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Mountain School Program of Milton Academy Reviews

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No counseling, no safety from abuse from fellow students. The administration publicly and privately shamed me for my mental health struggles and for being groomed and abused by a fellow student.
I loved TMS. It was one of the most formative experiences of my life. I had been attending the same all-girls private school since kindergarten and it was a nice change.
The four months I spent at the Mountain School were the best of my life. The community I felt was unparalleled by anything I've experienced before. Your teachers are your friends, your friends are your family, and the school itself just breathes happiness. The academics are stellar-- definitely challenging, but the material is all so interesting that it is never a burden. I can not recommend this school enough for anyone interested in applying.
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I had a amazing time here. I learned so much about myself and about farming. Due to this experience I know what I want to do for the rest of my life: grow food
I absolutely loved all of my teachers. Since they were around all of the time, I was able to know them on personal level.
As far as I could tell, the Administration Systems and its policies where fair and understandable. The rules were easy to follow and they were reasonable rules to have.
The facilities where a little old, but in great condition. It was the responsibility of the students to help to keep the school looking nice.
This school did not have your typical extracurricular activities. Most of the activities were farmed jobs. For example, there was harvesting, cooking, and grooming the animals.
The food was great and I always felt safe while I was there. The school had a huge stress on being safe and making smart choices!
I really liked the admissions team! They seemed to be pretty down to earth and passionate about their jobs.
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