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The teachers are amazing first of all, and I love the clubs here, but there are quite a few things that I need to change. For example, since many people at this school sneak drugs into the restroom, many restrooms are closed. While there are already many clubs, I would like to have more, as well as more motivated students who also see this school more than what it is. The teachers here help us as much as they can and I believe students who are enrolling into high school do not see that. They focus on the students and the bad things about the school. We also have amazing programs such as Teacher Prep Academy and the Union Bank, which are major pluses to this school, since many other schools don’t have this nor the opportunity to partake in it. I am lucky to be one of those students that was chosen to participate in these programs/ organizations.
Mountain View High School is an excellent school from my experience. The school, though old, has a big campus and many buildings. There are many extracurricular opportunities and you can even intern at Union Bank if a senior. There are filtered water fountains rather than the nasty ones which are relieving. They even had a new cafeteria built in 2019 and are going to have a renovated track for the field either 2020 or 2021. The only criticism is that when it rains, there are many big puddles of water at the end of the stairs which are needed to reach certain classes. Though other than that, the school is great!
I want more clubs. I wish there was more diversity here but it's mostly Hispanics and a small percentage of Asians. I love the school spirit but there could be more school spirit from everyone. Almost every teacher I've had is very nice and helpful, always checking up on students.
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In being at Mountain View High School these past four years, I truly believe that the friendships I have formed with my peers is what brought me to loving this school even more, and made it more enjoyable for me to attend school everyday. I had some of the most wonderful teachers here from freshmen year to now my senior year who have taught me more than academic subjects but also about life overall. On the other hand, I feel that this school doesn't have enough diversity to represent all ethnic groups to have them be more accepting and comfortable of their identity. I also notice a lack of motivation for the majority of the students at this high school because many of them don't have the idea for the love of learning with not turning in assignments or not paying attention during class. Overall, I think this school has their pleasant qualities that make them a great school and they have the mindset to make changes even though they haven't been fully implemented into the school.
I really enjoyed my 4 years at Mountain View High School. I have made many friends and meet many wonderful teacher, and staff members. I one wish we have been able to go on more field trips to different types of museums, or science relate field trips.
I really want to see more people getting involved with the spirit. We have colors for each year and not a lot of people really support there color. really wish they would do that more.
My experience in Mountain View high school is overall good. There are many teachers here that are nice and teach very well. The overall stuff are very helpful when asking questions to them. The campus is very well kept and clean.
Mountain View HS has a lot of great teachers in the science and math department. This school has many clubs that help students participate in school activities and helping the community. For example, Key Club is a club amongst many that allow students to participate in festivals, cleaning, and fundraising. Classes are broken down into two days, which allows students more class time and more organization. Many classes have challenged my capabilities. For example, my 2 years in engineering, challenged me to learn many skills.
I like that my school has a huge amount of school spirit and some of the most hardworking teachers in the STEM Department. I would change the school environment in making it more positive for students, giving them the encouragement and confidence to learn and do well in their academic classes.
I was once a Mountain View high school student but it did not really prepare me for college. The only thing it really helped with was sitting in class for a long period but that was all there is to it. There weren't exactly a lot of diversity in my school and there weren't a lot of clubs and sports to choose from.
mountain view high school is a very good school with caring teachers. great academies that help students with their career paths. simply a school that really cares about their students.
Mountain View High School is very small which I feel has limited me in a multitude of ways. I feel as though students in other schools are given much more opportunities. Coming from a lower income bracket explains why many clubs and activities are not offered in my school but I feel as though there should be greater implementations to merge the gap between more heavily funded schools and ours.
It 's very fun here and I love the little community.The academies are awesome and I get to do so much. The Block scheduling is very smart and helps out a lot. This is definitely my school.
I like Mountain View High School because I have gained many friends, experiences, and memories. It is a very open and welcoming environment. I have learned what many things for my future as my career because of the teachers and staff that supported me in pursuing the medical field.
Mountain View is a great school to attend too. It has a safe environment, helpful staff and teachers, and lots of resources to choose from. It also has many clubs and programs that are available such as SolarCup and Upward Bound. Not only that, the teachers takes their time to help students who are struggling to better understand the topic. Overall, I would recommend Mountain View Union High School.
Good atmosphere and community. Counselors are ready to help with student's needs and issues. Some teachers work very well with students while others don't really help with student issues and just tell them to addend after-school tutoring instead of helping them right there.
I have taught at MVHS for over 20 years. It has many programs for students to join such as two California Partnership Academies, culinary arts, a STEM academy, Harvery Mudd Upward Bound and PCC Math and Science Upward Bound, and all kind of sports and extracurricular opportunities. Our scores on the SBAAC (Common Core) test have been among the highest in the district. The faculty is friendly and cares about students.
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I really enjoyed my time at Mountain View High School. Throughout my high school career, I enjoyed taking various parts of programs and clubs offered at the school. The school has shaped me to the person I am today. I was very shy and now I am more outgoing and not afraid to speak out. I am very glad I attended MVHS and not any other school. I am proud to say that I am a MVHS aluminum, and have already visited the campus. My teachers will forever be a part of my life, and I want to thank them for being the best.
When I first enrolled as a freshman to Mountain View, I was scared because it was a big transition from middle school to high school. I thought my experience would be exactly like my middle school, terrible. However, I was proven wrong. I was welcomed with open arms and the students were very friendly. my current teacher had a discussion about bullying, and she said out of all her years of teaching, she loves this school because of how our school handles bullying. It is true. this school looks out for the safety of every one of its students. The teachers are very helpful and will help you reach your goal in their class.
The high school was exceptional, despite not having a cafeteria for a while due to it burning down. The support from programs such as TPA were wonderful and helped many people include myself be more socially motivated and involved in my community.
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