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The school has gone downhill and the education standards are minimal. As long as your student has a pulse and shows up on occasion they will pass them. Very little staff and teacher involvement had 2 daughters graduate from there a few years ago and now have another daughter currently attending and it's extremely disappointing in how it has changed. I feel like no one at school really cares, only if the news is involved then they do something. Not much control over the students, teachers seem to be more a babysitter and eventually get tired of it and quit. Hoping they can go back to really teaching these kids so they can make it to college.
Mountain Pointe was a fun experience for me! I felt safe in the hallways and class rooms, food wasn’t the best but wasn’t too bad and the teachers were very friendly, they only wanted to see us succeed!
I loved the diverse environment and our school spirit. MPHS was always a place of support and you could find it among all the faculty. I loved joining different clubs (there were so many to choose from!!) because it gave me the opportunity to meet different people. The teachers are phenomenal and really push students to be successful and we were all given the means to strive for success within and outside the classroom.
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Mountain High school focused too much on the sports teams, especially the football team. The football players got away with everything and were treated better than everyone else.
I went to Mountain Pointe from freshman to junior year of high school. I absolutely loved it. I was apart of the Dance Program, Choir, Theatre Company, Urban Dance, Black Student Union (BSU), and BSU Step Team. Not to mention I was on the volleyball team, helped manage the mens volleyball team, became a student athletic trainer for all of the teams for two years. This influenced me to become a Physical Therapist and help young athletes with their injuries. The community is so diverse and strives for inclusion for everyone. There is an assembly just about every month about a different heritage, African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, etc.

I sadly had to move do to my parents getting another job, but I absolutely loved that school. The mascot of Pride gives a very big impression of community and unity. The school stands up to it's name by including everyone in the school to make sure everyone has a place they feel they belong.
I have attended Mountain Point since 2018 and I must say I have enjoyed my experience. The teachers really care about us as students and take the time to invest in our future
I liked how comfortable the environment felt. The teachers showed that they cared about not only our education but our, well-being also. It was an all-around loving community where students could feel safe to be themselves.
My high school experience attending Mountain Pointe was great. I have met some of my best friends today in those hallways and have been taught by some of the most educated and influential teachers that have been there for over 15 years and counting. When something devastating happened in our community, as a school we would unite and be strong together during tough times. Every time I got to school i felt a sense of security and a promise for my education.
It's amazing, you will always have fun even though we might not win we still fight and the teachers were great especially the staff literally knows everyone. I really did like it there. Knowing that I might be leaving makes me sad a little bit.
Mountain Pointe is a widely diverse high school, with numerous facets of student activities and academics. It truly is a place built for personal growth.
My time at Mountain Pointe has brought me so much, not just as a student but as a person. The teachers here are exceptional and work tirelessly to help their students learn and grow. Mountain Pointe's diverse and inclusive community is one that I am proud to be a part of, and this school has exceptional extracurricular options for students who wish to give back to their community in some way.
I liked the athletics at mountain pointe however I thought they were more interested in the football team and helping them succeed. The academics were always favored to help the failing football students and the money put towards the athletics were obviously not used in books and other learning materials.
Attending Mountain Pointe has been a great experience for me. The culture here is welcoming and very diverse. There's an abundance of clubs and sports. It's very easy to make friends and network. The students and staff create a family-like environment where everyone knows everyone.
Mountain pointe offered a lot of opportunities to be yourself. There are many clubs which make being at high school more than just schoolwork. The school could do a better job of dealing with tardiness.
All my teachers give me their support and always help me when I need help. My counselor always guides me in the right way and answers all my questions. I have attended 3 other highschools and this one is by far my favorite. The only thing I wish they would do better is to help prepare us juniors and seniors for college.
My overall experience at Mountain Pointe has been very good. I have made good friends and met several of nice people along the way.
my experience at mountain point has been relatively good so far. the school has a lot of opportunites not only in academics but in the arts,sports and many other subjects as well.
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They were involved in cared they were organized they helped out with every promblem there teaching program is amazing
I like most of my teachers and they are very good at trying to help you succeed. we have academic labs twice a week just incase we need any extra help, free tutoring, and great councilors that you can talk to about anything that comes to your mind.
What I like about Mountain Pointe High School is the diversity of ethnics in this school. You can meet amazing people and have some great memories. Unfortunately though, I feel at times teachers lack teaching abilities and this school is not good with order especially Will students schedule. Besides that other teachers have a heart to work, while others seems to work only because they need the money.
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