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I got one of the best high school educations I could have asked for. The teachers were very caring and always pushing you to be better. If I could change one thing it would be the way the administration treated females, and the female athletes of the school.
Mountain Ridge High School has seen a share of administrative problems. First of all, anyone reviewing this school should be aware of it's history of high student-teacher sexual offense cases, including former teachers Bart Mazer and Gary Athey. However, adminstration has since been changed and the Board of Educators has been cracking down since this time. Now, Mountain Ridge High School is relatively new in facilities given the poor economy of Allegany County. Sports and Language programs encourage after school interaction with the community and enriching diversity.
I believe Mountain Ridge High School is a great school to attend in Allegany County. With it being one of the newer schools in the county all of its facilities, teachers and equipment are up to date. the administration/teachers have prepared me very well for college.
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Mountain Ridge High School has been the only school I’ve gone to during my high school career. I would like to say that Mountain Ridge is a very nice school compared to the rest in our county. We have some very successful students that go to college after school and succeed to have a life long career.
A technologically forward thinking school with up to date facilities. One of the safest schools in the area with an amazing faculty and staff.
The school is really good for preparing the students for college. Most of the teachers are tough so that the students are prepared. However, the administration is terrible. No one ever really got corrected for anything they did. The administration has had a lot of problems when parents have ideas for fundraisers or to make things better the administration shuts them down each and every time. This would be a great school of they changed the administration to a more open mined group of people.
I graduated from Mountain Ridge about 2 years ago, overall enjoyed my high school experience and had a lot of wonderful teachers who pushed me and helped me succeed. However, throughout my time there and still even now, there have been many problems with staff and the law, along with a past principal who discriminated against students without best interest in mind for any student.
The school is great. It has gained a bad rep because of a few bad staff members. But over all it's a great school. What I would like to see change is less about sports and more overall teaching. You can't always take the sports with you. But you will always take the education you've learned.
I like the small community and school spirit. It is a beautiful building. There are not many elective choices and class sizes are large. The Math department went through many changes with staff a while back, and many students suffered with lack of consistency and loss of skill.
I enjoy Mountain Ridge. There is a very supportive student body, and the teachers are also communicate well with the students. I hope to see a more supportive administration soon however.
Entering as a freshman in high school, the first thing I noticed was how welcoming everyone seems to be. I have been at Mountain Ridge for four years now, and there is nothing bad to say.
mountain ridge is one of the best schools I have attended. I moved here in 8th grade from Virginia. I feel that by moving to this school and state has prepared me so much for my future and I have learned so much. if I was still in Virginia I probably would have never to AP classes or even college class because they don't prepare you for the future at all. I am so glad to have had this opportunity in life to succeed thanks to mountain ridge
The teachers are great but the principle it terrible. I loved being able to take college classes my senior year.
I completed all 4 years here. The teachers are the best part of Mt. Ridge. They really get to know you on a personal level. They are more interested on the student, rather than "doing" their job. They really prepare you for the challenge of college and or career field you enter after high school.
My experience at Mountain Ridge High school was fair. I had many teachers who devoted an abundance of time and effort to assisting me in my academics. However, Mountain Ridge High School's administration needs to work on listening to students' complaints. I know mulitple students and parents who have reported inappropriate actions done by teachers and the principal and administration chose to ignore these, putting all students in danger. Mountain Ridge has relatively decent academics and sports teams, however, sports are looked at as much more important than academics. Most teachers and the administration focus too much on sports and not enough on academics. Those who excel academically are looked at as "less than" compared to the schools athletes. Mountain Ridge High School definitely needs an entirely new administration in order to restore morals and good standing within the community.
The teachers care about your school performance, they become your friends. The education I received here was above and beyond the average experience.
My experience though out high school has been rather interesting. I have learned some academically but not as much as I feel I should have. The one class I have learned the most in is English. I have excelled in the class. I was able to be placed into College English and Speech for my senior year. I no longer excel in math class. The teachers don't teach the class, they just place the information on the screen in the front of the class and expect us to understand. My tenth grade year my teacher did not really teach. My eleventh grade year we didn't do anything in the class. This is not an exaggeration. Because of this class my math skills have diminished drastically. My twelfth grade year started off on the correct foot. I decided to take a Honors Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus class. I had to drop the class.I am now without a math class. Something that needs to change are the people that are employed in certain subjects throughout the school.
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Mountain Ridge is a great place to get an education. Its facilities are new, and its teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. There aren't too many clubs to participate in, besides few academic clubs. Since its a local area where the demographics are predominantly white, the school isn't too diverse either - though there is some diversity.
It's all about what you make of it. You'll get of it what you're willing to put into it
Bullying is an issue at my school, and it seems like virtually nothing is being done about it. We do have a police officer on school campus most days, which gives students extra safety.
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