclusive student body on campus. There are also many clubs and after school organizations for students with special interests and students looking for help with academics. The staff are excellent and are always willing to assist any student that seeks help from them whether it be academic or personal.
I liked the diversity and opportunity that came with attending MVHS. For instance, for the most part, I was able to take the classes that I wanted and be challenged when needed. Something that could be improved with this institution is some of the staff. It is clear after my four years of attending which staff members and administration simply do not put the students' best interest at heart.
As a senior, I have had my best memories at MVHS. While the school culture can be very demanding and stressful, the facilities offered value mental health and safety, and help alleviate some of the anxiety. The academics are rigorous but as I am anticipating the transition to college, I genuinely feel prepared.
Mountain View High School has a wide variety of classes, as well as clubs, sports, and other extra curriculars. Although there is a large focus on STEM subjects (which is understandable, given that it is in the heart of Silicon Valley), it offers a highly recognized choir program, as well as a huge orchestra and marching band. As someone who is more interested in the arts and languages, I have been happy with my options as far as classes go. It's important to note that it is a large school and that consequently, there is not a lot of flexibility with the timing of your schedule. Ex. If you are a morning person, there is no guarantee that you won't wind up with classes that extend well into the afternoon.
Great school with lots of opportunities! We have lots of activities for all students regardless of their interests and the teachers are there to support you and help you achieve your goals. We have lots of academically rigorous classes and our open enrollment allows students to pick whatever classes they wish to take.
Pretty good school, but almost no school spirit. Student council's a bit of a joke, and the sports here are just "eh", but there's enough clubs/programs that any student could easily get involved in something. Has a lot of really good resources.
MVHS offers its students many opportunities in the performing arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. That said, its academic atmosphere can be a bit difficult to thrive in, but this is fairly common in schools in MVHS' proximity. There are many different academic paths available to students and its academic advisors are laudable.
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Mountain View is a really great school in the area. There is a lot of community among the students, and bullying and underclassmen abuse is far less common than in most high schools. The teachers are generally amazing, and most of the sports teams are very good. Student mental health is a top priority. The school doesn't have much African American representation. Go Spartans!
MVHS tries really hard to help their students feel more comfortable and less stressed. During finals week and other incredibly stressful times, admin will have Spartan Pause activities around campus. They'll bring in therapy dogs, which of course get swarmed, massage therapists, and food in the morning.

The teachers that I've had are amazing and really want to help you succeed, especially the AP teachers. However, they'll only help you if you ask.

The food is decent, but expensive, which is annoying since the campus isn't in walking distance of any restaurants or shopping centers so unless you have a bike or a car or a friend willing to get you food, you're stuck with school food.
Large focus on STEM while having excellent music and art programs. Very diverse campus, good class sizes (never had one above 30 people). Teachers always dedicated time after class so you could see them, and were extremely helpful. School is very good at preparing students for college, overcompensating in some regards.
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