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Very good education due to dedicated and passionate teachers. Modern facilities and resources available to students at all times.
I like that the students and staff are very close. Everyone is very approachable and understanding. The teachers are truly great!
Mountain Lakes High School is a high rated school in New Jersey. Yes, the school is in a wealthy district and has a good amount of resources, but it is dysfunctional. Administration is very weak, and they cannot keep one administrator in long enough before the over-involved parents have their way. There are very few clubs, and the ones they have are not prioritized compared to the beloved sports. The academics are at a good standard, and due to current events, Mountain Lakes High School has done a wonderful job at distance learning. However, there are few rigorous courses freshman year which lead to a lack of preparedness for the honors and AP courses available starting sophomore year. The school politics hinder education and overall fairness within the district, as well. Despite these negatives, the school has a positive learning environment, and the staff seems to care about the well-being of students. So, the Mountain Lakes High School is an average school.
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The teachers at this school are very well educated and most of them are all very liked by the students. The district works hard to find good educators because you can tell they care about their students. It is a small school, but it has excellent academics and sports teams. Although competitive, the students are friendly to each other and have a close-knit community.
I had a great education that prepared me well for college, but when I was in school it was not a very diverse school, and changes in the town are starting to drive out all of the good teachers
this is school is pretty good so far. i just moved here so i’m still adjusting, but it’s nice. the food is good, but there arent any healthy options. some of the teachers suck, and some are really good. overall the classes really push you to do well.
Mountain Lakes High School has pushed me to work harder and has helped me discover a passion in STEM. Their teachers are friendly, but quite a number of them also push their students to go beyond their limits. A good experience that I'm sure will stay with me for the rest of my life.
I liked how Mountain Lakes High School provided me with faculty who taught me important life lessons and helped me mature as an individual prior to college. I would like to see future students coming in and out with positive aspirations involving their life and the school environment to be more focused on academic excellence.
The environment for learning is ideal. Parents push their children to work hard, and while that creates a slightly competitive environment, I felt it was the right balance. Everyone understands the importance of academics, and college feels like an expected and easy route to go from high school. I would say the teachers are not as good as they could be, other than some amazing ones. There is not enough creativity within the classroom because each student and each teacher feels the pressure of working toward one goal: a number, score or grade. If you work with a teacher one-on-one after class, this is remedied. However, I wish teachers took a little more initiative instead of focusing so directly on the textbook and curriculum.
Mountain Lakes High School offers an amazing academic environment that fosters collaboration, persistence, and success. Most teachers help bring out the best in their students.
Overall, I had a great experience in high school and thought that the academics prepared me well for college. One thing that I would change however is the involvement in extracurriculars other than sports. There is a big emphasis on sports and not as much as the clubs that there are volunteer efforts
The small size of the high school, the community of care that exists in this town, and the opportunity for students of all abilities to take part in sports, drama, and club activities is excellent. Not only superstars get to participate, as in larger towns, in Mountain Lakes there is room for all to learn and grow.
I really like the school. It is very good if you want to challenge yourself and/or your kid to excel. It has very little diversity, but it makes up for it due to the fact that it is also a magnet school for the deaf. There is a huge focus on sports in the school, but on the other hand there is very little support for fine arts.
Mountain Lakes prides itself on preparing students for college and the future. They have good technological resources, a good teaching staff, and caring professionals in all aspects of high school ready to help in any way possible.
The school is accommodating to supplementing an education. The school offers a optional Summer Academy to keep students learning over the summer or for some to get ahead. It is an excellent option.
Not diverse and very focused on sports. Math department is very weak. Rich and white population. If you are not in the top of the class or the top of your sport the school forgets about you and you get left behind. It is all about the top 10%
Huge emphasis on sports but poor coaching. Great importance placed on taking AP and honors classes, however quality of teaching is inadequate. Almost all students end up hiring tutors as teachers are ineffective. Guidance counsellors tend to direct students to the same "favored" colleges without trying to figure out if they are a good fit. Many families hire tutors for sat and act prep as well as assistance with college selection and application process.
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There's good and bad teachers and then there's the one that try but not enough to actually do anything and actually teach. The good teachers are GREAT , for example mr. davies , his english class is insanely great and instructive, bad teachers don't care and you basically just have to sign up if even that
It's just white people, there's 3 black people in the whole school and like 3 latinx people , all christian anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, it's insane
Most have no budget and the supervisors don't REALLY care and end up meeting twice a year at most
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