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I like that MEHS is a smaller school and it is easier to get ahold and get time to work with teachers. This school is easier to get 1 on 1 help. I think it can work on organization and curriculum a little more because some classes are unorganized.
Mountain empire is a small school filled with amazing teachers the lessons they teach are great, something to change is more types of classes or activities.
My experience with Mountain empire High School was something really incredible. The staff really does take care of you, they want you to do the best. There's amazing support from others (teacher, friends). The school food is amazing, and I had never being in a really clean and fresh school like Mountain. My Experience with Mountain Empire High School was Amazing !
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The teachers are all very good but the school is very low budget, needing some improvements. The air conditioning and heating are broken in some rooms. The classrooms are dated. There are many general repairs needed.
The thing I like most about Mountain Empire is that even though we are a small and almost unknown community to most, we are all a family here and always treat each other with kindness. One thing that I would like to see change is more interaction with others. For example, I would like to see more educational field trips that would help our academics. They should be both fun and educational.
My experience at Mountain Empire was great. I had a lots of friends there and the school's environment was very pleasant. Other than that I would like to see a change in teachers interacting with their students and helping them out when they need it.
Mountain Empire High is a small but great school. I love everything about this high school. With the small community you come to know everyone, whether you all become friends or acquaintances you will be able to, in the future, say "Hey you went to Mountain Empire." With my experiences at Mountain Empire, I have had many opportunities come my way. I have created some amazing relationships with my teachers, and with a small campus you will always be able to see at least one of you teachers from the year before. People say "Life's not fair" but our education should be. The staff at Mountain Empire try to make sure everyone receives that education that everyone deserves.
Mountain Empire is an overall good school they have extremely good teachers that all really want the students to succeed. The academics are average they don’t offer as many AP or honors courses because the school is so small. The sports programs are good as well but the coaches are excellent they connect with the athletes on many levels and push them to become better people.
I love the school. I only spent my senior year there because I moved a lot and was never in the same place so its been hard to keep friends. When I came there everyone was so open and nice. Its small compared to what I'm used to but it feels more like a large family and its very community oriented. I wish there were more options for electives, though. Since it is so small they don't have enough people to ensure the success of unique electives and clubs.
I am currently going to Mountain Empire and honestly can say I'm glad I am here. Most students are at least nice if they don't just bug you at all. It's small but it's fine.
Teachers and staff do t really care about everyone's education
food is healthy and no threats. police on campus at all time. i feel safe myself.
theres many things to do. coaches are motivating to students.
some teachers really dont try that hard to help students but other teachers do try their best.
The people dont seem motivated all around
they have a after school program and they give you games to play and food .
the sports . the clubs this school is a active school and always got something busy for the students
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I love mountain empire high school , the teachers will always ask the students if we are ok , and there a lot of staff members to talk to if you're having any problem love this school .
I had a great time while attending school. I am glad I was able to finish my education but would have preferred somewhere else. The community around there is not the best. But I would most definitely not want ti return.
Teachers are available while schools hours. Many are available even after school hours. If anyone has a failing or close-to-failing grade, they talk with their parents besides making private turoting with them during break, lunch, or after school. Every teachers knows what they are talking about. If a hard question arises, they will answer it before class ends, sometimes nex day. Each has a different grading system, but they all work.
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