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Mountain Education Charter High School Reviews

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This school was increasingly capable in furthering the chance of graduation. Students can move at their own place, and it's an efficient way to promote independence. It would be nice if there were more extracurricular activities to enhance the experience, as well as an improvement in the food provided.
mountain education charter high school allows me to work at my own pace and I'm never rushed and there is always someone around to help me when I need it . I've done better art this school than all my others it provides great opportunities
I have great teachers always helping me. The school food is great. Having amazing students and teachers around me helps me suceed. I can not wait to graduate with this school.
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After getting out of a bad place in my biological parents household, I moved to Cleveland, GA to live with my newly named guardian. I was enrolled for the second half of my junior year at Mountain Education Charter High School. Here, I learned and adopted responsibility, integrity, patience, and empathy traits. The administration, teachers, counselors, and mentors care so much about their students education. Everyone here makes sure not only our educational needs are met, but our physical, emotional, and mental needs are met, as well. One thing I would like to see change is not something to do with the school, but the community's perception of the school. This school is not for the students that are hopeless, it is for the students that are hopeful. The staff and students believe in a success story for each individual enrolled here. Overall, I love MECHS!
I love Mountain Education Charter High School due to the amazing teachers and good flexibility with attendance. The one thing I would change would be I would like to see more hands-on projects in the academics.
Wonderful school, learn at your own pace and teachers and mentors are very helpful and encouraging. School hours are flexible from 2pm until 9pm making it possible to work and go to school. You must make at least an 80 on test or you must redo the computer course. Strive for you to retain the studies not just do good on test.
I enjoyed my experience at Mountain Education. I think it is a great school to go to based on the STUDENTS ability to mange their own time. Taking classes online is an awesome experience. If there was a change, it should be more in depth examples for problems or questions.
I loved mountain education charter high school! They've helped me through a lot and were always there when I needed help!
Mountain Ed is a great place to learn. It's all at your own pace, so you don't have to struggle to keep up with your teachers. The teachers are there specifically to help you graduate, at your own pace. You don't have homework, or a required schedule. Overall, it's the only reason I'm going to graduate.
I love that the students are able to do their work and their classes at their own pace. The teachers encourage the students and are always trying to help in any way they can.
My overall experience at MEC (Fannin SIte) has been great. My counselor is my favorite part about the school. she has went above and beyond for me. My school is very unique because the school and teachers work with you to accomplish your goals.
The teachers at MEC (Fannin site) are great. They genuinely care about you and your education. The teaching styles of all the teachers are very knowledgeable.
I would recommend to go to this school. It's really friendly and fun but hardworking.
The teachers were great and helped me get into college.
I loved it. I even went to a school trip to Washington D.C. It was so much fun.
This school gives you many ways of learning about the real world and by the time you get out on your own, you already know what to expect

Southern is an amazing school and is worth coming to!
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My school was amazing in so many ways. I met a lot of great people and they have all been blessings to me in some way. The school gave me many opportunities to become aware of what to expect in the future and I thank them for that. I wouldn't change my decision to go there one bit
My post graduation experience between High School and College made me extremely prepared. I am ready for the struggles that may come my way. I am extremely honored to have been able to attend my High School. The school itself does many different activities that make you more aware of what to expect than the normal High Schools do.
Mountain Education Center is a student based school that offers tons of help and clubs like SAD where there goal is to help the community.
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