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Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Reviews

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I could not wish for a better school for my children. We moved from Brooklyn three years ago and fell in love with the beauty and warmth of the school and teachers at the open house and since then have had our educational expectations surpassed. I have marveled at the blossoming of each of my children as they grow within the education and community MLWS provides. Their early childhood program offers such a cozy environment for the little ones- their days are rich with song, nature, stories and play. My kindergartner has a broad smile and joyful spirit at the end of her days.
In first grade, my daughter has had such a wide and gorgeous experience of her learning. Truly taking in the knowledge and approaching her world with confidence and curiosity. The teachers are wise and have high expectations for their classes both in terms of skill level and personal integrity. Our family life has been enriched with the sense of beauty and community that MLWS has instilled in us.
Mountain Laurel Waldorf School has grown my daughter in every aspect of her being: through rigorous academic skills, musically in the orchestra and recorder ensemble where the children make such beautiful music together, artistically through all the painting and drawing, physically through daily movement and circus arts classes and socially though being a part of the class and the greater school community.
The Rich tapestry of Education offered at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School is truly remarkable. With a focus on deeply developing the whole person, as well as learning how to engage, relate with, and strengthen a community as a whole, the school helps children to gain a foundation not only for education, but for life. In addition to excellent main teacher instruction, there are marvelous Special subjects including Handwork, Music, Sculpture, Spanish, German, and Games (The Waldorf version of Gym). In Middle School years there is even Circus Arts!
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Mountain Laurel has been an incredibly rewarding experience for my children. They come home from school each day smiling and enjoy learning. Lessons are brought to each of them in a creative and thoughtful way. It's not about rote memorization. It's about truly understanding the material. A teacher is encouraged to think creatively when he or she brings material to the students and that makes for a rich and diverse learning experience. As important is the character-building each teacher engages in with students. Learning about sympathy, perseverance and respect plays an important role at Mountain Laurel and, because of this, students graduate with the confidence and will to take on anything. It's a beautiful thing to watch unfold. I highly recommend Mountain Laurel to any parent who wants their child to be held fully. It's also a great place for parents if they want to be part of a unique and enriching community.
Best education available in the Ulster County. Music and art was excellent, however needs help in the science departments. Diversity also could be better and would be nice to have more clubs/activities. The only current options include music clubs, there should be more options.
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